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Demo Setup
- Download and install Android SDK
Or, easiest way is to install Android Studio.
- Download go1.5 and build for your host.
- Set the following environment variables.
GOPATH: your go path
ANDROID_HOME: Android SDK directory
PATH: make sure $GOROOT/bin, $GOPATH/bin are included in the path
- Install the gomobile tool and run init before demo.
% go install
% gomobile init
- Hello Gopher demo
% demo1.bash
For android screen mirroring, I used Mobizen (
For ios screen mirroring, you can use quicktime.
- Gobind demo
% demo2.bash
- Ivy demo: In my gophercon talk, I used pre-recorded video
clips for mobile versions and ran the command line version from
my laptop in order to emphasize the cross-platform support.