windows: add SetupAPI and CfgMgr32 functions

Simon and I have worked on these on and off for a number of projects
over the last 3 years and by now it's quite stable and mature. Rather
than carrying this around privately, these have now been updated to be
in the style of x/sys/windows, in this case matching how the
security_windows.go file does things. Specifically, because these APIs
are kind of hard to work with, and quite lengthy, we split them off into
a setupapi_windows.go file, just like security_windows.go.  We already
had the setupapierrors_windows.go file, so that's been folded into the
new one that contains the additional definitions nad functions.

These APIs are among the most obtuse to work with in all of Win32, so
considerable attention has been spent trying to make these wrappers both
quite "raw" so that they match the win32, but also accessible from Go.
The fact that they're so old in Windows history makes for a few tricky
things, like struct padding that doesn't quite match Go's rules, but
we've been able to accommodate basically everything after quite a bit of

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