windows/svc/mgr: fix misspelled word in service.go

fix misspelled word "service" in line 62

Change-Id: I646f073d5604c36775d27c478a7b4b007f70ff62
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diff --git a/windows/svc/mgr/service.go b/windows/svc/mgr/service.go
index aee2d3d..7d735ca 100644
--- a/windows/svc/mgr/service.go
+++ b/windows/svc/mgr/service.go
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
 	return windows.StartService(s.Handle, uint32(len(args)), p)
-// Control sends state change request c to the servce s.
+// Control sends state change request c to the service s.
 func (s *Service) Control(c svc.Cmd) (svc.Status, error) {
 	var t windows.SERVICE_STATUS
 	err := windows.ControlService(s.Handle, uint32(c), &t)