windows: allocate attribute list with LocalAlloc, not individual items

We didn't want to wind up with Go pointers mangled by win32, so we were
previously copying the contents into a LocalAlloc'd blob, and then
adding that to the attribute list. The problem is that recent changes to
the API broke this design convention, to the point where it expects 0x18
byte objects to be added using size 0x8. This seems like an unfortunate
oversight from Microsoft, but there's nothing we can do about it. So we
can work around it by instead LocalAlloc'ing the actual container, and
then using the exact pointer value that's passed into Update.

This commit also adds a test that both makes sure that these functions
actually work, and provokes a UaF that's successfully caught, were you
to comment out the line of this commit that reads `al.pointers =
append(al.pointers, value)`.

Fixes golang/go#50134.

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