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Scratch Repository

This repository is mainly for use by people learning how to use Gerrit and contribute to Go.

Click here for a tutorial on how to get started with a contribution to this repository.

A fuller, text-based tutorial based around the core Go project can be found here.

What should I add?

Add a folder with your username, and put a main function in there. You can put whatever you want in your main function; see the existing directories for examples.

All files should have the standard licensing header, and add appropriate documentation see the other files in this repository for an example.

Notes about Gerrit

If you have needed to change a Github pull request, you probably just added a second commit with the requested changes and pushed it. By contrast, all changes opened in Gerrit are a single commit, which means you need to amend your commit if the reviewer requests feedback.

To amend a previous commit, run git add (list of files you changed) to add your changes, then run git commit --amend to amend the commit to add new data. Your commit message should still summarize the entire commit (“Add kevinburke/main.go”), not just the change a reviewer asked for (“Fix typo”).

After you amend the commit, re-run git codereview mail to push that change to the server. Then in the Gerrit UI, find the in-line comments left by your reviewer, click “Done”, go back to the main PR page, and click “Reply” => “Send” to tell your reviewer that you've addressed your feedback.

Once you get a “Code-Review: +2” from a Go contributor, your change will be merged!

Need help?

Gerrit is not easy to get started with, and we want to help you out. If you are having trouble with Gerrit, contact the golang-devexp mailing list for help!