git-codereview: document mail -trybot flag

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 The mail command starts the code review process for the pending change.
-	git codereview mail [-f] [-r email] [-cc email] [revision]
+	git codereview mail [-f] [-r email] [-cc email] [-trybot] [revision]
 It pushes the pending change commit in the current branch to the Gerrit code
 review server and prints the URL for the change on the server.
@@ -198,6 +198,9 @@
 from the git repository log to find email addresses of the form name@somedomain
 and then, in case of ambiguity, using the reviewer who appears most often.
+The -trybot flag runs the trybots on all new or updated changes. It is
+equivalent to setting the Run-Trybot+1 label from Gerrit.
 The mail command fails if there are staged edits that are not committed.
 The -f flag overrides this behavior.