git-codereview: disable Gerrit-specific hook behavior if Gerrit is not in use

Every time I accidentally type 'git pending' in a non-Gerrit repository,
that command installs hooks, and then I have to zero the hook files
to keep working.

First, don't install the hooks if this looks like a non-Gerrit git repo.
That seems like it will play well with others.

But, people might also want to use the non-Gerrit parts of the tool,
so if people do say 'git codereview hooks', let that install them.

And then if the hooks are invoked in a non-Gerrit repo, selectively
disable the Gerrit-specific parts. For example, if it's not a Gerrit repo
we might still want to check and fix 'Fixes #N' lines if directed by the
config, but we don't want to add Change-Id lines.

Now that things are a bit better behaved, also leave the hooks on
in detached head mode. I've found that it's quite frustrating not
to have the hooks on when working midway through git rebase -i.
If we find reasons that the hooks were off we can try to figure out
how to split the difference.

Fixes golang/go#12170.

Change-Id: I69fa156ce4fd11c0c84416088cd972957ce1ce6d
Reviewed-by: Josh Bleecher Snyder <>
Reviewed-by: Austin Clements <>
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