git-review: hide read-only git commands from -v; show them with -v -v

Right now all the "gather information about what's going on" git commands
show up with the -v flag. If you are using the -v flag to learn what the
basic review operations do, all those state-gathering commands are noise,
and they make it hard to find the state-modifying commands.
Hide the state-gathering (read-only) commands with -v.
Make -v repeatable and show them with -v -v.

	$ git sync -v
	git fetch -q
	git merge -q --ff-only origin/master

	$ git sync -v -v
	git fetch -q
	git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
	git rev-parse flags
	git merge-base origin/master flags
	git merge -q --ff-only origin/master

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