compiler/protogen: deprecate certain ways to derive Go package information

There are currently at least 5 ways to derive Go package information:
* From the 'M' command-line flag.
* From the 'import_path' command-line flag.
* From the 'go_package' proto file option.
* From the proto package name in proto source file.
* From the path of the proto source file.
Technically, there are more than 5 ways since information can be derived
from a convoluted combination of all the methods.

We should move towards a sensible and consistent world where each
Go package information for each proto source file is:
* only derived from the command-line OR
* only derived from the proto source file itself.
It should never be derived from a mixture of methods.

In the future, all .proto source files will be required to have a
"go_package" option specified, unless the "M" command-line argument is
specified. If the "M" flag is given it takes precedence over 'go_package'.

This CL prints warnings if the user is generating proto files without
a "M" flag or "go_package" option specified. It suggests to the user
a "go_package" option that preserves the current semantics.

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