internal/impl: check for size cache overflow

The size cache is an int32. Store a -1 in it if the message size
overflows, and fall back to recomputing the size if the value is
negative. This means lamentable O(N^2) costs in marshaling,
but that's better than silently producing invalid output.

Also considered: Return an error. Avoids O(N^2) behavior, but gives the
user no good choices if they don't care the output being slow. Encoding
costs of messages this large are likely to be dominated by copying the
bytes rather than the size operation anyway, so slow-but-correct seems
like the most generally useful option.

We could store valid values for the range (0x7fffffff,0xfffffffe)
reserving only 0xffffffff as the overflow sentinel, but optimizing this
case seems less important than the code being obviously correct.

Fixes golang/protobuf#970.

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