testing/protocmp: add Ignore options and Any support

This CL adds the following helper options:
	func IgnoreEnums(...protoreflect.Enum) cmp.Option
	func IgnoreMessages(...proto.Message) cmp.Option
	func IgnoreFields(proto.Message, ...protoreflect.Name) cmp.Option
	func IgnoreOneofs(proto.Message, ...protoreflect.Name) cmp.Option
	func IgnoreDescriptors(...protoreflect.Descriptor) cmp.Option
	func IgnoreDefaultScalars() cmp.Option
	func IgnoreEmptyMessages() cmp.Option
	func IgnoreUnknown() cmp.Option

It also augments transformMessage to unmarshal and expand Any messages
with the value of the underlying message. At this moment in time
we do not provide an API to provide a custom type resolver.

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Next Generation Go Protocol Buffers

WARNING: This repository is in active development. There are no guarantees about API stability. Breaking changes will occur until a stable release is made and announced.

This repository is for the development of the next major Go implementation of protocol buffers. This library makes breaking API changes relative to the existing Go protobuf library. Of particular note, this API aims to make protobuf reflection a first-class feature of the API and implements the protobuf ecosystem in terms of reflection.

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