[This is a template for Go's change proposal process, documented here.]

Proposal: [Title]

Author(s): [Author Name, Co-Author Name]

Last updated: [Date]

Discussion at https://golang.org/issue/NNNNN.


[A short summary of the proposal.]


[An introduction of the necessary background and the problem being solved by the proposed change.]


[A precise statement of the proposed change.]


[A discussion of alternate approaches and the trade offs, advantages, and disadvantages of the specified approach.]


[A discussion of the change with regard to the compatibility guidelines.]


[A description of the steps in the implementation, who will do them, and when. This should include a discussion of how the work fits into Go's release cycle.]

Open issues (if applicable)

[A discussion of issues relating to this proposal for which the author does not know the solution. This section may be omitted if there are none.]