Install pre-commit hook

The all.bash script runs quickly enough so that you can use it as a git pre-commit hook. If you don't already have a pre-commit hook, you can install it with

ln -s -f ../../all.bash .git/hooks/pre-commit

To add all.bash to an existing pre-commit hook, edit .git/hooks/pre-commit and add the line


You may prefer to run all.bash only when you push (which happens when you run git codereview mail). You'll need a small script to discard the arguments that the pre-push hook is called with. Make this the contents of .git/hooks/pre-push:


and then

chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-push

Running Linters/Formatters/Tests

The all.bash script can be used to selectively run actions on the source (e.g. linters, code formatters, or tests). Run ./all.bash help to see a list of supported actions.

Some actions are not run by the default invocation of ./all.bash that is executed in the commit hook. Notably, the prettier command is not run, because it has a dependency on nodejs, which is otherwise not needed and which not all developers have installed on their system.

If you are modifying CSS or Javascript and you do not have docker installed, install prettier as described at, and run ./all.bash prettier to format your changes before mailing your CL.