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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package internal
import (
const (
ExperimentFrontendFetch = "frontend-fetch"
ExperimentFrontendPackageAtMaster = "frontend-package-at-master"
ExperimentInsertDirectories = "insert-directories"
ExperimentInsertPlaygroundLinks = "insert-playground-links"
ExperimentInsertSerializable = "insert-serializable-txn"
ExperimentTeeProxyMakePkgGoDevRequest = "teeproxy-make-pkg-go-dev-request"
ExperimentUseDirectories = "use-directories"
ExperimentTranslateHTML = "translate-html"
// Experiment holds data associated with an experimental feature for frontend
// or worker.
type Experiment struct {
// Name is the name of the feature.
Name string
// Rollout is the percentage of requests enrolled in the experiment.
Rollout uint
// Description provides a description of the experiment.
Description string
// ExperimentSource is the interface used by the middleware to interact with
// experiments data.
type ExperimentSource interface {
// GetExperiments fetches active experiments from the
// ExperimentSource.
GetExperiments(ctx context.Context) ([]*Experiment, error)
// LocalExperimentSource is used when developing locally using the direct proxy
// mode.
type LocalExperimentSource struct {
experiments []*Experiment
// NewLocalExperimentSource returns a LocalExperimentSource with the provided experiments.
func NewLocalExperimentSource(experiments []*Experiment) *LocalExperimentSource {
return &LocalExperimentSource{experiments: experiments}
// GetExperiments returns the experiments for the given LocalExperimentSource.
func (e *LocalExperimentSource) GetExperiments(ctx context.Context) ([]*Experiment, error) {
return e.experiments, nil