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"version": 3,
"sources": ["licenses.css"],
"sourcesContent": ["/*!\n * Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.\n * Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style\n * license that can be found in the LICENSE file.\n */\n\n.License {\n margin-bottom: 1rem;\n}\n\n.License > h2 {\n margin-bottom: 1rem;\n}\n.License > p {\n margin-bottom: 0.5rem;\n}\n.License-contents {\n border: var(--border);\n border-radius: 0.1875rem;\n font-size: 0.875rem;\n line-height: 1.375rem;\n margin: 0;\n overflow-x: auto;\n padding: 1.5rem;\n tab-size: 4;\n}\n.License-source {\n font-size: 0.875rem;\n padding-top: 0.5rem;\n}\n.Disclaimer-link {\n font-style: italic;\n}\n"],
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