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The tests directory contains integration tests that require a pre-seeded database.

Each tests/ contains a seed.txt file at tests//seed.txt, which is used by the docker seeddb container to setup the test database.

The tests can be run using tests//

Search Tests

The tests/search/scripts directory contains test scripts *.txt that are run using tests/search/

These scripts follow the format:

Test name A
search query A
Expected result A1
Expected result A2

Test name B
search query B
Expected result B1
Expected result B2


Each test set is separated by a newline. Comments (lines that being with a #), are ignored.

The imported by counts for a dataset can also be updated in search/importedby.txt. The file has the format:

<package-path>, <imported-by-count>

It is expected that the modules for these packages are in tests/search/seed.txt.

Symbol History API Tests

The tests/api/scripts directory contains tests that are run using tests/api/

The tests compare API data for a module tests/api/testdata with the API history on the frontend versions page. The frontend that is used for comparison must have GO_DISCOVERY_SERVE_STATS set so that the /<path>?tab=versions&content=json endpoint is available.

Adding a package

Data in tests/api/testdata is generated by running:

go run tests/api/main.go generate [module path]:[package path suffix]

For example, go run tests/api/main.go generate for package

This data can now be used to check the API history on a frontend by running:

go run tests/api/main.go compare [module path]:[package path suffix]


The screentest/ directory contains visual diff tests for pages on In order to run the tests, run this command from the root of the repository:

./tests/screentest/ <env>

./tests/screentest/ ci sets up a series of docker containers that run a postgres database, frontend, and headless chrome, and runs the screentest using headless chrome.

Understanding Test Failures

If the tests fail with diffs, a file with the diffs will be created in the testdata directory that show the cause of the failure.

If the tests fail with “context deadline exceeded”, you may have forgotten to seed your local DB. Run with with -seeddb flag.

Use ./devtools/docker/ logs to get detailed logs of the docker containers.

Adding Testcases

Tests are written for the screentest tool from See the command and package docs for more information.