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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
source devtools/ || { echo "Are you at repo root?"; exit 1; }
set -e
# Script for running a Go docker image, when go1.15+ is not available locally.
# This is can used when Go is not installed on a machine (such as in CI by
# kokoro, which is on go version go1.12 linux/amd64).
# It mounts the pwd into a volume in the container at /pkgsite,
# and sets the working directory in the container to /pkgsite.
gocmd="dockercompose run go"
if type go > /dev/null; then
# pkgsite requires go1.16 or higher. If that's installed on the machine, just
# use the local go since it will be faster.
# kokoro run go1.12.
# This awk program splits the third whitespace-separated field
# (e.g. "go1.15.5") on the dot character and prints the second part.
v=`go version | awk '{split($3, parts, /\./); print parts[2]}'`
if (( v >= 16 )); then
$gocmd $@