internal/worker: avoid redirect for /fetch-std-master

The final slash in the registered URL results in an unnecessary 301 on
every request.

Change-Id: I4eee8ba087615f8e20546f4afc31d182c1db6cb8
Trust: Jonathan Amsterdam <>
Run-TryBot: Jonathan Amsterdam <>
TryBot-Result: kokoro <>
Reviewed-by: Julie Qiu <>
diff --git a/internal/worker/server.go b/internal/worker/server.go
index 6fe45f3..6bcee22 100644
--- a/internal/worker/server.go
+++ b/internal/worker/server.go
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
 	// scheduled: fetch-std-master checks if the std@master version in the
 	// database is up to date with the version at HEAD. If not, a fetch request
 	// is queued to refresh the std@master version.
-	handle("/fetch-std-master/", rmw(s.errorHandler(s.handleFetchStdSupportedBranches)))
+	handle("/fetch-std-master", rmw(s.errorHandler(s.handleFetchStdSupportedBranches)))
 	// scheduled: enqueue queries the module_version_states table for the next
 	// batch of module versions to process, and enqueues them for processing.