Pkgsite - Environment Variables

Pkgsite uses these environment variables:

Environment VariableDescription
GO_DISCOVERY_AUTH_VALUESSet of values that could be set on the AuthHeader, in order to bypass checks by the cache.
GO_DISCOVERY_CONFIG_BUCKETBucket use for dynamic configuration (gs://bucket/object) GO_DISCOVERY_CONFIG_DYNAMIC must be set if GO_DISCOVERY_CONFIG_BUCKET is set.
GO_DISCOVERY_CONFIG_DYNAMICFile that experiments are read from. Can be set locally using devtools/cmd/create_experiment_config/main.go.
GO_DISCOVERY_DATABASE_HOSTDatabase server hostname.
GO_DISCOVERY_DATABASE_NAMEName of database within the server.
GO_DISCOVERY_DATABASE_SECONDARY_HOSTIf GO_DISCOVERY_DATABASE_HOST is unreachable, use this host. Used only by prod and beta frontends.
GO_DISCOVERY_DATABASE_USERUsed for frontend, worker and scripts.
GO_DISCOVERY_DISABLE_ERROR_REPORTINGDisables calls to GCP errorreporting API. Set only in dev.
GO_DISCOVERY_E2E_AUTHORIZATIONAuth token for e2e tests.
GO_DISCOVERY_E2E_BASE_URLPrefix for URLs in e2e tests.
GO_DISCOVERY_E2E_QUOTA_BYPASSSpecial value for bypassing quota limitations in e2e test.
GO_DISCOVERY_E2E_TEST_PORTPort of headless browser in e2e test.
GO_DISCOVERY_ENABLE_QUOTAWhether the quota check is enabled. Set in all environments (except exp). The motivation for keeping this is that if the quota system somehow breaks in a way that restricts a lot of traffic unintentionally, we could quickly disable it. That seems unlikely (the quota system fails open, not closed) so we could remove this.
GO_DISCOVERY_EXCLUDED_FILENAMEPath to the file of excluded prefixes. Read by the worker to populate the DB. We could hardcode this.
GO_DISCOVERY_FRONTEND_TASK_QUEUETask queue used by frontend service for frontend fetch.
GO_DISCOVERY_GAE_LOCATION_IDLocationID is essentially hard-coded until we figure out a good way to determine it programmatically, but we check an environment variable in case it needs to be overridden.
GO_DISCOVERY_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_IDUsed by frontend templates to send data to GTM.
GO_DISCOVERY_LARGE_MODULES_LIMITRepresents the number of large modules that we are willing to enqueue at a given time.
GO_DISCOVERY_LOG_LEVELUsed to set the log level output from servers when developing to reduce noise. Defaults to debug.
GO_DISCOVERY_MAX_IN_FLIGHT_ZIP_MIUsed for load shedding. Hardcoded in worker docker file and prevents workers from getting overloaded and crashing.
GO_DISCOVERY_MAX_MODULE_ZIP_MIUsed for load shedding - doesn’t seem to ever be set. Useful if worker is always dying on a specific large module. Set to stop this module.
GO_DISCOVERY_NPX_CMDUsed for local development to set npx command location.
GO_DISCOVERY_ON_GKEUsed to figure out what to set for cfg.MonitoredResource.
GO_DISCOVERY_QUEUE_AUDIENCEQueueAudience is used to allow the Cloud Tasks queue to authorize itself to the worker. It should be the OAuth 2.0 client ID associated with the IAP that is gating access to the worker.
GO_DISCOVERY_QUEUE_URLQueueURL is the URL that the Cloud Tasks queue should send requests to. It should be used when the worker is not on AppEngine.
GO_DISCOVERY_QUOTA_QPSPart of QuotaSettings -- allowed queries per second, per IP block.
GO_DISCOVERY_QUOTA_RECORD_ONLYPart of QuotaSettings -- Record data about blocking, but do not actually block. This is a *bool, so we can distinguish “not present” from “false” in an override.
GO_DISCOVERY_REDIS_HOSTConfiguration for redis page cache.
GO_DISCOVERY_REDIS_PORTConfiguration for redis page cache.
GO_DISCOVERY_SERVE_STATSServeStats determines whether the server has an endpoint that serves statistics for benchmarking or other purposes.
GO_DISCOVERY_SERVICEGAE app service ID. Used for Kubernetes in the private repo. Set in run_local in queue configuration in private repo. Used to identify service in the logs.
GO_DISCOVERY_TESTDBWhen running go test ./..., database tests will not run if you don't have postgres running. To run these tests, set GO_DISCOVERY_TESTDB=true.
GO_DISCOVERY_USE_PROFILERUseProfiler specifies whether to enable Stackdriver Profiler.
GO_DISCOVERY_WORKER_TASK_QUEUEName of the worker task queue.
GO_DISCOVERY_WORKER_TIMEOUT_MINUTESTimeout for the worker source client.