Contributing to is part of the Go open source project. We would love to receive your contributions!

Since we are actively working on the site, we ask that you file an issue and claim it before starting to work on something. Otherwise, it is likely that we might already be working on a fix for your issue.

Because we are currently working on design updates to, we will not be accepting any contributions for issues with a UX label.

Finding issues

All issues are labeled with the label. Issues that are suitable for contributors are additionally tagged with the help wanted label.

Before you begin working on an issue, please leave a comment that you are claiming it.

Getting started

  1. Complete the steps in the Go Contribution Guide.

  2. Download the source code for x/pkgsite: git clone

  3. Review the design document.

Running locally

There are two ways to run locally.

  1. Use a proxy service as a datasource.

  2. Use postgres as the datasource.

See doc/ for details.

Before sending a CL for review

  1. Run ./all.bash and fix all resulting errors. See doc/ for instructions on setting up a pre-commit hook.
  2. Ensure your commit message is formatted according to Go conventions.


You can find us in the #tools channel on the Gophers Slack.