InfluxDB container image

This directory contains the source for the InfluxDB container image used in the Go Performance Monitoring system. The image is based on the Google-maintained GCP InfluxDB 2 image, with an additional small program to perform initial database setup and push access credentials to Google Secret Manager.


To run an instance locally:

$ sudo docker build -t golang_influx . && sudo docker run --rm -p 443:8086 golang_influx

Browse / API connect to https://localhost:8086 (note that the instance uses a self-signed certificate), and authenticate with user ‘admin’ or ‘reader’ with the password or API token logged by the container.

Google Cloud

Perform the one-time project setup described in, and then run the script to start an instance:

$ ./ <project><project>/golang-perf-docker-repo

The instance can be accessed via the “EXTERNAL IP” in the output. View VM instance logs to verify successful setup.

The authentication credentials are stored in the project's Secret Manager. e.g., to access the admin password:

$ gcloud secrets versions access latest --secret=influx-admin-pass