[internal-branch.go1.21-vendor] http2: send correct LastStreamID in stream-caused GOAWAY

When closing a connection because a stream contained a request we
didn't like (for example, because the request headers exceed
the maximum we will accept), set the LastStreamID in the GOAWAY
frame to include the offending stream. This informs the client
that retrying the request is unlikely to succeed, and avoids
retry loops.

This change requires passing the stream ID of the offending
stream from Framer.ReadFrame up to the caller. The most sensible
way to do this would probably be in the error. However,
ReadFrame currently returns a defined error type for
connection-ending errors (ConnectionError), and that type is a
uint32 with no place to put the stream ID. Rather than changing
the returned errors, ReadFrame now returns an error along with
a non-nil Frame containing the stream ID, when a stream is
responsible for a connection-ending error.

Merge conflicts were avoided by cherry-picking CL 576235 (test deflake)
prior to this, and then by squashing CL 576175 (typo fix) into this CL.

For golang/go#66668.
For golang/go#66697.

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