http2: avoid blocking while holding

Operations which examine the state of a ClientConn--notably,
the connection pool's check to see if a conn is available to
take a new request--need to acquire mu. Blocking while holding mu,
such as when writing to the network, blocks these operations.

Remove blocking operations from the mutex.
Perform network writes with only ClientConn.wmu held.
Clarify that wmu guards the per-conn HPACK encoder and buffer.

Add a new mutex guarding request creation, covering the critical
section starting with allocating a new stream ID and continuing
until the stream is created.

Fix a locking issue where trailers were written from the HPACK
buffer with only wmu held, but headers were encoded into the buffer
with only mu held. (Now both encoding and writes occur with wmu

Fixes golang/go#32388.
Fixes golang/go#48340.

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