http2: allow sending 1xx responses

Currently, it's not possible to send informational responses such as
103 Early Hints or 102 Processing.

This patch allows calling WriteHeader() multiple times in order
to send informational responses before the final one.

If the status code is in the 1xx range, the current content of the header map
is also sent. Its content is not removed after the call to WriteHeader()
because the headers must also be included in the final response.

The Chrome and Fastly teams are starting a large-scale experiment to measure
the real-life impact of the 103 status code.
Using Early Hints is proposed as a (partial) alternative to Server Push,
which are going to be removed from Chrome:

Being able to send this status code from servers implemented using Go would
help to see if implementing it in browsers is worth it.

Fixes golang/go#26089.
Fixes golang/go#36734.
Updates golang/go#26088.

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