http2: avoid extra GetConn trace call

CL 352469 inverts the case in shouldTraceGetConn: We want to call GetConn
for connections that have been previously used, but it calls GetConn
only on approximately the first use. "Approximately", because it uses
cc.nextStreamID to determine if the connection has been used, which
is racy.

Restructure the decision to call GetConn to track a per-ClientConn bool
indicating whether GetConn has already been called for this connection.
Set this bool for connections received from net/http, clear it after the
first use of the connection.

Fixes net/http's TestTransportEventTrace_h2.

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  6. http/
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  8. icmp/
  9. idna/
  10. internal/
  11. ipv4/
  12. ipv6/
  13. lif/
  14. nettest/
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