html: fix SOLIDUS '/' handling in attribute parsing

Calling the Tokenizer with HTML elements containing SOLIDUS (/) character
in the attribute name results in incorrect tokenization.

This is due to violation of the following rule transitions in the WHATWG spec:
  where we are not reconsuming the character if '/' is encountered
  where we are not switching to self closing state

Fixes golang/go#63402

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  1. bpf/
  2. context/
  3. dict/
  4. dns/
  5. html/
  6. http/
  7. http2/
  8. icmp/
  9. idna/
  10. internal/
  11. ipv4/
  12. ipv6/
  13. lif/
  14. nettest/
  15. netutil/
  16. proxy/
  17. publicsuffix/
  18. route/
  19. trace/
  20. webdav/
  21. websocket/
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