quic: add Stream.Set{Read,Write}Context, drop {Read,Write,Close}Context

The ReadContext, WriteContext, and CloseContext Stream methods are
difficult to use in conjunction with functions that operate on an
io.Reader, io.Writer, or io.Closer. For example, it's reasonable
to want to use io.ReadFull with a Stream, but doing so with a context
is cumbersome.

Drop the Stream methods that take a Context in favor of stateful
methods that set the Context to use for read and write operations.
(Close counts as a write operation, since it blocks waiting for
data to be sent.)

Intentionally make Set{Read,Write}Context not concurrency safe,
to allow the race detector to catch misuse. This shouldn't be a
problem for correct programs, since reads and writes are
inherently not concurrency-safe.

For golang/go#58547

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