http2: discard DATA frames with higher stream IDs during graceful shutdown

If the server sends a GOAWAY at the same time that a client sends
HEADERS+DATA, the server will discard the HEADERS, but error on the DATA
frame. Luckily, the server doesn't turn this into a connection error
because it's already in a GOAWAY state. It just logs the PROTOCOL_ERROR,
but that produces a confusing log message.

This change effectively suppresses the log message by discarding the
DATA frame rather than erroring on it. Also, we now discard any frames for
streams with identifiers higher than the identified last stream. This is
done as per section 6.8 of the HTTP2 spec.

I also updated some stale documentation while I was trying to understand
the logic.

This is CL 188360 with a test

Fixes golang/go#32112

Co-authored-by: Yunchi Luo <>
Co-authored-by: Michael Fraenkel <>

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