http2: replace fixedBuffer with dataBuffer

fixedBuffer was a bad idea for two reasons:

1. It was fixed at a constant 64KB (the current default flow-control
   window) which wastes memory on the server when clients upload many
   small request bodies.

2. A follow-up CL will allow configuring the server's connection and
   stream receive windows. We want to allow individual streams to use
   varying amounts of the available connection window. This is not
   possible when each stream uses a fixedBuffer.

dataBuffer grows and shrinks based on current usage. The worst-case
fragmentation of dataBuffer is 32KB wasted memory per stream, but I
expect that worst-case will be rare. In particular, if the declared
size of a stream's request body is under 1KB, then the server will not
allocate more than 1KB to process that stream's request body.

Updates golang/go#16512
Fixes golang/go#18509

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