publicsuffix: embed table data

Use //go:embed to embed the public suffix tables,
rather than generating .go files containing the data.

Creating an empty git repo and generating commits for the
last 20 updates to the public suffix list, the total size
of the repository directory as measured by "du -sh" decreases
from 2.2M to 668K when using embedding.

For golang/go#15518.

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  1. bpf/
  2. context/
  3. dict/
  4. dns/
  5. html/
  6. http/
  7. http2/
  8. icmp/
  9. idna/
  10. internal/
  11. ipv4/
  12. ipv6/
  13. lif/
  14. nettest/
  15. netutil/
  16. proxy/
  17. publicsuffix/
  18. route/
  19. trace/
  20. webdav/
  21. websocket/
  22. xsrftoken/
  23. .gitattributes
  24. .gitignore
  25. codereview.cfg
  27. go.mod
  28. go.sum

Go Networking

Go Reference

This repository holds supplementary Go networking libraries.


The easiest way to install is to run go get -u You can also manually git clone the repository to $GOPATH/src/

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This repository uses Gerrit for code changes. To learn how to submit changes to this repository, see The main issue tracker for the net repository is located at Prefix your issue with “x/net:” in the subject line, so it is easy to find.