quic: refactor keys for key updates

Refactor how we store encryption keys in preparation for adding
support for key updates.

Previously, we had a single "keys" type containing header and packet
protection key material. With key update, the 1-RTT header protection
keys are consistent across the lifetime of a connection, while
packet protection keys vary. Separate out the header and packet
protection keys into distinct types.

Add "fixed" key types for keys which remain fixed across a
connection's lifetime and do not update. For the moment,
1-RTT keys are still fixed.

Remove a number of can-never-happen error returns from
key handling paths. We were previously inconsistent about
where to panic and where to return an error on these paths;
we now consistently panic in paths where errors can only
occur due to a bug. (For example, attempting to create an
AEAD with an incorrect secret size.)

No functional changes, this is purely refactoring.

For golang/go#58547

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