sumdb/note: remove draft comment

Change-Id: Ie46caf623e8244a5b53ad5a51d1f3a8801d1711d
Reviewed-by: Jay Conrod <>
diff --git a/sumdb/note/note.go b/sumdb/note/note.go
index 3c8e67b..467d25e 100644
--- a/sumdb/note/note.go
+++ b/sumdb/note/note.go
@@ -4,9 +4,6 @@
 // Package note defines the notes signed by the Go module database server.
-// This package is part of a DRAFT of what the Go module database server will look like.
-// Do not assume the details here are final!
 // A note is text signed by one or more server keys.
 // The text should be ignored unless the note is signed by
 // a trusted server key and the signature has been verified