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// Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package mouse defines an event for mouse input.
// See the package for details on the event model.
package mouse // import ""
import (
// Event is a mouse event.
type Event struct {
// X and Y are the mouse location, in pixels.
X, Y float32
// Button is the mouse button being pressed or released. Its value may be
// zero, for a mouse move or drag without any button change.
Button Button
// TODO: have a field to hold what other buttons are down, for detecting
// drags or button-chords.
// Modifiers is a bitmask representing a set of modifier keys:
// key.ModShift, key.ModAlt, etc.
Modifiers key.Modifiers
// Direction is the direction of the mouse event: DirPress, DirRelease,
// or DirNone (for mouse moves or drags).
Direction Direction
// TODO: add a Device ID, for multiple input devices?
// TODO: add a time.Time?
// Button is a mouse button.
type Button int32
// IsWheel reports whether the button is for a scroll wheel.
func (b Button) IsWheel() bool {
return b < 0
// TODO: have a separate axis concept for wheel up/down? How does that relate
// to joystick events?
const (
ButtonNone Button = +0
ButtonLeft Button = +1
ButtonMiddle Button = +2
ButtonRight Button = +3
ButtonWheelUp Button = -1
ButtonWheelDown Button = -2
ButtonWheelLeft Button = -3
ButtonWheelRight Button = -4
// Direction is the direction of the mouse event.
type Direction uint8
const (
DirNone Direction = 0
DirPress Direction = 1
DirRelease Direction = 2
// DirStep is a simultaneous press and release, such as a single step of a
// mouse wheel.
// Its value equals DirPress | DirRelease.
DirStep Direction = 3
func (d Direction) String() string {
switch d {
case DirNone:
return "None"
case DirPress:
return "Press"
case DirRelease:
return "Release"
case DirStep:
return "Step"
return fmt.Sprintf("mouse.Direction(%d)", d)