lint: avoid false positives with custom errors-package

When using `errors.New(fmt.Sprintf(...))`,
lint will alert that you should use `fmt.Errorf(...)`.

Before this patch, this alert was also displayed
when using a custom errors-package.
There are valid use cases to use `errors.New(fmt.Sprintf(...))`
in a custom errors-package context.

This patch avoids the "false positive" alert
when a custom errors-package is imported in the current file.

Fixes golang/lint#350

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Golint is a linter for Go source code.

Build Status


Golint requires Go 1.6 or later.

go get -u


Invoke golint with one or more filenames, directories, or packages named by its import path. Golint uses the same import path syntax as the go command and therefore also supports relative import paths like ./.... Additionally the ... wildcard can be used as suffix on relative and absolute file paths to recurse into them.

The output of this tool is a list of suggestions in Vim quickfix format, which is accepted by lots of different editors.


Golint differs from gofmt. Gofmt reformats Go source code, whereas golint prints out style mistakes.

Golint differs from govet. Govet is concerned with correctness, whereas golint is concerned with coding style. Golint is in use at Google, and it seeks to match the accepted style of the open source Go project.

The suggestions made by golint are exactly that: suggestions. Golint is not perfect, and has both false positives and false negatives. Do not treat its output as a gold standard. We will not be adding pragmas or other knobs to suppress specific warnings, so do not expect or require code to be completely “lint-free”. In short, this tool is not, and will never be, trustworthy enough for its suggestions to be enforced automatically, for example as part of a build process. Golint makes suggestions for many of the mechanically checkable items listed in Effective Go and the CodeReviewComments wiki page.


Golint is meant to carry out the stylistic conventions put forth in Effective Go and CodeReviewComments. Changes that are not aligned with those documents will not be considered.


Contributions to this project are welcome provided they are in scope, though please send mail before starting work on anything major. Contributors retain their copyright, so we need you to fill out a short form before we can accept your contribution.


Add this to your ~/.vimrc:

set rtp+=$GOPATH/src/

If you have multiple entries in your GOPATH, replace $GOPATH with the right value.

Running :Lint will run golint on the current file and populate the quickfix list.

Optionally, add this to your ~/.vimrc to automatically run golint on :w

autocmd BufWritePost,FileWritePost *.go execute 'Lint' | cwindow


Add this to your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path (concat (getenv "GOPATH")  "/src/"))
(require 'golint)

If you have multiple entries in your GOPATH, replace $GOPATH with the right value.

Running M-x golint will run golint on the current file.

For more usage, see Compilation-Mode.