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 you think golint could statically check,
 [file an issue](https://github.com/golang/lint/issues).
+## Scope
+Golint is meant to carry out the stylistic conventions put forth in
+[Effective Go](https://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html) and
+Changes that are not aligned with those documents will not be considered at this time.
 ## Contributions
-Contributions to this project are welcome, though please send mail before
-starting work on anything major. Contributors retain their copyright, so we
-need you to fill out
+Contributions to this project are welcome provided they are [in scope](#scope),
+though please send mail before starting work on anything major.
+Contributors retain their copyright, so we need you to fill out
 [a short form](https://developers.google.com/open-source/cla/individual)
 before we can accept your contribution.