font/sfnt: use ../testdata/cmapTest.ttf.

The index numbers can be verified by running ttx over the ttf file:

<!-- The 'id' attribute is only for humans; it is ignored when parsed. -->
<GlyphID id="0" name=".notdef"/>
<GlyphID id="1" name=".null"/>
<GlyphID id="2" name="nonmarkingreturn"/>
<GlyphID id="3" name="zero"/>
<GlyphID id="4" name="one"/>
<GlyphID id="5" name="two"/>
<GlyphID id="6" name="A"/>
<GlyphID id="7" name="B"/>
<GlyphID id="8" name="a"/>
<GlyphID id="9" name="ydieresis"/>
<GlyphID id="10" name="Amacron"/>
<GlyphID id="11" name="amacron"/>
<GlyphID id="12" name="uni4E2D"/>
<GlyphID id="13" name="u1F0A1"/>
<GlyphID id="14" name="u1F0B1"/>
<GlyphID id="15" name="u1F0B2"/>

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