govulncheck-action: add check-latest and cache options

Add options for check-latest and cache as optional inputs for setup-go.

Fixes golang/go#60704

Change-Id: I72325a5f6d8282a9b000fa24e91da65574f05193
Reviewed-by: Julie Qiu <>
TryBot-Bypass: Brandon Kessler <>
diff --git a/action.yml b/action.yml
index 0a48559..5191380 100644
--- a/action.yml
+++ b/action.yml
@@ -5,6 +5,14 @@
     description: 'Version of Go to use for govulncheck'
     required: false
     default: '>=1.19.0'
+  check-latest:
+    description: 'Set this option to true if you want the action to always check for the latest available Go version that satisfies the version spec'
+    required: false
+    default: false
+  cache:
+    description: 'Used to specify whether Go caching is needed. Set to true, if you would like to enable caching.'
+    required: false
+    default: true
     description: 'Go Package to scan with govulncheck'
     required: false
@@ -16,6 +24,8 @@
     - uses: actions/setup-go@v4.0.0
         go-version: ${{ inputs.go-version-input }}
+        check-latest: ${{ inputs.check-latest }}
+        cache: ${{ inputs.cache }}
     - name: Install govulncheck
       run: go install
       shell: bash