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//===-- go-llvm-tree-integrity.h - decls for tree integrity utils ---------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Defines IntegrityVisitor class.
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include "go-llvm-containertypes.h"
namespace llvm {
class Instruction;
class Bstatement;
class Bexpression;
class Llvm_backend;
class BnodeBuilder;
enum CkTreePtrDisp { DumpPointers, NoDumpPointers };
enum CkTreeRepairDisp { DontReportRepairableSharing, ReportRepairableSharing };
enum CkTreeVisitDisp { BatchMode, IncrementalMode };
// Options/controls for the tree integrity checker.
struct TreeIntegCtl {
CkTreePtrDisp ptrDisp;
CkTreeRepairDisp repairDisp;
CkTreeVisitDisp visitDisp;
: ptrDisp(DumpPointers),
visitDisp(BatchMode) { }
TreeIntegCtl(CkTreePtrDisp ptrs, CkTreeRepairDisp repair,
CkTreeVisitDisp visit)
: ptrDisp(ptrs), repairDisp(repair), visitDisp(visit) { }
// This visitor class detects malformed IR trees, specifically cases
// where the same Bexpression or Bstatement is pointed to by more than
// containing expr/stmt. For example suppose we have a couple of assignment
// statements
// x = y
// z = y
// where the Bexpression corresponding to "y" is pointed to both by
// the first assignment stmt and by the second assignment stmt.
// It is worth noting that some sharing is allowed in Bexpression trees,
// specifically sharing of Bexpressions corresponding to module-scope
// constants.
// In addition, we provide a mode of the checker in which we allow the
// front end to manufacture IR that includes sharing of certain nodes
// but runs an "unsharing" or repair phase to replicate any node that
// is specified as a child in more than one tree location. This
// unsharing/repairing is applied only to a whitelisted set of
// expression nodes (for example, cloning of call expressions is not
// allowed).
class IntegrityVisitor {
IntegrityVisitor(Llvm_backend *be, TreeIntegCtl control);
// Visits the node tree "n", looking for any shared nodes or
// instructions. Returns TRUE if there is no sharing (or if all
// sharing instances are repairable and repair is on), or FALSE if
// there is unrepairable sharing. Note that if the visit mode (in
// 'control' options above) is set to BatchMode, then the visitor
// will walk the entire subtree rooted at "n" and perform repairs
// after the way. Otherwise (checkers is in incremental mode), only
// the chidren of "n" are visited, and not repairs are performed.
bool examine(Bnode *n);
// Returns a message describing the nature of the node sharing (intended
// for a developer, not a compiler user).
std::string msg() { auto rv = ss_.str(); str_ = ""; return rv; }
// Tell the IntegrityVisitor to forget about the specified parent/child
// relationship (used when node child is deleted or repurposed).
void unsetParent(Bnode *child, Bnode *parent, unsigned slot);
// Same as above, for instruction.
void unsetParent(llvm::Instruction *inst,
Bexpression *exprParent,
unsigned slot);
// Tell the IntegrityVisitor we're about to delete the specified
// node, so please remove any outstanding references to it.
void deletePending(Bnode *node);
// Exposed for unit testing.
bool repairableSubTree(Bexpression *root);
Llvm_backend *be_;
typedef std::pair<Bnode *, unsigned> parslot; // parent and child index
std::unordered_map<llvm::Instruction *, parslot> iparent_;
std::unordered_map<Bnode *, parslot> nparent_;
pairhashset<Bnode *, unsigned> sharing_;
std::set<NodeFlavor> acceptableNodes_;
std::set<Operator> acceptableOpcodes_;
std::string str_;
llvm::raw_string_ostream ss_;
TreeIntegCtl control_;
unsigned instShareCount_;
unsigned stmtShareCount_;
unsigned exprShareCount_;
bool repair(Bnode *n);
void visit(Bnode *n);
bool shouldBeTracked(Bnode *child);
void setParent(Bnode *child, Bnode *parent, unsigned slot);
void setParent(llvm::Instruction *inst, Bexpression *par, unsigned slot);
void dumpTag(const char *tag, void *ptr);
void dump(llvm::Instruction *inst);
void dump(Bnode *node);
CkTreePtrDisp includePointers() const { return control_.ptrDisp; }
CkTreeRepairDisp doRepairs() const { return control_.repairDisp; }
CkTreeVisitDisp visitMode() const { return control_.visitDisp; }
friend BnodeBuilder;