libgo: handle linking to NetBSD's versioned symbols

On NetBSD, for backwards compatibility, various libc symbols are
renamed to a symbol with a version suffix. For example, this is the
(abbreviated) definition of sigaction:

    int sigaction(...) __asm__ ("__sigaction14")

This poses a challenge for libgo, which attempts to link sigaction by
way of an "//extern" comment:

    //extern sigaction
    func sigaction(...)

This results in a reference to the deprecated compatibility symbol
"sigaction", rather than the desired "__sigaction14" symbol.

This patch introduces a new "//extern-sysinfo" comment to handle this
situation. The new mklinknames.awk script scans a package for these
comments and outputs a "//go:linkname" directive that links the wrapper
to the correct versioned symbol, as determined by parsing the __asm__
annotation on the function's declaration in gen-sysinfo.go.

For now, only the following packages are scanned by mklinknames.awk:


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