1. 015a5a5 cmd/go/internal/modload: rework import resolution by Bryan C. Mills · 9 weeks ago
  2. 26d27f9 cmd/go/internal/modload: remove (*loader).forceStdVendor by Bryan C. Mills · 9 weeks ago
  3. b96d32b cmd/go/internal/modload: track which packages are in 'all' during loading by Bryan C. Mills · 4 months ago
  4. 2556eb7 runtime: ignore SIGPROF if profiling disable for thread by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 weeks ago
  5. 34835df runtime: fix ReadMemStatsSlow's and CheckScavengedBits' chunk iteration by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 7 weeks ago
  6. 9ef3ee3 cmd/link: remove unnecessary type conversion for nitablinks by Cuong Manh Le · 7 weeks ago
  7. 83ed734 cmd/link: pre-resolve package reference by Cherry Zhang · 3 months ago
  8. bdad428 cmd/go: make 'go get' preserve sums for content of new requirements by Jay Conrod · 9 weeks ago
  9. 5183696 cmd/compile: add Type.IsUintptr() to detect type is an uintptr by Cuong Manh Le · 7 weeks ago
  10. 9cf8833 cmd/compile: consistently use Type.IsUnsafePtr() by Cuong Manh Le · 7 weeks ago
  11. bdb480f cmd/compile: fix mishandling of unsafe-uintptr arguments in go/defer by Cuong Manh Le · 8 weeks ago
  12. 1e6ad65 cmd/link: enable DWARF combining on macOS ARM64 by Cherry Zhang · 8 weeks ago
  13. a52a5d8 cmd/link: mark ELF PLT sections executable by Cherry Zhang · 8 weeks ago
  14. ae3680b cmd/link: rewrite some code without using reflection by Cherry Zhang · 8 weeks ago
  15. e8f9185 cmd/link: strip STAB (symbolic debugging) symbols on darwin by Cherry Zhang · 9 weeks ago
  16. 565ad13 runtime: make PCDATA_RegMapUnsafe more clear and remove magic number by chainhelen · 8 weeks ago
  17. f98f3b0 runtime: remove outdated comment in mkduff.go about usage of STOSQ by Martin Möhrmann · 8 weeks ago
  18. dc025c0 cmd/compile: handle ODDD in exprformat by Cuong Manh Le · 8 weeks ago
  19. 0e19aaa cmd/asm: fix the error of checking the post-index offset of VLD[1-4]R instructions of arm64 by fanzha02 · 2 months ago
  20. 1a119ed runtime: rotate map key seed on clearing up maps by Cuong Manh Le · 8 weeks ago
  21. 5cc030a go/ast: note that in BasicLit CHARs and STRINGs are quoted by Alberto Donizetti · 3 months ago
  22. 617f2c3 net/http: mark http/2 connections active by Michael Fraenkel · 4 months ago
  23. b60ec4c mime: add examples for FormatMediaType and ParseMediaType by Ainar Garipov · 8 weeks ago
  24. c489330 doc/go1.16: reformat the minor changes section as a definition list by Ainar Garipov · 9 weeks ago
  25. 62fe10b src/go.mod, net/http: update bundled and latest golang.org/x/net by Paschalis Tsilias · 8 weeks ago
  26. bf833ea cmd/compile: ensure that ssa.Func constant cache is consistent by David Chase · 9 weeks ago
  27. 721819e testing: make TempDir idempotent for both Cleanup and Benchmark by Changkun Ou · 9 weeks ago
  28. 93810ac runtime: opportunistically rotate map key seed by Benjamin Barenblat · 8 weeks ago
  29. 612b119 cmd/link: pass darwin/amd64-specific flags only on AMD64 by Cherry Zhang · 8 weeks ago
  30. e61d17d cmd/link: MACHOPLT is executable by Cherry Zhang · 8 weeks ago
  31. 5402d40 [dev.link] cmd/link: fix memory growth on dev.link by Jeremy Faller · 2 months ago
  32. ae658cb cmd/compile: store the comparison pseudo-ops of arm64 conditional instructions in AuxInt by fanzha02 · 9 weeks ago
  33. a538b59 cmd/go: define an asm macro for GOEXPERIMENT=regabi by Austin Clements · 8 weeks ago
  34. 2b8b06e cmd/internal/objabi: add regabi GOEXPERIMENT by Austin Clements · 8 weeks ago
  35. 6c76ede image/gif: have BenchmarkEncodeRealisticRGBA convert to RGBA by Nigel Tao · 8 weeks ago
  36. a4171d8 cmd/compile: do not declare func nodes by Cuong Manh Le · 2 months ago
  37. ace37d3 cmd/compile: do not push functions literal node to Func.Dcl by Cuong Manh Le · 8 weeks ago
  38. 0e48c67 cmd/go: add -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions to cgo flags whitelist by Dan Kortschak · 8 weeks ago
  39. ef20f76b net/http: reject negative suffix-length Range:bytes=--N with 416 status code by Emmanuel T Odeke · 8 weeks ago
  40. be9ed03 cmd/compile/internal/gc: remove unparen by Cuong Manh Le · 8 weeks ago
  41. 51c0bdc testing: flush test summaries to stdout atomically when streaming output by Bryan C. Mills · 2 months ago
  42. e6583dc runtime: add file copyright header declaration by Heisenberg · 3 months ago
  43. 7432bee net/http/fcgi: fix race in child.serve connection read by Tzu-Chiao Yeh · 8 weeks ago
  44. b246c0e runtime: fix panic if newstack at runtime.acquireLockRank by chainhelen · 2 months ago
  45. 786120b cmd/cgo: document #include <> search path behaviour by KJ Tsanaktsidis · 9 weeks ago
  46. 717266b net/smtp: adds support for the SMTPUTF8 extension by Daniel Cormier · 8 weeks ago
  47. b036922 cmd/go: simplify and document lazy-loading test cases by Bryan C. Mills · 9 weeks ago
  48. 6fc329b net/http/cgi: don't pass nil Body to the child handler by Marco · 5 months ago
  49. 971203c cmd/go: remove TestScript/get_unicode and an internal get test case by Michael Matloob · 8 weeks ago
  50. afa150c testing: fail Example tests that invoke runtime.Goexit by Changkun Ou · 9 weeks ago
  51. ac55d58 cmd/go/internal/get: add GOINSECURE support by witchard · 9 weeks ago
  52. 829ca10 cmd/go/internal/get: disallow non-ASCII unicode letters from import paths by Michael Matloob · 9 weeks ago
  53. ab88d97 cmd: update vendored golang.org/x/mod by Michael Matloob · 9 weeks ago
  54. d7a6a44 doc/asm: add BP is callee-save paragraph by Egon Elbre · 10 weeks ago
  55. 4d89b32 runtime: remove remnants of signal stack workaround by Heisenberg · 9 weeks ago
  56. 5f5a556 net/http: refactor ResponseWriter.ReadFrom to permit splice on Linux by Paul Forgey · 9 weeks ago
  57. e01a226 debug/elf: support relocations relative to sections with non-zero addresses by Victor Michel · 9 weeks ago
  58. f0c7e3e cmd/compile: adjust some AMD64 rewrite rules to use typed aux fields by David Finkel · 6 months ago
  59. 9e70564 cmd/compile,cmd/asm: simplify recording of branch targets, take 2 by Keith Randall · 9 weeks ago
  60. ba0fab3 debug/elf: run relocation tests in parallel by Ian Lance Taylor · 9 weeks ago
  61. 4fc3896 database/sql: shortestIdleTimeLocked correct min comparison by Shinnosuke Sawada · 2 months ago
  62. 27a3018 cmd/compile,runtime: skip zero'ing order array for select statements by Cuong Manh Le · 9 weeks ago
  63. 49bae98 test: add test that gccgo failed to compile by Ian Lance Taylor · 9 weeks ago
  64. c8ea038 text/template: add CommentNode to template parse tree by Ariel Mashraki · 6 months ago
  65. a58a8d2 test: document specifying individual test files as operands by zdjones · 4 months ago
  66. 54e18f1 testing: run a Cleanup registered by a Cleanup by Ian Lance Taylor · 9 weeks ago
  67. 45e12e9 go/types: add tests for conversion of non-constant untyped values by Rob Findley · 9 weeks ago
  68. 42e09dc go/types: factor out usage of implicit type by Rob Findley · 4 months ago
  69. ae7b6a3 math/big: tune addVW/subVW performance on arm64 by Xiangdong Ji · 8 months ago
  70. 55cf84b cmd/compile: Install testcases for flag constant Ops by Xiangdong Ji · 4 months ago
  71. 5d0b35c cmd/asm: Always use go-style arrangement specifiers on ARM64 by Xiangdong Ji · 5 months ago
  72. bd6dfe9 math/big: add a comment for SetMantExp by surechen · 6 months ago
  73. 3b6c812 doc: add linux/riscv64 valid combination by Santiago De la Cruz · 9 weeks ago
  74. 18ea6f5 testing: restore os.Exit(0) after every call to (*M).Run by Bryan C. Mills · 9 weeks ago
  75. 26ad27b Revert "cmd/compile,cmd/asm: simplify recording of branch targets" by Keith Randall · 9 weeks ago
  76. 42fd130 cmd/compile: clean up equality generation by Keith Randall · 5 months ago
  77. 4f76fe8 cmd/go, testing, os: fail test that calls os.Exit(0) by Ian Lance Taylor · 9 weeks ago
  78. cdc6355 cmd/compile: invalidate zero-use values during rewrite by Keith Randall · 4 months ago
  79. 8247da3 cmd/compile,cmd/asm: simplify recording of branch targets by Keith Randall · 4 months ago
  80. 5c2c6d3 runtime: framepointers are no longer an experiment - hard code them by Keith Randall · 2 months ago
  81. 2963443 cmd/cgo: ensure GCC does not use ANSI escape sequences in errors by Benjamin Barenblat · 9 weeks ago
  82. 7615b20 cmd/compile: generate subfic on ppc64 by Paul E. Murphy · 2 months ago
  83. 2013f70 runtime: add lock partial order edge (fin -> wbufSpans) by Michael Pratt · 9 weeks ago
  84. a98fe26 cmd/go/internal/modload: address issues missed in CL 244774 by Bryan C. Mills · 10 weeks ago
  85. 234e37b go/types: remove need to enumerate fixedbugs test files by Rob Findley · 3 months ago
  86. ac2a1f8 go/types: clean up test support code and remove global variables by Rob Findley · 3 months ago
  87. c00b708 cmd/go/internal/modfetch: do not use mangled version strings to construct module.VersionErrors by Bryan C. Mills · 9 weeks ago
  88. 3b20d48 go/types: fix missing Importer for TestBenchmark by Rob Findley · 2 months ago
  89. 17ae587 cmd/compile: use addressing modes pass on s390x by Michael Munday · 6 months ago
  90. 73a5c37 go/types: add untyped test cases for AssignableTo API by Rob Findley · 10 weeks ago
  91. 346efc2 go/types: better error when converting untyped values in assignments by Rob Findley · 4 months ago
  92. 3e636ab net/mail: return error on empty address list by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 months ago
  93. 2aba467 cmd/compile: remove unused carry related ssa ops in ppc64 by Paul E. Murphy · 2 months ago
  94. 47b4509 doc/go1.14: document json.Umarshal map key support of TextUnmarshaler by ShihCheng Tu · 5 months ago
  95. e9ad52e net: export ErrClosed by Ian Lance Taylor · 10 weeks ago
  96. 694fc8e cmd/go/internal/modload: reject some bad module paths by Michael Matloob · 11 months ago
  97. 008048c doc: add module retraction to release notes by Jay Conrod · 7 months ago
  98. 32c09ae cmd/go: improve 'go get' handling of retracted versions by Jay Conrod · 7 months ago
  99. eb3e27a cmd/go: add -retracted flag to 'go list' by Jay Conrod · 7 months ago
  100. 0bbd386 cmd/go: add -retract and -dropretract flags to 'go mod edit' by Jay Conrod · 7 months ago