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 hg update weekly.<i>YYYY-MM-DD</i>
+<h2 id="2012-02-07">2012-02-07</h2>
+This weekly snapshot includes a re-organization of the Go tools.
+Only the go, godoc, and gofmt tools are installed to $GOROOT/bin (or $GOBIN).
+The remainder are installed to $GOROOT/bin/tool.
+This puts the lesser-used tools (6g, cgo, govet, etc.) outside the user PATH.
+Instead these tools may be called through the go tool with 'go tool command'.
+For example, to vet hello.go you would type 'go tool vet hello.go'.
+Type 'go tool' see the list of available tools.
+With the move, some tools were given simpler names:
+	6cov    -&gt; cov
+	6nm     -&gt; nm
+	goapi   -&gt; api
+	gofix   -&gt; fix
+	gopack  -&gt; pack
+	gopprof -&gt; pprof
+	govet   -&gt; vet
+	goyacc  -&gt; yacc
+The os/signal package has been moved to exp/signal.
+A new tool named 'dist' has been introduced to handle building the gc tool
+chain and to bootstrap the go tool. The old build scripts and make files
+have been removed.
+Other changes:
+* 5a, 6a, 8a, cc: check in y.tab.[ch].
+* 5l, 6l, 8l, ld: remove memory leaks (thanks Shenghou Ma).
+* 5l, 6l, 8l: implement -X flag.
+* 5l: make -v option output less nonessential clutter (thanks Shenghou Ma),
+	optimize the common case in patch() (thanks Shenghou Ma).
+* 8a, 8l: implement support for RDTSC instruction (thanks Shenghou Ma).
+* 8g: use uintptr for local pc.
+* archive/zip: support full range of FileMode flags (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
+* bufio: remove special error type, update docs.
+* build: move the "-c" flag into HOST_CFLAGS (thanks Anthony Martin),
+	remove unnecessary pragmas (thanks Anthony Martin).
+* builder: drop recover blocks.
+* bytes: API tweaks.
+* cgo: accept null pointers in gccgo flavour of C.GoString (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
+	print line numbers in fatal errors when relevant (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
+* cmd/dist: add GOBIN to env's output (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
+	fix bug in bsubst (thanks Alex Brainman),
+	fix build on openbsd (thanks Mikio Hara),
+	generate files for package runtime,
+	ignore file names beginning with . or _,
+	prevent race on VERSION creation (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
+* cmd/gc: another special (%hhS) case for method names,
+	describe debugging flags (thanks Anthony Martin),
+	diagnose \ in import path,
+	disallow switch _ := v.(type),
+	don't print implicit type on struct literal in export,
+	fix codegen reordering for expressions involving && and ||,
+	use octal escapes in mkopnames (thanks Anthony Martin).
+	use original constant expression in error messages (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
+* cmd/go: add support for release tags via git branches (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
+	build: print import errors when invoked on files (thanks Kyle Lemons),
+	clean test directories as they complete,
+	fix error message on non-existing tools (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
+	fix handling of gccgo standard library (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
+	fixed panic on `go clean -n` and `go clean -x` (thanks Sanjay Menakuru),
+	introduce support for "go build" with gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
+	make vcs command actually gather output (thanks Roger Peppe),
+	pass env CGO_CFLAGS to cgo (thanks Jeff Hodges),
+	record location of failed imports for error reporting (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
+* cmd/goapi: expand embedded interfaces.
+* cmd/goinstall: remove now that 'go get' works (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
+* cmd/ld: fix gdbscript (thanks Wei Guangjing).
+* cmd/pack: change gopack to pack in error messages.
+* codereview: miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
+* crypto/elliptic: p224Contract could produce a non-minimal representation.
+* crypto/tls: better error message when connecting to SSLv3 servers.
+* crypto/x509: use case-insensitive hostname matching.
+* dashboard: support for sub-repositories, update to go1beta.
+* database/sql: permit scanning into interface{}.
+* doc: update go1.html for recent changes.
+* encoding/base32: add DecodeString and EncodeToString helper methods,
+	ignore new line characters during decode.
+* encoding/base64: ignore new line characters during decode.
+* encoding/gob: document CommonType.
+* encoding/hex: canonicalize error type names.
+* encoding/json: call (*T).MarshalJSON for addressable T values.
+* encoding/xml: fix decoding of xml.Name with sub-elements (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
+	fix documentation for Decoder.Skip.
+* exp/norm: Added some benchmarks for form-specific performance measurements,
+	a few minor changes in prepration for a table format change.
+* expvar: revise API.
+* fix: add image/{bmp,tiff} to go1pkgrename.
+* flag: allow a FlagSet to not write to os.Stderr,
+	describe valid input for Duration flags.
+* fmt: add test of NaN map keys,
+	fix caching bug in Scan.
+* go/build: put a space between 'generated by make' and package statement,
+	update syslist.go package comment.
+* go/doc: fix URL linking in ToHTML (thanks Gary Burd),
+	added error, rune to list of predeclared types,
+	don't lose factory functions of non-exported types,
+	don't show methods of exported anonymous fields,
+	enable AllMethods flag (and fix logic).
+* go/printer: don't print incorrect programs.
+* go/scanner: idiomatic receiver names.
+* go/spec: update language on map types.
+* go/token: remove dependency on encoding/gob.
+* gob: fuzz testing, plus a fix for very large type names.
+* gobuilder: use go tool to build and test sub-repositories.
+* godoc: add URL mode m=methods,
+	diagnostic for empty FS tree,
+	fix identifier search,
+	fix redirect loop for URL "/",
+	provide link to subdirectories, if any,
+	sort list of "other packages",
+	update metadata in appinit.go.
+* gophertool: fix link to the build status dashboard (thanks Jongmin Kim).
+* hgignore: add VERSION.cache (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
+	delete dregs, ignore tmpltohtml.
+* html: add package doc.
+* image: add package docs, rename s/UnknownFormatError/ErrFormat/ and,
+	delete the image.Repeated type,
+	remove image/bmp and image/tiff from std.
+* io/ioutil: document EOF behavior in ReadFile and ReadAll.
+* io: API tweaks.
+* libmach: add stubs for Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin).
+* make.bash: don't remove hgpatch.
+* math/big: add raw access to Int bits,
+	API and documentation cleanup.
+* misc/goplay: use go tool "run" (thanks Olivier Duperray).
+* misc/osx: don't set GOROOT or modify profile files,
+	update for dist tool, drop image.bash, update readme.
+* net, syscall: add IPv4 multicast helpers for windows (thanks Mikio Hara).
+* net/http/httputil: fix race in DumpRequestOut,
+	preserve query params in reverse proxy.
+* net/http: don't set Content-Type header for HEAD requests by default (thanks Patrick Mylund Nielsen),
+	fix nil pointer dereference in error case (thanks Volker Dobler),
+	close client fd sooner on response read error,
+	set cookies in client jar on POST requests (thanks Volker Dobler).
+* net/rpc: fix data race on Call.Error.
+* net: ListenMulticastUDP to listen concurrently across multiple listeners (thanks Mikio Hara),
+	disable normal multicast testing on linux/arm (thanks Mikio Hara),
+	fix Plan 9 build (thanks Anthony Martin),
+	fix windows build (thanks Alex Brainman),
+	move DNSConfigError to a portable file,
+	remove types InvalidConnError and UnknownSocketError,
+	replace error variable name e, errno with err (thanks Mikio Hara),
+	run TestDialTimeout on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
+	update comments to remove redundant "net" prefix (thanks Mikio Hara).
+* os/exec: TestExtraFiles - close any leaked file descriptors,
+	make sure file is not closed early in leaked fd test.
+* os/signal: move to exp/signal.
+* os/user: windows implementation (thanks Alex Brainman).
+* os: Process.handle use syscall.Handle (thanks Wei Guangjing),
+	file windows use syscall.InvalidHandle instead of -1 (thanks Wei Guangjing),
+	remove SIGXXX signals variables,
+	turn FileStat.Sys into a method on FileInfo (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
+* path/filepath: repair and simplify the symlink test.
+* reflect: add comment about Type.Field allocation,
+	test that PtrTo returns types that match program types.
+* runtime: add runtime.cputicks() and seed fastrand with it (thanks Damian Gryski),
+	delete UpdateMemStats, replace with ReadMemStats(&stats) (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
+	fix float64 hash,
+	use GOTRACEBACK to decide whether to show runtime frames,
+	use per-map hash seeds (thanks Damian Gryski).
+* spec: add number to the fibonacci sequence.
+* std: add struct field tags to untagged literals.
+* strings: add Fields example.
+* syscall: add Timeval.Nano, Timespec.Nano, for conversion to Duration,
+	cache environment variables on Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin),
+	fix // +build comments in types_*.go,
+	fix build directive in types_linux.go,
+	update bootstrap scripts to sync with new go command (thanks Mikio Hara).
+* test: add import test that caused an incorrect gccgo error,
+	add test for receiver named _,
+	add test of NaN in map,
+	add test which crashed gccgo compiler,
+	don't use package main for files without a main function,
+	fix bug headers,
+	float to integer test case,
+	make map nan timing test more robust,
+	match gccgo error messages,
+	test append with two different named types with same element type,
+	test method expressions with parameters, and with import,
+	test slice beyond len,
+	test that x := &lt;-c accepts a general expression.
+* testing: capture panics, present them, and mark the test as a failure.
+* unicode: document large var blocks and the SpecialCase vars.
+* vet: add a check for untagged struct literals.
 <h2 id="2012-01-27">2012-01-27</h2>