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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package os
import "syscall"
// An operating-system independent representation of Unix data structures.
// OS-specific routines in this directory convert the OS-local versions to these.
// Getpagesize returns the underlying system's memory page size.
func Getpagesize() int { return syscall.Getpagesize() }
// A FileInfo describes a file and is returned by Stat, Fstat, and Lstat
type FileInfo struct {
Dev uint64 // device number of file system holding file.
Ino uint64 // inode number.
Nlink uint64 // number of hard links.
Mode uint32 // permission and mode bits.
Uid int // user id of owner.
Gid int // group id of owner.
Rdev uint64 // device type for special file.
Size int64 // length in bytes.
Blksize int64 // size of blocks, in bytes.
Blocks int64 // number of blocks allocated for file.
Atime_ns int64 // access time; nanoseconds since epoch.
Mtime_ns int64 // modified time; nanoseconds since epoch.
Ctime_ns int64 // status change time; nanoseconds since epoch.
Name string // name of file as presented to Open.
FollowedSymlink bool // followed a symlink to get this information
// IsFifo reports whether the FileInfo describes a FIFO file.
func (f *FileInfo) IsFifo() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFIFO }
// IsChar reports whether the FileInfo describes a character special file.
func (f *FileInfo) IsChar() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFCHR }
// IsDirectory reports whether the FileInfo describes a directory.
func (f *FileInfo) IsDirectory() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFDIR }
// IsBlock reports whether the FileInfo describes a block special file.
func (f *FileInfo) IsBlock() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFBLK }
// IsRegular reports whether the FileInfo describes a regular file.
func (f *FileInfo) IsRegular() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFREG }
// IsSymlink reports whether the FileInfo describes a symbolic link.
func (f *FileInfo) IsSymlink() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFLNK }
// IsSocket reports whether the FileInfo describes a socket.
func (f *FileInfo) IsSocket() bool { return (f.Mode & syscall.S_IFMT) == syscall.S_IFSOCK }
// Permission returns the file permission bits.
func (f *FileInfo) Permission() uint32 { return f.Mode & 0777 }