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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
typedef struct MachoHdr MachoHdr;
struct MachoHdr {
uint32 cpu;
uint32 subcpu;
typedef struct MachoSect MachoSect;
struct MachoSect {
char* name;
uint64 addr;
uint64 size;
uint32 off;
uint32 align;
uint32 reloc;
uint32 nreloc;
uint32 flag;
typedef struct MachoSeg MachoSeg;
struct MachoSeg {
char* name;
uint64 vsize;
uint64 vaddr;
uint64 fileoffset;
uint64 filesize;
uint32 prot1;
uint32 prot2;
uint32 nsect;
uint32 msect;
MachoSect *sect;
uint32 flag;
typedef struct MachoLoad MachoLoad;
struct MachoLoad {
uint32 type;
uint32 ndata;
uint32 *data;
typedef struct MachoDebug MachoDebug;
struct MachoDebug {
uint32 fileoffset;
uint32 filesize;
MachoHdr* getMachoHdr();
MachoSeg* newMachoSeg(char*, int);
MachoSect* newMachoSect(MachoSeg*, char*);
MachoLoad* newMachoLoad(uint32, uint32);
MachoDebug* newMachoDebug(void);
int machowrite(void);
void machoinit(void);
* Total amount of space to reserve at the start of the file
* for Header, PHeaders, and SHeaders.
* May waste some.
#define MACHORESERVE 3*1024
enum {
MACHO_CPU_AMD64 = (1<<24)|7,
MACHO_CPU_386 = 7,
void domacho(void);
vlong domacholink(void);
void asmbmacho(vlong, vlong);