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 hg update release.r<i>NN</i>
+<h2 id="r60">r60 (released 2011/09/07)</h2>
+The r60 release corresponds to 
+<code><a href="weekly.html#2011-08-17">weekly.2011-08-17</a></code>.
+This section highlights the most significant changes in this release.
+For a more detailed summary, see the
+<a href="weekly.html#2011-08-17">weekly release notes</a>.
+For complete information, see the
+<a href="http://code.google.com/p/go/source/list?r=release-branch.r60">Mercurial change list</a>.
+<h3 id="r60.lang">Language</h3>
+An "else" block is now required to have braces except if the body of the "else"
+is another "if". Since gofmt always puts those braces in anyway,
+gofmt-formatted programs will not be affected.
+To fix other programs, run gofmt.
+<h3 id="r60.pkg">Packages</h3>
+<a href="/pkg/http/">Package http</a>'s URL parsing and query escaping code
+(such as <code>ParseURL</code> and <code>URLEscape</code>) has been moved to
+the new <a href="/pkg/url/">url package</a>, with several simplifications to
+the names. Client code can be updated automatically with gofix.
+<a href="/pkg/image/">Package image</a> has had significant changes made to the
+<code>Pix</code> field of struct types such as
+<a href="/pkg/image/#RGBA">image.RGBA</a> and
+<a href="/pkg/image/#NRGBA">image.NRGBA</a>.
+The <a href="/pkg/image/#Image">image.Image</a> interface type has not changed,
+though, and you should not need to change your code if you don't explicitly
+refer to <code>Pix</code> fields. For example, if you decode a number of images
+using the <a href="/pkg/image/jpeg/">image/jpeg</a> package, compose them using
+<a href="/pkg/image/draw/">image/draw</a>, and then encode the result using
+<a href="/pkg/img/png">image/png</a>, then your code should still work as
+If your code <i>does</i> refer to <code>Pix</code> fields see the 
+<a href="/doc/devel/weekly.html#2011-07-19">weekly.2011-07-19</a>
+snapshot notes for how to update your code.
+<a href="/pkg/template/">Package template</a> has been replaced with a new
+templating package (formerly <code>exp/template</code>). The original template
+package is still available as <a href="/pkg/old/template/">old/template</a>.
+The <code>old/template</code> package is deprecated and will be removed.
+The Go tree has been updated to use the new template package. We encourage
+users of the old template package to switch to the new one. Code that uses
+<code>template</code> or <code>exp/template</code> will need to change its
+import lines to <code>"old/template"</code> or <code>"template"</code>,
+<h3 id="r60.cmd">Tools</h3>
+<a href="/cmd/goinstall/">Goinstall</a> now uses a new tag selection scheme.
+When downloading or updating, goinstall looks for a tag or branch with the
+<code>"go."</code> prefix that corresponds to the local Go version. For Go
+<code>release.r58</code> it looks for <code>go.r58</code>. For
+<code>weekly.2011-06-03</code> it looks for <code>go.weekly.2011-06-03</code>.
+If the specific <code>go.X</code> tag or branch is not found, it chooses the
+closest earlier version. If an appropriate tag or branch is found, goinstall
+uses that version of the code. Otherwise it uses the default version selected
+by the version control system. Library authors are encouraged to use the
+appropriate tag or branch names in their repositories to make their libraries
+more accessible.
 <h2 id="r59">r59 (released 2011/08/01)</h2>
@@ -323,7 +398,7 @@
 necessary for these changes to package APIs.
-<h3 id="r57.tool">Tools</h3>
+<h3 id="r57.cmd">Tools</h3>
 <p><a href="/cmd/gofix/">Gofix</a>, a new command, is described above.</p>
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 hg update weekly.<i>YYYY-MM-DD</i>
-<h2 id="2011-08-17">2011-08-17</h2>
+<h2 id="2011-09-07">2011-09-07</h2>
+This weekly snapshot consists of improvements and bug fixes, including fixes
+for issues introduced by escape analysis changes in the gc compiler.
+* build: clear execute bit from Go files (thanks Mike Rosset),
+	error out if problem with sudo.bash /usr/local/bin (thanks Mike Rosset).
+* exp/norm: add Reader and Writer,
+	performance improvements of quickSpan.
+* exp/regexp: bug fixes and RE2 tests.
+* exp/template/html: string replacement refactoring,
+	tweaks to js{,_test}.go.
+* gc: add -p flag to catch import cycles earlier,
+	fix label recursion bugs,
+	fix zero-length struct eval,
+	zero stack-allocated slice backing arrays,
+* gc, ld: fix Windows file paths (thanks Hector Chu).
+* go/parser: accept corner cases of signature syntax.
+* gobuilder: ignore _test.go files when looking for docs, more logging.
+* godoc: minor tweaks for App Engine use.
+* gofix: do not convert url in field names (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
+* gofmt: indent multi-line signatures.
+* gopprof: regexp fixes (thanks Hector Chu).
+* image/png: check zlib checksum during Decode.
+* libmach: fix incorrect use of memset (thanks Dave Cheney).
+* misc/goplay: fix template output.
+* net: ParseCIDR returns IPNet instead of IPMask (thanks Mikio Hara),
+	sync CIDRMask code, doc.
+* os: use GetFileAttributesEx to implement Stat on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
+* runtime: fix openbsd 386 raisesigpipe,
+	implement exception handling on windows/amd64 (thanks Hector Chu),
+	test for concurrent channel consumers (thanks Christopher Wedgwood).
+* sort: use heapsort to bail out quicksort (thanks Ziad Hatahet).
+* sync/atomic: add LoadUintptr, add Store functions.
+* syscall: update routing message attributes handling (thanks Mikio Hara).
+* template: fix deadlock,
+	indirect or dereference function arguments if necessary,
+	slightly simplify the test for assignability of arguments.
+* url: handle ; in ParseQuery.
+* websocket: fix incorrect prints found by govet (thanks Robert Hencke).
+<h2 id="2011-09-01">2011-09-01</h2>
+This weekly contains performance improvements and bug fixes.
+The gc compiler now does escape analysis, which improves program performance
+by placing variables on the call stack instead of the heap when it is safe to
+do so.
+The container/vector package is deprecated and will be removed at some point
+in the future.
+Other changes:
+* archive/tar: support symlinks. (thanks Mike Rosset)
+* big: fix nat.scan bug. (thanks Evan Shaw)
+* bufio: handle a "\r\n" that straddles the buffer.
+	add openbsd.
+	avoid redundant bss declarations.
+	fix unused parameters.
+	fix windows/amd64 build with newest mingw-w64. (thanks Hector Chu)
+* bytes: clarify that NewBuffer is not for beginners.
+* cgo: explain how to free something.
+	fix GoBytes. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+	fixes callback for windows amd64. (thanks Wei Guangjing)
+	note that CString result must be freed. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+* cov: remove tautological #defines. (thanks Lucio De Re)
+* dashboard: yet another utf-8 fix.
+* doc/codelab/wiki: fix Makefile.
+* doc/progs: fix windows/amd64. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+* doc/tmpltohtml: update to new template package.
+* doc: emphasize that environment variables are optional.
+* effective_go: convert to use tmpltohtml.
+* exp/norm: reduced the size of the byte buffer used by reorderBuffer by half by reusing space when combining.
+	a few minor fixes to support the implementation of norm.
+	added implementation for []byte versions of methods.
+* exp/template/html: add some tests for ">" attributes.
+	added handling for URL attributes.
+	differentiate URL-valued attributes (such as href).
+	reworked escapeText to recognize attr boundaries.
+* exp/wingui: made compatible with windows/amd64. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+* flag: add Parsed, restore Usage.
+* gc: add openbsd.
+	escape analysis.
+	fix build on Plan 9. (thanks Lucio De Re)
+	fix div bug.
+	fix pc/line table. (thanks Julian Phillips)
+	fix some spurious leaks.
+	make static initialization more static.
+	remove JCXZ; add JCXZW, JCXZL, and JCXZQ instructions. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+	shuffle #includes.
+	simplify escape analysis recursion.
+	tweak and enable escape analysis.
+* go/ast cleanup: base File/PackageExports on FilterFile/FilterPackage code.
+	adjustments to filter function.
+	fix ast.MergePackageFiles to collect infos about imports. (thanks Sebastien Binet)
+	generalize ast.FilterFile.
+* go/build: add test support & use in gotest.
+	separate test imports out when scanning. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+* go/parser: fix type switch scoping.
+	fix type switch scoping.
+* gob: explain that Debug isn't useful unless it's compiled in.
+* gobuilder: increase log limit.
+* godashboard: fix utf-8 in user names.
+* godoc: first step towards reducing index size.
+	add dummy playground.js to silence godoc warning at start-up.
+	added systematic throttling to indexing goroutine.
+	fix bug in zip.go.
+	support for reading/writing (splitted) index files.
+	use virtual file system when generating package synopses.
+* gofix: forgot to rename the URL type.
+	osopen: fixed=true when changing O_CREAT. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
+* goinstall: error out with paths that end with '/'. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
+	report lack of $GOPATH on errors. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+	select the tag that is closest to runtime.Version.
+* gotry: add missing $. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
+* http: add MaxBytesReader to limit request body size.
+	add file protocol transport.
+	adjust test threshold for larger suse buffers.
+	delete error kludge.
+	on invalid request, send 400 response.
+	return 413 instead of 400 when the request body is too large. (thanks Dave Cheney)
+	support setting Transport's TLS client config.
+* image/tiff: add a decode benchmark. (thanks Benny Siegert)
+	decoder optimization. (thanks Benny Siegert)
+* image: add PalettedImage interface, and make image/png recognize it. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+* io: add TeeReader. (thanks Hector Chu)
+* json: add struct tag option to wrap literals in strings.
+	calculate Offset for Indent correctly. (thanks Jeff Hodges)
+	fix decode bug with struct tag names with ,opts being ignored.
+* ld: handle Plan 9 ar format. (thanks Lucio De Re)
+	remove duplicate bss definitions.
+* libmach: support reading symbols from Windows .exe for nm. (thanks Mateusz Czapliński)
+* math: fix Pow10 loop. (thanks Volker Dobler)
+* mime: ParseMediaType returns os.Error now, not a nil map.
+	media type formatter. (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe)
+	text charset defaults. (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe)
+* misc/dashboard: remove limit for json package list.
+* misc/emacs: refine label detection.
+* net: add ParseMAC function. (thanks Paul Borman)
+	change the internal form of IPMask for IPv4. (thanks Mikio Hara)
+	disable "tcp" test on openbsd.
+	fix windows build. (thanks Alex Brainman)
+	join and leave a IPv6 group address, on a specific interface. (thanks Mikio Hara)
+	make use of IPv4len, IPv6len. (thanks Mikio Hara)
+	move internal string manipulation routines to parse.go. (thanks Mikio Hara)
+* os: disable Hostname test on OpenBSD.
+	fix WNOHANG Waitmsg. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+* reflect: add Value.Bytes, Value.SetBytes methods.
+* rpc: add benchmark for async rpc calls.
+* runtime: add openbsd 386 defs.h.
+	add runtime support for openbsd 386.
+	add runtime· prefix to showframe.
+	ctrlhandler for windows amd64. (thanks Wei Guangjing)
+	fix stack cleanup on windows/amd64. (thanks Hector Chu)
+	fix void warnings.
+	go interface to cdecl calbacks. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+	handle string + char literals in goc2c.
+	make arm work on Ubuntu Natty qemu.
+	openbsd thread tweaks.
+	simplify stack traces.
+	speed up cgo calls. (thanks Alex Brainman)
+	use cgo runtime functions to call windows syscalls. (thanks Alex Brainman)
+	windows/amd64 callbacks fixed and syscall fixed to allow using it in callbacks. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+* strconv: put decimal on stack.
+* spec: update section on Implementation Differences.
+* syscall: SOMAXCONN should be 0x7fffffff at winsock2. (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
+	add openbsd 386.
+	handle RTM_NEWROUTE in ParseNetlinkRouteAttr on Linux. (thanks Albert Strasheim)
+	handle routing entry in ParseRoutingSockaddr on BSD variants. (thanks Mikio Hara)
+	openbsd amd64 syscall support.
+	use the vdso page on linux x86 for faster syscalls instead of int $0x80. (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover)
+* template/parse: give if, range, and with a common representation.
+* template: grammar fix for template documentation. (thanks Bill Neubauer)
+	range over channel.
+	remove else and end nodes from public view.
+* test: put GOROOT/bin before all others in run.
+* time: fix Plan 9 build. (thanks Fazlul Shahriar)
+	fix zone during windows test.
+* type switches: test for pathological case.
+* version.bash: update VERSION on -save if already present. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
+* websocket: implements new version of WebSocket protocol. (thanks Fumitoshi Ukai)
+* windows/386: clean stack after syscall. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
+* xml: marshal "parent>child" tags correctly. (thanks Ross Light)
+<h2 id="2011-08-17">2011-08-17 (<a href="release.html#r60">base for r60</a>)</h2>
 This weekly contains some package re-shuffling. Users of the http and