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This file lists things yet to be moved into go1.8.html or deemed too
minor to mention. Either way, delete from here when done.
go: -buildmode=c-archive now builds PIC on ELF (CL 24180)
go: mobile pkg dir change, recommend using go list in scripts (CL 24930, CL 27929)
go, dist: can set default pkg-config tool using PKG_CONFIG env var (CL 29991)
go: can set secure/insecure GIT schemes using GIT_ALLOW_PROTOCOL env var (CL 30135)
API additions and behavior changes:
cmd/compile, runtime, etc: get rid of constant FP registers (CL 28095)
cmd/compile, runtime: add go:yeswritebarrierrec pragma (CL 30938)
cmd/compile/internal/gc: enable new parser by default (CL 27203)
cmd/compile/internal/syntax: fast Go syntax trees, initial commit (CL 27195)
cmd/compile: add compiler phase timing (CL 24462)
cmd/compile: add inline explainer (CL 22782)
cmd/compile: enable flag-specified dump of specific phase+function (CL 23044)
cmd/internal/obj, cmd/link: darwin dynlink support (CL 29393)
cmd/internal/objfile: add ppc64/ppc64le disassembler support (CL 9682)
cmd/link, cmd/go: delay linking of mingwex and mingw32 until very end (CL 26670)
cmd/link: R_ADDR dynamic relocs for internal PIE (CL 29118)
cmd/link: add trampolines for too far calls in ppc64x (CL 30850)
cmd/link: allow internal PIE linking (CL 28543)
cmd/link: fix -X when import path needs escaping (CL 31970)
cmd/link: fix -buildmode=pie / -linkshared combination (CL 28996)
cmd/link: for -buildmode=exe pass -no-pie to external linker (CL 33106)
cmd/link: insert trampolines for too-far jumps on ARM (CL 29397)
cmd/link: non-executable stack support for Solaris (CL 24142)
cmd/link: put text at address 0x1000000 on darwin/amd64 (CL 32185)
cmd/link: remove the -shared flag (CL 28852)
cmd/link: split large elf text sections on ppc64x (CL 27790)
cmd/link: trampoline support for external linking on ARM (CL 31143)
cmd/objdump: implement objdump of .o files (CL 24818)
go/build: allow % in ${SRCDIR} expansion for Jenkins (CL 31611)
go/build: do not record go:binary-only-package if build tags not satisfied (CL 31577)
go/build: implement default GOPATH (CL 32019)
runtime/race: update race runtime (CL 32160)
runtime: assume 64kB physical pages on ARM (CL 25021)
runtime: disable stack rescanning by default (CL 31766)
runtime: don't call cgocallback from signal handler (CL 30218)
runtime: fix check for vacuous page boundary rounding (CL 27230)
runtime: fix map iterator concurrent map check (CL 24749)
runtime: fix newextram PC passed to race detector (CL 29712)
runtime: implement unconditional hybrid barrier (CL 31765)
runtime: include pre-panic/throw logs in core dumps (CL 32013)
runtime: limit the number of map overflow buckets (CL 25049)
runtime: pass windows float syscall args via XMM (CL 32173)
runtime: print sigcode on signal crash (CL 32183)
runtime: record current PC for SIGPROF on non-Go thread (CL 30252)
runtime: sleep on CLOCK_MONOTONIC in futexsleep1 on freebsd (CL 30154)