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// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import "testing"
var selectTagTestTags = []string{
// these should be ignored:
var selectTagTests = []struct {
version string
selected string
{"release.r57", ""},
{"release.r58.2", "go.r58.1"},
{"release.r59", "go.r59"},
{"release.r59.1", "go.r59.1"},
{"release.r60", "go.r59.1"},
{"release.r60.1", "go.r59.1"},
{"release.r61", "go.r61"},
{"release.r66", "go.r61.1"},
{"weekly.2010-01-01", ""},
{"weekly.2010-01-02", "go.weekly.2010-01-02"},
{"weekly.2010-01-02.1", "go.weekly.2010-01-02"},
{"weekly.2010-01-03", "go.weekly.2010-01-02"},
{"weekly.2011-10-12", "go.weekly.2011-10-12"},
{"weekly.2011-10-12.1", "go.weekly.2011-10-12.1"},
{"weekly.2011-10-13", "go.weekly.2011-10-12.1"},
{"weekly.2011-10-14", "go.weekly.2011-10-14"},
{"weekly.2011-10-14.1", "go.weekly.2011-10-14"},
{"weekly.2011-11-01", "go.weekly.2011-11-01"},
{"weekly.2014-01-01", "go.weekly.2011-11-01"},
{"weekly.3000-01-01", "go.weekly.2011-11-01"},
{"go1", "go1"},
{"go1.1", "go1.0.1"},
{"go1.998", "go1.9.2"},
{"go1.1000", "go1.999"},
{"go6", "go5"},
// faulty versions:
{"release.f00", ""},
{"weekly.1999-01-01", ""},
{"junk", ""},
{"", ""},
{"go2x", ""},
{"go200000000000", ""},
{"go2.", ""},
{"go2.0", ""},
{"anything", "go1"},
func TestSelectTag(t *testing.T) {
for _, c := range selectTagTests {
selected := selectTag(c.version, selectTagTestTags)
if selected != c.selected {
t.Errorf("selectTag(%q) = %q, want %q", c.version, selected, c.selected)