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// Copyright 2012 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
typedef int bool;
// The Time unit is unspecified; we just need to
// be able to compare whether t1 is older than t2 with t1 < t2.
typedef long long Time;
#define nil ((void*)0)
#define nelem(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof((x)[0]))
#ifndef PLAN9
#define USED(x) ((void)(x))
// A Buf is a byte buffer, like Go's []byte.
typedef struct Buf Buf;
struct Buf
char *p;
int len;
int cap;
// A Vec is a string vector, like Go's []string.
typedef struct Vec Vec;
struct Vec
char **p;
int len;
int cap;
// Modes for run.
enum {
CheckExit = 1,
// buf.c
bool bequal(Buf *s, Buf *t);
void bsubst(Buf *b, char *x, char *y);
void bfree(Buf *b);
void bgrow(Buf *b, int n);
void binit(Buf *b);
char* bpathf(Buf *b, char *fmt, ...);
char* bprintf(Buf *b, char *fmt, ...);
void bwritef(Buf *b, char *fmt, ...);
void breset(Buf *b);
char* bstr(Buf *b);
char* btake(Buf *b);
void bwrite(Buf *b, void *v, int n);
void bwriteb(Buf *dst, Buf *src);
void bwritestr(Buf *b, char *p);
void bswap(Buf *b, Buf *b1);
void vadd(Vec *v, char *p);
void vcopy(Vec *dst, char **src, int n);
void vfree(Vec *v);
void vgrow(Vec *v, int n);
void vinit(Vec *v);
void vreset(Vec *v);
void vuniq(Vec *v);
void splitlines(Vec*, char*);
void splitfields(Vec*, char*);
// build.c
extern char *goarch;
extern char *gobin;
extern char *gochar;
extern char *gohostarch;
extern char *gohostos;
extern char *goos;
extern char *goroot;
extern char *goroot_final;
extern char *goextlinkenabled;
extern char *goversion;
extern char *defaultcc;
extern char *defaultcxxtarget;
extern char *defaultcctarget;
extern char *workdir;
extern char *tooldir;
extern char *slash;
extern bool rebuildall;
extern bool defaultclang;
int find(char*, char**, int);
void init(void);
void cmdbanner(int, char**);
void cmdbootstrap(int, char**);
void cmdclean(int, char**);
void cmdenv(int, char**);
void cmdinstall(int, char**);
void cmdversion(int, char**);
// buildgc.c
void gcopnames(char*, char*);
void mkanames(char*, char*);
// buildruntime.c
void mkzasm(char*, char*);
void mkzsys(char*, char*);
void mkzgoarch(char*, char*);
void mkzgoos(char*, char*);
void mkzruntimedefs(char*, char*);
void mkzversion(char*, char*);
void mkzexperiment(char*, char*);
// buildgo.c
void mkzdefaultcc(char*, char*);
// goc2c.c
void goc2c(char*, char*);
// main.c
extern int vflag;
extern int sflag;
void usage(void);
void xmain(int argc, char **argv);
// portability layer (plan9.c, unix.c, windows.c)
bool contains(char *p, char *sep);
void errprintf(char*, ...);
void fatal(char *msg, ...);
bool hasprefix(char *p, char *prefix);
bool hassuffix(char *p, char *suffix);
bool isabs(char*);
bool isdir(char *p);
bool isfile(char *p);
char* lastelem(char*);
Time mtime(char*);
void readfile(Buf*, char*);
void run(Buf *b, char *dir, int mode, char *cmd, ...);
void runv(Buf *b, char *dir, int mode, Vec *argv);
void bgrunv(char *dir, int mode, Vec *argv);
void bgwait(void);
bool streq(char*, char*);
bool cansse2(void);
void writefile(Buf*, char*, int);
void xatexit(void (*f)(void));
void xexit(int);
void xfree(void*);
void xgetenv(Buf *b, char *name);
void xgetwd(Buf *b);
void* xmalloc(int n);
void* xmalloc(int);
int xmemcmp(void*, void*, int);
void xmemmove(void*, void*, int);
void xmkdir(char *p);
void xmkdirall(char*);
Time xmtime(char *p);
void xprintf(char*, ...);
void xqsort(void*, int, int, int(*)(const void*, const void*));
void xreaddir(Vec *dst, char *dir);
void* xrealloc(void*, int);
void xrealwd(Buf *b, char *path);
void xremove(char *p);
void xremoveall(char *p);
void xsetenv(char*, char*);
int xstrcmp(char*, char*);
char* xstrdup(char *p);
int xstrlen(char*);
char* xstrrchr(char*, int);
char* xstrstr(char*, char*);
char* xworkdir(void);
int xsamefile(char*, char*);
char* xgetgoarm(void);
int xtryexecfunc(void (*)(void));