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"Title": "Weekly Snapshot History"
<p>This page summarizes the changes between tagged weekly snapshots of Go.
Such snapshots are no longer created. This page remains as a historical reference only.</p>
<p>For recent information, see the <a href="//">change log</a> and <a href="//">development mailing list</a>.</p>
<h2 id="2012-03-27">2012-03-27 (<a href="release.html#go1">Go 1</a>)</h2>
* cmd/dist: fix detection of go1 version.
* cmd/go: add missing error check (thanks Evan Shaw),
allow underscores in tool name (thanks Shenghou Ma),
bug fixes,
copy tag_test.go from goinstall,
explain versions better,
respect $GOBIN always,
update for go1 tag format.
* cmd/godoc: canonicalize custom path redirects,
fix app engine version,
use virtual filesystem to implement -templates flag.
* codewalk/sharemem.xml: fix references to files.
* crypto/tls: don't select ECC ciphersuites with no mutual curve.
* doc: add JSON-RPC: a tale of interfaces article (thanks Francisco Souza),
describe the Windows MSI installer as experimental,
link to Go Project Dashboard from package list,
update wiki tutorial templates and template discussion,
and many minor fixes.
* exp/types: generalized GCImporter API.
* go/build: cgoEnabled is not known to cmd/dist anymore (thanks Shenghou Ma),
fix import check.
* godoc: make 'Overview' section collapsible.
* misc/dist: many fixes and tweaks.
* misc/emacs: fix indentation bug.
* misc/goplay: fix error on IE8 (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* net: ignore ECONNABORTED from syscall.Accept (thanks Devon H. O'Dell).
* os: add missing byte to FileMode buffer (thanks Stefan Nilsson).
* path/filepath: convert drive letter to upper case in windows EvalSymlinks (thanks Alex Brainman),
correct comment in EvalSymlinks (thanks Alex Brainman),
use windows GetShortPathName api to force GetLongPathName to do its work (thanks Alex Brainman),
windows drive letter cannot be a digit (thanks Alex Brainman).
* run.bash: compile the codewalks.
* runtime: restore deadlock detection in the simplest case (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
work around false negative in deadlock detection.
* text/template: fix typo in package comment.
* windows: installer fixes (thanks Joe Poirier).
<h2 id="2012-03-22">2012-03-22 (Go 1 Release Candidate 2)</h2>
As with last week's snapshot, this snapshot is another Go 1 release candidate.
A notable change in this snapshot are Windows installer fixes.
Changes in this snapshot:
* 5l, 6l, 8l: fix stack split logic for stacks near default segment size.
* archive/zip: move off disk, into reader_test.go.
* build: catch API changes during build,
do more during windows build (thanks Alex Brainman),
lengthen timeout for the lengthy runtime test (thanks Shenghou Ma),
unset GOPATH before tests (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/cgo: add support for function export for gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix handling of errno for gccgo.
* cmd/go: add -fno-common by default on Darwin (thanks Shenghou Ma),
don't add detail to errPrintedOutput,
fix directory->import path conversion,
make build errors more visible,
use .o, not .{5,6,8}, for gccgo created object files,
work around occasional ETXTBSY running cgo.
* cmd/godoc: add toys, tour button to playground,
inform users that the playground doesn't work via local godoc,
style example headings like links,
use *goroot as base path in zip file,
use FormatText for formating code in html template,
use shorter titles for tabs.
* cmd/gofmt: show ascii in usage (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* cmd/pack: also recognize '\\' as path separator in filenames (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* crypto/tls: always send a Certificate message if one was requested.
* doc/install: remove reference to "Go Tutorial" (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* doc/play: use []rune instead of []int (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* doc: add Go Concurrency Patterns: Timing out, moving on article (thanks Francisco Souza),
add Go image/draw package article and convert code snippets to Go1,
add Gobs of data article (thanks Francisco Souza),
add Godoc: documenting Go code article (thanks Francisco Souza),
add JSON and Go article (thanks Francisco Souza),
general update of gccgo installation instructions,
minor updates to most docs.
* flag: add examples.
* gc: fix struct and array comparisons for new bool rules (thanks Anthony Martin),
use quoted string format in import error,
when expanding append inline, preserve arguments.
* go/build: clarify why we exclude files starting with '_' or '.' (thanks Shenghou Ma),
clearer argument name for Import (src -> srcDir),
do not report Target for local imports,
fix match.
* go/printer, gofmt: fix multi-line logic.
* html/template: add Templates and XXXEscape functions,
fix nil pointer bug,
fix panic on Clone.
* io/ioutil: fix crash when Stat fails.
* make.bat: fix for old files (thanks Christopher Redden),
don't show error message if old generated files do not exist (thanks Shenghou Ma),
properly handle directories with spaces (thanks Alex Brainman).
* misc/cgo/gmp: update for Go 1 (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* misc/dashboard: remove old python package dashboard.
* misc/dist: don't ship cmd/cov or cmd/prof,
force modes to 0755 or 0644 in tarballs,
remove exp and old before building.
* misc/vim: restore fileencodings (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* net/http: couple more triv.go modernizations,
ensure triv.go compiles and runs (thanks Robert Hencke).
* net: drop unnecessary type assertions and fix leak in test (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: IsNotExist() should also consider ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND on Windows (thanks Shenghou Ma),
do not assume syscall.Write will write everything,
remove document duplication in error predicate functions (thanks Shenghou Ma),
return some invented data from Stat(DevNull) on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path/filepath: implement Match and Glob on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* reflect: document PkgPath, Method, StructField,
panic if MakeSlice is given bad len/cap arguments.
* run.bat: disable test in test\bench\go1 to fix build (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime/cgo: darwin signal masking (thanks Mikio Hara),
linux signal masking (thanks Mikio Hara).
* runtime: do not handle signals before configuring handler,
manage stack by ourselves for badcallback on windows/amd64 (thanks Shenghou Ma),
remove unused goc2c.c (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* sort: add time complexity to doc (thanks Stefan Nilsson),
fix computation of maxDepth to avoid infinite loop (thanks Stefan Nilsson).
* spec: delete references to unsafe.Reflect,Typeof,Unreflect.
* syscall: Test SCM_CREDENTIALS, SO_PASSCRED on Linux (thanks Albert Strasheim),
add a test for passing an fd over a unix socket,
delete passfd_test.go.
* test: use testlib in a few more cases (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* text/template: fix a couple of parse bugs around identifiers,
variables do not take arguments.
<h2 id="2012-03-13">2012-03-13 (Go 1 Release Candidate 1)</h2>
This weekly snapshot is very close to what we expect will be the contents of
the Go 1 release. There are still a few minor documentation issues to resolve,
and a handful of bugs that should be addressed before the release, but the vast
majority of Go programs should be completely unaffected by any changes we make
between now and the full release.
If you're interested in helping us test, eager to try out Go 1, or just
curious, this weekly snapshot is the one to try. We'll issue a new App Engine
Go 1 beta SDK very soon, so if you're an App Engine user you can try it there
To help us focus on any remaining bugs and avoid introducing new ones, we will
restrict our attention to critical fixes and issues marked Go1-Must in the
issue tracker. Everything non-essential will be held until after the Go 1
release is cut and in the field for a while.
Changes in this snapshot:
* archive/zip: verify CRC32s in non-streamed files,
write data descriptor signature for OS X; fix bugs reading it.
* build: build correct cmd/dist matching GOHOSTARCH (thanks Shenghou Ma),
re-enable some broken tests in run.bash (thanks Shenghou Ma),
remove some references to etc.
use run.go for running tests.
* builder: use short test for subrepos (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cgo, runtime: diagnose callback on non-Go thread.
* cmd/api: set compiler for all build contexts,
work on Windows again, and make gccgo files work a bit more.
* cmd/cgo: document CGO_LDFLAGS and CGO_CFLAGS,
silence const warnings.
* cmd/dist, cmd/go: move CGO_ENABLED from 'go tool dist env' to 'go env' (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/dist: fix build for Linux/ARM (thanks Shenghou Ma),
use correct hg tag for go version (thanks Alex Brainman).
* cmd/fix: add rules for net/http -> net/http/httputil renames.
* cmd/gc: allow ~ in import paths,
delete old map delete in walk,
do not confuse unexported methods of same name,
if $GOROOT_FINAL is set, rewrite file names in object files,
implement len(array) / cap(array) rule,
import path cannot start with slash on Windows (thanks Shenghou Ma),
must not inline panic, recover,
show duplicate key in error,
unnamed struct types can have methods.
* cmd/go: add -compiler,
add env command, use to fix misc/cgo/testso,
allow go get with arbitrary URLs,
allow ssh tunnelled bzr, git and svn (thanks Ingo Oeser),
always provide .exe suffix on windows (thanks Shenghou Ma),
document import path meta tag discovery in go help remote,
honor buildflags in run, test (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
local import fixes,
make go get new.code/... work,
rebuild external test package dependencies,
respect $GOBIN always,
support -compiler for go list, fix isStale for gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/godoc: add support for serving templates.
fix codewalk handler (thanks Francisco Souza).
remove extra / in paths (thanks Ugorji Nwoke),
support $GOPATH, simplify file system code,
switch on +1 buttons.
* cmd/gofmt: fix race in long test (thanks Mikio Hara).
* codereview: fix for Mercurial 2.1.
* crypto/x509: allow server gated crypto in windows systemVerify (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
do not forget to free cert context (thanks Alex Brainman),
don't include empty additional primes in PKCS#1 private key,
enforce path length constraint,
new home for root fetchers; build chains using Windows API (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* csv: clarify what a negative FieldsPerRecord means.
* database/sql: add docs about connection state, pooling,
ensure Stmts are correctly closed (thanks Gwenael Treguier),
fix double connection free on Stmt.Query error,
fix typo bug resulting in double-Prepare.
* database/sql: add ErrBadConn.
* doc/go1: template packages have changed since r60.
* doc/go_mem: init-created goroutine behavior changes for Go 1 (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* doc/gopher: flip frontpage gopher's eyes.
* doc: add "About the go command" article,
add C? Go? Cgo! article (thanks Francisco Souza),
add Go's declaration syntax article (thanks Francisco Souza),
add more gophers,
add note about import . to Go 1 compatibility notes,
several doc fixes and improvements,
update Effective Go init section,
update progs/run (thanks Shenghou Ma),
update reference gopher,
web site tweaks.
* encoding/asn1: handle UTCTime before the year 2000.
* encoding/binary: improve package comment (thanks Stefan Nilsson).
* encoding/gob: fix memory corruption.
* encoding/json: document that nil slice encodes as `null`.
* exp/wingui: moved to
* expvar: add locking to String, and use RWMutex properly throughout,
add missing locking in String methods.
* fmt, log: stop using unicode.
* fmt: minor tweak of package doc to show headings in godoc (thanks Volker Dobler).
* go/build, cmd/go: add support for .syso files.
* go/build: add NoGoError,
add dependency test,
do not parse .syso files (thanks Alex Brainman).
* go/parser: avoid endless loop in case of internal error,
better error synchronization.
* go/printer, gofmt: nicer formatting of multi-line returns.
* go/printer: example for Fprint.
* go/scanner: better panic diagnostic.
* go spec: no known implementation differences anymore,
fix inaccuracy in type identity definition.
* io: better document WriterAt.
* misc/dashboard: remove obsolete package builder code.
* misc/dist: add source archive support,
add windows installer and zip support,
minimum target requirement is 10.6 for Darwin (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* misc/emacs: fix extra indentation after comments that end with a period.
* misc/xcode: example install of language spec for Xcode 4.x (thanks Emil Hessman).
* net, net/rpc, reflect, time: document concurrency guarantees.
* net/http: fix crash with Transport.CloseIdleConnections,
return appropriate errors from ReadRequest.
* net: add skip message to test (thanks Mikio Hara),
disable use of external listen along with other external network uses,
do not use reflect for DNS messages (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
document ReadMsgUnix, WriteMsgUnix,
fix TestDialTimeout on windows builder,
improve server and file tests (thanks Mikio Hara),
make Dial and Listen behavior consistent across over platforms (thanks Mikio Hara),
remove dependence on bytes, fmt, strconv,
silence another epoll print,
use IANA reserved port to test dial timeout (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: document FileInfo.Size as system-dependent for irregular files,
fix SameFile to work for directories on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path/filepath/path_test.go: repair and enable TestAbs.
* path/filepath: disable AbsTest on windows,
retrieve real file name in windows EvalSymlinks (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime/pprof: disable test on Leopard 64-bit.
* runtime: add Compiler,
fix windows/amd64 exception handler (thanks Alex Brainman),
inline calls to notok,
move runtime.write back to C,
print error on receipt of signal on non-Go thread,
remove unused runtime·signame and runtime·newError,
try extending arena size in 32-bit allocator (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
wait for main goroutine before setting GOMAXPROCS (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* strconv: add table-based isPrint, remove dependence on bytes, unicode, and strings.
* sync/atomic: disable store and load test on a single processor machine (thanks Mikio Hara).
* syscall: fix,, and regen for Linux/ARM (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* test/run: use all available cores on ARM system (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* test: actually run them on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
add inherited interface test to ddd.go,
enable method expression tests in ddd.go,
invoke go command in run.go,
match gccgo error messages for bug388.go,
skip . files in directory.
* testing: do not print 'no tests' when there are examples.
* time: during short test, do not bother tickers take longer than expected (thanks Shenghou Ma),
mention receiver in Unix, UnixNano docs.
* unicode/utf16: remove dependence on package unicode.
* unicode/utf8: remove dependence on unicode.
* windows: make background of gopher icon transparent (thanks Volker Dobler).
<h2 id="2012-03-04">2012-03-04</h2>
This snapshot includes a major re-design of the go/build package.
Its FindTree, ScanDir, Tree, and DirInfo types have been replaced with the
Import and Package types. There is no gofix. Code that uses go/build will need
to be updated manually to use the package's new interface.
Other changes:
* 6a/6l: add IMUL3Q and SHLDL.
* all: remove unused unexported functions and constants (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* build: add GO_ prefix to LDFLAGS and GCFLAGS (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cmd/cc: fix an out of bounds array access (thanks Anthony Martin),
grow some global arrays.
* cmd/dist: force line-buffering stdout/stderr on Unix (thanks Shenghou Ma),
recognize CC="ccache clang" as clang.
* cmd/go: avoid repeated include dirs (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix -I flag for gc command (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix verbose command displaying (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fixes for gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
many fixes,
test -i should not disable -c (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/vet: don't give error for Printf("%+5.2e", x) (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/yacc/units.y: update comment, give better error messages when $GOROOT not set (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* crypto/tls: force OS X target version to 10.6 for API compatibility (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* crypto/x509: fix typo in Verify documentation (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* dist: treat CC as one unit (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* doc/go1: add justification discussions to major changes,
minor corrections and updates.
* doc: describe API changes to go/build,
elaborate available checks for cmd/vet (thanks Shenghou Ma),
expand code.html to discuss the go tool in more depth,
instruct FreeBSD/Linux users to rm the old version first,
remove Go for C++ Programmers,
remove roadmap document,
remove tutorial,
update codelab/wiki to Go 1 (thanks Shenghou Ma),
* encoding/gob: fix "// +build" comment for debug.go (thanks Shenghou Ma),
more hardening for lengths of input strings.
* encoding/json: drop MarshalForHTML; gofix calls to Marshal,
escape output from Marshalers.
* encoding/xml: fix anonymous field Unmarshal example (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix xml test tag usage (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* gc: disallow absolute import paths,
fix escape analysis + inlining + closure bug,
fix string comparisons for new bool rules (thanks Anthony Martin),
reject import paths containing special characters (thanks Anthony Martin).
* go/ast: examples for ast.Print, ast.Inspect.
* go/doc, godoc: fix range of type declarations.
* go/parser: check import path restrictions,
expand test cases for bad import.
* go/printer, gofmt: improved comment placement.
* go/printer: fix printing of variadic function calls (thanks Anthony Martin),
fix test for new import path restrictions (thanks Anthony Martin),
replace multiline logic,
simpler exprList code, more tests.
* godoc: add Examples link to top-level index,
bring back highlighting, selections, and alerts,
consistent placement of documentation sections,
don't show directories w/o packages in flat dir mode,
don't show testdata directories,
fix codewalks.
* gotype: provide -comments flag.
* html/template: make doctype check case-insensitive (thanks Scott Lawrence),
use correct method signature in introduction example (thanks Mike Rosset).
* io: document that I/O is not necessarily safe for parallel access.
* ld: allow more -L options (thanks Shenghou Ma),
fix alignment of rodata section.
* misc: add zsh completion for go tool (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* misc/bash: Completion for go tool (thanks Yissakhar Z. Beck).
* misc/dashboard: fix bug in UI template,
record install counts for external packages.
* misc/dist: implement binary distribution scripts in go.
* misc/gobuilder: send commit time in RFC3339 format.
* misc/xcode: move Xcode3 specific files into sub directory.
* net/http/cgi: add an empty response test,
fix empty response.
* net/http/httptest: make Server.Close wait for outstanding requests to finish.
* net/http/httputil: fix DumpRequestOut on https URLs,
make https DumpRequestOut less racy.
* net/http: add overlooked 418 status code, per RFC 2324,
fix ProxyFromEnvironment bug, docs, add tests,
make a test more paranoid & reliable on Windows.
* net/rpc: silence read error on closing connection.
* net: add stubs for NetBSD (thanks Benny Siegert),
make -external flag for tests default to true (thanks Mikio Hara),
reorganize test files (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: diagnose chdir error during StartProcess,
implement UserTime/SystemTime on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
implement sameFile on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
release process handle at the end of windows (*Process).Wait (thanks Alex Brainman),
sleep 5ms after process has exited on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path/filepath: note that SplitList is different from strings.Split,
steer people away from HasPrefix.
* reflect: don't panic comparing functions in DeepEqual.
make Value.Interface return immutable data.
* runtime/pprof: support OS X CPU profiling.
* runtime: add sanity checks to the prettyprinters,
check for ARM syscall failures (thanks Shenghou Ma),
darwin and linux signal masking,
run init on main thread,
size arena to fit in virtual address space limit.
* spec: allow disallow of \uFFFD in import path,
apply method sets, embedding to all types, not just named types,
clarifications around exports, uniqueness of identifiers,
import path implementation restriction,
inside functions, variables must be evaluated,
use the term "lexical token" (rather then "lexical symbol").
* sync: add Once example, remove old WaitGroup example.
* test/bench/shootout: update post-Makefile.
* test: add documentation, misc fixes.
* testing: add -test.example flag to control execution of examples.
* text/template: add example showing use of custom function,
add examples that use multiple templates,
fix redefinition bugs.
* time: add a comment about how to use the Duration constants.
<h2 id="2012-02-22">2012-02-22</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the os and runtime packages.
This should be the last of the significant incompatible changes before Go 1.
There are no longer error constants such as EINVAL in the os package, since the
set of values varied with the underlying operating system. There are new
portable functions like IsPermission to test common error properties, plus a
few new error values with more Go-like names, such as ErrPermission and
The os.Getenverror function has been removed. To distinguish between a
non-existent environment variable and an empty string, use os.Environ or
The Process.Wait method has dropped its option argument and the associated
constants are gone from the package. Also, the function Wait is gone; only the
method of the Process type persists.
The non-portable Waitmsg type has been replaced with the portable ProcessState.
Much of the API exported by package runtime has been removed in favor of
functionality provided by other packages. Code using the runtime.Type
interface or its specific concrete type implementations should now use package
reflect. Code using runtime.Semacquire or runtime.Semrelease should use
channels or the abstractions in package sync.
The runtime.Alloc, runtime.Free, and runtime.Lookup functions, an unsafe API
created for debugging the memory allocator, have no replacement.
The runtime.Cgocalls and runtime.Goroutines functions have been renamed to
runtime.NumCgoCall and runtime.NumGoroutine.
The "go fix" command will update code to accommodate most of these changes.
Other changes:
* 5c, 6c, 8c, 6g, 8g: correct boundary checking (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* 5g, 6g, 8g: flush modified globals aggressively.
* 8a, 8l: add EMMS instruction (thanks Evan Shaw).
* bufio: don't return errors from good Peeks.
* build: add make.bash --no-clean option,
improve Windows support.
* builder: reuse existing workspace if possible (thanks Shenghou Ma),
update for os.Wait changes.
* bytes: document Compare/Equal semantics for nil arguments, and add tests.
* cgo: fix definition of opaque types (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cmd/api: record return type of functions for variable typecheck (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/cgo: bug fixes.
* cmd/dist: add clang specific -Wno options (thanks Bobby Powers),
fix install cmd/5g on non-arm system,
fix pprof permissions (thanks Bobby Powers),
make dir check in defaulttarg() more robust (thanks Shenghou Ma),
use correct package target when cross-compiling (thanks Alex Brainman).
* cmd/gc: correctly typecheck expression lists in returns (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
don't believe that variables mentioned 256 times are unused (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
error on constant shift overflows (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix comparison of struct with _ field.
fix error for floating-point constant %,
new, less strict bool rules.
* cmd/go: add tool -n flag,
go test -i correctly handle cgo packages (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* codereview: fix submit message for new clone URL (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* database/sql/driver: API cleanups.
* doc: many fixes and adjustments.
* encoding/gob: cache engine for user type, not base type,
catch internal error when it happens,
fix mutually recursive slices of structs.
* encoding/json: ignore anonymous fields.
* go/doc: return Examples in name order.
* go/parser: imaginary constants and ! may start an expression.
* go/printer, gofmt: improved comma placement.
* go/printer: don't lose relevant parentheses when rewriting selector expressions.
* godoc: adjust line height in pre blocks,
don't print spurious suggestion when running "go doc foo",
fix absolute->relative mapping,
fix tag mismatch validation errors (thanks Scott Lawrence),
import example code support,
support flat directory view again.
* html/template: add Clone and AddParseTree,
don't indirect past a Stringer,
minor tweak to docs to improve HTML typography.
* image: add Decode example.
* ld: add NOPTRBSS for large, pointer-free uninitialized data.
* math/rand: Intn etc. should panic if their argument is <= 0.
* misc/dist/windows: distro builder updates (thanks Joe Poirier).
* misc/goplay: remain in work directory, build in temp directory.
* net, os, syscall: delete os.EPLAN9 (thanks Mikio Hara).
* net/http: add optional Server.TLSConfig field.
* net/smtp: use EHLO then HELO.
* net/textproto: accept bad MIME headers as browsers do.
* net/url: regularise receiver names.
* net: make LocalAddr on multicast return group address (thanks Mikio Hara),
make parseProcNetIGMP more robust (thanks Mikio Hara),
more selfConnect debugging: panic if ra == nil in internetSocket,
panic if sockaddrToTCP returns nil incorrectly,
other miscellaneous fixes.
* path, path/filepath: polish documentation (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* pprof: add Profile type.
* runtime: avoid malloc during malloc,
define NSIG to fix plan 9 build (thanks David du Colombier),
fix FreeBSD signal handling around thread creation (thanks Devon H. O'Dell),
goroutine profile, stack dumps,
implement runtime.osyield on FreeBSD 386, amd64 (thanks Devon H. O'Dell),
permit default behavior of SIGTSTP, SIGTTIN, SIGTTOU,
release unused memory to the OS (thanks Sébastien Paolacci),
remove an obsolete file (thanks Mikio Hara).
* spec: make all comparison results untyped bool,
refine the wording about variables in type switches,
struct comparison only compares non-blank fields.
* syscall: Make Pdeathsig type Signal in SysProcAttr on Linux (thanks Albert Strasheim),
fix bounds check in Error,
force Windows to always use US English error messages (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* test: migrated to new go-based testing framework.
* text/template: evaluate function fields.
* time: use Go distribution zoneinfo if system copy not found.
<h2 id="2012-02-14">2012-02-14</h2>
This release includes some package changes that require changes to client code.
The flate, gzip and zlib's NewWriterXxx functions no longer return an error.
The compiler will flag all affected code which must then be updated by hand.
The os package's Exec and Time functions were removed. Callers should use
syscall.Exec and time.Now instead. The ShellExpand function was renamed to
ExpandEnv. The NewFile function now takes a uintptr and the *File.Fd method
returns a uintptr.
The runtime package's Type type and its methods have been removed.
Use the reflect package instead.
Other changes:
* 8a, 8l: add LFENCE, MFENCE, SFENCE (thanks Darren Elwood).
* all.bat: report error code back to the gobuilder (thanks Alex Brainman).
* archive/zip: hide Write method from *Writer type.
* build: create the correct $GOTOOLDIR,
get rid of deps.bash (thanks Anthony Martin),
reject make.bash on Windows.
* builder: set $GOBUILDEXIT for Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
* bytes: add Reader,
return error in WriteTo if buffer is not drained.
* cgo: add support for returning errno with gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/api: follow constant references.
* cmd/cgo: omit //line in -godefs, -cdefs output.
* cmd/dist: fixes (thanks Alex Brainman, Gustavo Niemeyer, Mikio Hara, Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/fix: warn about exp, old, deleted packages.
* cmd/gc: suspend safemode during typecheck of inlined bodies.
* cmd/go: a raft of fixes,
connect os.Stdin for go run and go tool,
go get scheme detection (thanks Daniel Krech),
respect test -timeout flag.
* cmd/vet: warn for construct 'Println(os.Stderr, ...)' (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* compress/gzip: remove dead code (thanks Alex Brainman).
* container/heap: add example.
* dashboard: add gobuilder -fail mode.
* database/sql: more tests,
remove Into from ScannerInto/ScanInto,
rename ErrTransactionFinished to ErrTxDone,
support ErrSkip in Tx.Exec (thanks Andrew Balholm),
treat pointers as nullable types as with encoding/json (thanks Andrew Pritchard).
* debug/macho: drop terrifyingly monstrous URL from package comment.
* dist: prevent recusive loop on windows when fatal() is called (thanks Daniel Theophanes).
* doc: add App Engine docs to 'learn' and 'reference' pages,
add playground.js,
new document about compatibility of releases,
update install.html for binary distros, add install-source.html.
* effective_go: use new map deletion syntax.
* encoding/binary: add Size, to replace the functionality of the old TotalSize,
another attempt to describe the type of Read and Write's data,
slices are allowed; say so.
* encoding/json: document buffering.
* encoding/xml: add support for the omitempty flag (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* exp/norm: merged charinfo and decomposition tables.
* exp/types: use build.FindTree in GcImporter (thanks James Whitehead).
* flate: delete WrongValueError type.
* fmt: diagnose invalid verb applied to pointer,
scan FALSE correctly.
* gc: bug fixes, better error messages.
* go/doc: handle recursive embedded types (thanks Gary Burd),
don't lose exported consts/vars with unexported type,
treat predeclared error interface like an exported type.
* go/printer: implement SourcePos mode.
* godoc: list examples in index,
new design,
regard lone examples as "whole file" examples.
* html/template: added more words about examples and doc (thanks Bjorn Tipling).
* log/syslog: return length of data provided by the user, not length of header.
* make.bat: remove double quotes (thanks Alex Brainman).
* math: fix gamma doc, link to OEIS.
* mime: unexport some internal details.
* misc/dist: add binary distribution packaging script for linux,
new hierarchy for binary distribution packaging scripts.
* net/http: add ServeContent,
don't spin on temporary accept failure,
fix client goroutine leak with persistent connections,
fix reference to URL.RawPath in docs (thanks Bjorn Tipling),
panic on duplicate registrations,
use mtime < t+1s to check for unmodified (thanks Hong Ruiqi).
* net: avoid Shutdown during Close,
avoid TCP self-connect,
disable TestDialTimeout on Windows,
disable multicast test on Alpha GNU/Linux,
disable wild use of SO_REUSEPORT on BSD variants (thanks Mikio Hara),
enable flags on stream for multicast listeners (thanks Mikio Hara),
make use of listenerBacklog (thanks Mikio Hara),
prefer an IPv4 listen if no address given (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os/exec: add Cmd.Waitmsg.
* os/signal: revive this package.
* regexp/syntax: add package and Parse commentary.
* regexp: allow substitutions in Replace, ReplaceString.
* runtime, pprof: add profiling of thread creation.
* runtime, time: accelerate tests in short mode (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* runtime: exit early on OABI systems (thanks Shenghou Ma),
drop to 32 bit malloc if 64 bit will not work,
fix "SysReserve returned unaligned address" bug on 32-bit systems (thanks Shenghou Ma),
fix grsec support (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
on 386, fix FP control word on all threads, not just initial thread,
put lockorder before pollorder in Select memory block,
use startpanic so that only one thread handles an incoming SIGQUIT.
* spec: add forward links from 'method set' to where it gets used,
clarify implementation restrictions on untyped floats,
disallow recursive embedded interfaces,
method names must be unique,
send on closed channel counts as "proceeding",
strings are more slices than arrays.
* strconv: handle very large inputs.
* strings: add Seek and ReadAt methods to Reader.
* sync/atomic: disable hammer pointer tests on wrong size system.
* testing: let runtime catch the panic.
* text/template: refer HTML users to html/template.
* text/template/parse: deep Copy method for nodes.
* time: clean up MarshalJSON, add RFC3339 method,
use "2006-01-02 15:04:05.999999999 -0700 MST" as String format.
<h2 id="2012-02-07">2012-02-07</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes a re-organization of the Go tools.
Only the go, godoc, and gofmt tools are installed to $GOROOT/bin (or $GOBIN).
The remainder are installed to $GOROOT/bin/tool.
This puts the lesser-used tools (6g, cgo, govet, etc.) outside the user PATH.
Instead these tools may be called through the go tool with 'go tool command'.
For example, to vet hello.go you would type 'go tool vet hello.go'.
Type 'go tool' see the list of available tools.
With the move, some tools were given simpler names:
6cov -&gt; cov
6nm -&gt; nm
goapi -&gt; api
gofix -&gt; fix
gopack -&gt; pack
gopprof -&gt; pprof
govet -&gt; vet
goyacc -&gt; yacc
The os/signal package has been moved to exp/signal.
A new tool named 'dist' has been introduced to handle building the gc tool
chain and to bootstrap the go tool. The old build scripts and make files
have been removed.
Other changes:
* 5a, 6a, 8a, cc: check in[ch].
* 5l, 6l, 8l, ld: remove memory leaks (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* 5l, 6l, 8l: implement -X flag.
* 5l: make -v option output less nonessential clutter (thanks Shenghou Ma),
optimize the common case in patch() (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* 8a, 8l: implement support for RDTSC instruction (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* 8g: use uintptr for local pc.
* archive/zip: support full range of FileMode flags (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* bufio: remove special error type, update docs.
* build: move the "-c" flag into HOST_CFLAGS (thanks Anthony Martin),
remove unnecessary pragmas (thanks Anthony Martin).
* builder: drop recover blocks.
* bytes: API tweaks.
* cgo: accept null pointers in gccgo flavour of C.GoString (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
print line numbers in fatal errors when relevant (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/dist: add GOBIN to env's output (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix bug in bsubst (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix build on openbsd (thanks Mikio Hara),
generate files for package runtime,
ignore file names beginning with . or _,
prevent race on VERSION creation (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cmd/gc: another special (%hhS) case for method names,
describe debugging flags (thanks Anthony Martin),
diagnose \ in import path,
disallow switch _ := v.(type),
don't print implicit type on struct literal in export,
fix codegen reordering for expressions involving && and ||,
use octal escapes in mkopnames (thanks Anthony Martin).
use original constant expression in error messages (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/go: add support for release tags via git branches (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
build: print import errors when invoked on files (thanks Kyle Lemons),
clean test directories as they complete,
fix error message on non-existing tools (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix handling of gccgo standard library (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fixed panic on `go clean -n` and `go clean -x` (thanks Sanjay Menakuru),
introduce support for "go build" with gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
make vcs command actually gather output (thanks Roger Peppe),
pass env CGO_CFLAGS to cgo (thanks Jeff Hodges),
record location of failed imports for error reporting (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/goapi: expand embedded interfaces.
* cmd/goinstall: remove now that 'go get' works (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cmd/ld: fix gdbscript (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* cmd/pack: change gopack to pack in error messages.
* codereview: miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
* crypto/elliptic: p224Contract could produce a non-minimal representation.
* crypto/tls: better error message when connecting to SSLv3 servers.
* crypto/x509: use case-insensitive hostname matching.
* dashboard: support for sub-repositories, update to go1beta.
* database/sql: permit scanning into interface{}.
* doc: update go1.html for recent changes.
* encoding/base32: add DecodeString and EncodeToString helper methods,
ignore new line characters during decode.
* encoding/base64: ignore new line characters during decode.
* encoding/gob: document CommonType.
* encoding/hex: canonicalize error type names.
* encoding/json: call (*T).MarshalJSON for addressable T values.
* encoding/xml: fix decoding of xml.Name with sub-elements (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix documentation for Decoder.Skip.
* exp/norm: Added some benchmarks for form-specific performance measurements,
a few minor changes in prepration for a table format change.
* expvar: revise API.
* fix: add image/{bmp,tiff} to go1pkgrename.
* flag: allow a FlagSet to not write to os.Stderr,
describe valid input for Duration flags.
* fmt: add test of NaN map keys,
fix caching bug in Scan.
* go/build: put a space between 'generated by make' and package statement,
update syslist.go package comment.
* go/doc: fix URL linking in ToHTML (thanks Gary Burd),
added error, rune to list of predeclared types,
don't lose factory functions of non-exported types,
don't show methods of exported anonymous fields,
enable AllMethods flag (and fix logic).
* go/printer: don't print incorrect programs.
* go/scanner: idiomatic receiver names.
* go/spec: update language on map types.
* go/token: remove dependency on encoding/gob.
* gob: fuzz testing, plus a fix for very large type names.
* gobuilder: use go tool to build and test sub-repositories.
* godoc: add URL mode m=methods,
diagnostic for empty FS tree,
fix identifier search,
fix redirect loop for URL "/",
provide link to subdirectories, if any,
sort list of "other packages",
update metadata in appinit.go.
* gophertool: fix link to the build status dashboard (thanks Jongmin Kim).
* hgignore: add VERSION.cache (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
delete dregs, ignore tmpltohtml.
* html: add package doc.
* image: add package docs, rename s/UnknownFormatError/ErrFormat/ and,
delete the image.Repeated type,
remove image/bmp and image/tiff from std.
* io/ioutil: document EOF behavior in ReadFile and ReadAll.
* io: API tweaks.
* libmach: add stubs for Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin).
* make.bash: don't remove hgpatch.
* math/big: add raw access to Int bits,
API and documentation cleanup.
* misc/goplay: use go tool "run" (thanks Olivier Duperray).
* misc/osx: don't set GOROOT or modify profile files,
update for dist tool, drop image.bash, update readme.
* net, syscall: add IPv4 multicast helpers for windows (thanks Mikio Hara).
* net/http/httputil: fix race in DumpRequestOut,
preserve query params in reverse proxy.
* net/http: don't set Content-Type header for HEAD requests by default (thanks Patrick Mylund Nielsen),
fix nil pointer dereference in error case (thanks Volker Dobler),
close client fd sooner on response read error,
set cookies in client jar on POST requests (thanks Volker Dobler).
* net/rpc: fix data race on Call.Error.
* net: ListenMulticastUDP to listen concurrently across multiple listeners (thanks Mikio Hara),
disable normal multicast testing on linux/arm (thanks Mikio Hara),
fix Plan 9 build (thanks Anthony Martin),
fix windows build (thanks Alex Brainman),
move DNSConfigError to a portable file,
remove types InvalidConnError and UnknownSocketError,
replace error variable name e, errno with err (thanks Mikio Hara),
run TestDialTimeout on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
update comments to remove redundant "net" prefix (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os/exec: TestExtraFiles - close any leaked file descriptors,
make sure file is not closed early in leaked fd test.
* os/signal: move to exp/signal.
* os/user: windows implementation (thanks Alex Brainman).
* os: Process.handle use syscall.Handle (thanks Wei Guangjing),
file windows use syscall.InvalidHandle instead of -1 (thanks Wei Guangjing),
remove SIGXXX signals variables,
turn FileStat.Sys into a method on FileInfo (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* path/filepath: repair and simplify the symlink test.
* reflect: add comment about Type.Field allocation,
test that PtrTo returns types that match program types.
* runtime: add runtime.cputicks() and seed fastrand with it (thanks Damian Gryski),
delete UpdateMemStats, replace with ReadMemStats(&stats) (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix float64 hash,
use GOTRACEBACK to decide whether to show runtime frames,
use per-map hash seeds (thanks Damian Gryski).
* spec: add number to the fibonacci sequence.
* std: add struct field tags to untagged literals.
* strings: add Fields example.
* syscall: add Timeval.Nano, Timespec.Nano, for conversion to Duration,
cache environment variables on Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin),
fix // +build comments in types_*.go,
fix build directive in types_linux.go,
update bootstrap scripts to sync with new go command (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test: add import test that caused an incorrect gccgo error,
add test for receiver named _,
add test of NaN in map,
add test which crashed gccgo compiler,
don't use package main for files without a main function,
fix bug headers,
float to integer test case,
make map nan timing test more robust,
match gccgo error messages,
test append with two different named types with same element type,
test method expressions with parameters, and with import,
test slice beyond len,
test that x := &lt;-c accepts a general expression.
* testing: capture panics, present them, and mark the test as a failure.
* unicode: document large var blocks and the SpecialCase vars.
* vet: add a check for untagged struct literals.
<h2 id="2012-01-27">2012-01-27</h2>
This weekly snapshot renamed the html package to exp/html. The package will not
be present in the Go 1 distribution, but will be installable from source.
Error variables in the archive/tar, archive/zip, compress/gzip, compress/zlib,
and crypto/bcrypt packages have been renamed from FooError to ErrFoo.
There is no gofix, but the compiler will flag code that needs updating.
This weekly snapshot relocates many packages to sub-repositories of the main
Go repository. These are the old and new import paths:
Gofix will update imports of these packages to use the new import paths.
Installations that depend on these packages will need to install them using a
'go get' command.
Other changes:
* 6c, 8c: make floating point code NaN-safe.
* 6l, 8l: remove unused macro definition (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* archive/tar: fix race in TestNonSeekable.
* archive/zip: add functions to convert between os.FileInfo & FileHeader.
* build: do not build all C compilers (thanks Shenghou Ma),
remove code now in subrepositories.
* bytes: remove dead code, complete documentation,
restore panic on out-of-memory,
turn buffer size overflows into errors.
* cgo: -cdefs should translate unsafe.Pointer to void * (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/gc: forgotten recursion on ninit itself in order.c.
* cmd/go: bug fixes, implement go get,
correctly handle -n and -x flags for 'go run' (thanks Shenghou Ma),
solve ambiguity of get (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
update doc.go with text generated from the usage strings.
* cmd/goapi: new tool for tracking exported API over time.
* codereview: support for subrepositories.
* compress/flate: fix a typo, improve compression rate by 3-4%,
increase the length of hash table from 1<<15 to 1<<17. 0%-16% speedup,
make lazy matching work,
reduce memory pressure at cost of additional arithmetic operation,
use append instead of slice+counter.
* crypto: rename some FooError to ErrFoo.
* dashboard: fix -commit for new xml package.
* database/sql: add NullInt64, NullFloat64, NullBool (thanks James P. Cooper),
convert SQL null values to []byte as nil (thanks James P. Cooper),
fix Tx.Query (thanks Blake Mizerany).
* doc: expand FAQ on GOMAXPROCS, update to Go 1.
* doc/go1: add encoding/xml and net/url changes (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
add more info about hash and net changes, delete reference to html,
add flag, runtime, testing, image , mime, filepath.Walk,
document sub-repositories.
* encoding/binary: document that PutVarint, PutUvarint may panic.
* encoding/varint: deleted WriteXvarint.
* encoding/xml: add docs for ignoring tag (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
bring API closer to other packages (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
improve []byte handling (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
remove Marshaler support (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
support ignoring fields with "-" (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* exp/ebnflint: test spec during 'go test'.
* exp/norm: fixes a subtle bug introduced by change 10087: random offset.
* gc, runtime: handle floating point map keys.
* gc: avoid DOT in error messages,
do not try to add a key with incorrect type to a hash (thanks Jeff R. Allen),
fix order of evaluation,
fix recursion loop in interface comparison,
handle function calls in arguments to builtin complex operations,
missed typecheck in subscripting a const string,
permit unsafe.Pointer for inlined functions,
softer criteria for inlinability,
static implements check on typeswitches only applies to concrete case types,
test case for recursive interface bug.
* go/ast: respect ImportSpec.EndPos (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* go/build: add BuildTags to Context, allow !tag.
* go/doc: rewrite and add lots of tests.
* go/parser: use explicit parser.Mode type.
* go/printer, gofmt: respect line breaks in signatures.
* go/scanner: use explicit scanner.Mode type.
* gob: annotate debug.go so it's not normally built,
reduce the maximum message size.
* godoc: log node printing error,
move overview before API TOC,
update metadata upon launch.
* gofix: add -debug flag for quicker diagnosis of internal errors,
handle xml.Unmarshal in xmlapi fix (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
update go1pkgrename for subrepositories.
* goyacc: fix indexing bug when yydebug >= 2.
* ld: fix Mach-O code signing for non-cgo binaries (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* libmach: cross compiling support (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* math/big: assembly versions of bitLen for x86-64, 386, and ARM (thanks David G. Andersen),
return type of bitLen is an int; use MOVL on amd64 (thanks David G. Andersen),
add examples for Rat and Int's SetString and Scan methods,
slight improvement to algorithm used for internal bitLen function (thanks David G. Andersen),
test both bitLen and bitLen_g.
* net/http: add Request.RequestURI field,
disabled test for Transport race / deadlock bug,
fix Transport deadlock (thanks Yoshiyuki Kanno),
make ParseForm ignore unknown content types (thanks Roger Peppe),
parse CONNECT requests (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* net/rpc: fix data race in benchmark,
fix race in TestClientWriteError test,
log Call reply discard.
* net: Dial, ListenPacket with "ip:protocol" network for raw IP sockets (thanks Mikio Hara),
actually reset deadline when time is zero,
consistent OpError message (thanks Mikio Hara),
fix dialing google test (thanks Mikio Hara),
make WriteTo fail when UDPConn is already connected (thanks Mikio Hara).
* regexp: remove vestigial Error type.
* runtime: add type algorithms for zero-sized types,
move NumCPU declaration into debug.go.
* spec: function invocation, panic on *nil.
* syscall: add NOTE_* constants on OS X (thanks Robert Figueiredo).
* test: explicitly use variables to avoid gccgo "not used" error.
* text/template: add example for Template.
<h2 id="2012-01-20">2012-01-20</h2>
This weekly snapshot renamed the exp/sql package to database/sql, and moved
utf8.String from unicode/utf8 to exp/utf8string.
Package net's SetTimeout methods were changed to SetDeadline.
Many functions in package os now take a os.FileMode argument instead of a
plain uint32. An os.ModeSticky constant is also now defined.
The meaning of the first buffer element for image.YCbCr has changed to match
the semantics of the other image types like image.RGBA.
The NewMD5, NewSHA1 and NewSHA256 functions in crypto/hmac have been
deprecated. Use New instead, explicitly passing the hash function.
Other changes:
* buildscripts: move to buildscript directory (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* bytes: add the usual copyright notice to example_test.go (thanks Olivier Duperray).
* cmd/go: remove mentions of 'gotest' from the documentation,
skip _obj directories in package scans.
* container/heap: better package documentation.
* crypto/elliptic: add constant-time P224.
* crypto/hmac: Add HMAC-SHA224 and HMAC-SHA384/512 (thanks Luit van Drongelen),
* crypto/tls: add FreeBSD root certificate location (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* crypto/x509: remove explicit uses of rsa.
* doc: various updates (thanks Jongmin Kim, Scott Lawrence, Shenghou Ma, Stefan Nilsson).
* encoding/json: allow / and % in tag names,
document angle bracket escaping,
fix comments, tweak tests for tag names (thanks Mikio Hara).
* encoding/xml: marshal/unmarshal xml.Name in field (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* exp/inotify: fix data race in linux tests.
* exp/proxy: fix build after URL changes (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* exp/sql: copy when scanning into []byte by default,
rename NullableString to NullString and allow its use as a parameter.
* exp/ssh: add marshal functions for uint32 and uint64 types,
handle versions with just '\n',
rename (some) fields (thanks Christopher Wedgwood).
* exp/terminal: fix build on non-Linux using Makefiles.
* fmt: enable and fix malloc test,
* gc: don't emit pkgpath for error type,
don't fault on return outside function (thanks Scott Lawrence),
fieldnames in structliterals in exported inlines should not be qualified if they're embedded builtin types,
fix infinite recursion for embedded interfaces,
give esc.c's sink an orig so -mm diagnostics work again,
handle printing of string/arrayrune conversions.
remove redundant code (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* go/build: no back slash in FindTree returned pkg name (thanks Alex Brainman).
* go/doc: collect imports,
don't shadow receiver.
rewrote and completed test framework.
print only one newline between paragraphs
* go/parser: expressions may have comments.
* go/scanner: fix example (thanks Olivier Duperray).
* go/token: replaced Files() with Iterate().
* godoc: add anchors to cmd documentation headings,
remove "need more packages?" link,
specify HTML page metadata with a JSON blob,
support canonical Paths in HTML metadata.
* html/template: fix docs after API changes (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* html: in foreign content, check for HTML integration points in breakout.
* image/color: rename modelYCbCr to yCbCrModel (thanks Benny Siegert),
simplify documentation (thanks David Crawshaw).
* image: add PixOffset methods.
* math/rand: decrease test duration in short mode,
document default initial seed for global generator (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* mime: make FormatMediaType take full type for consistency.
* misc/cgo/test: make tests run on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net/http/cgi: increase a flaky test timeout.
* net/http: change test to use override param instead of chan,
log handler panic before closing HTTP connection,
send cookies in jar on redirect (thanks Jeff Hodges),
the documentation should call NewRequest with the right signature (thanks Christoph Hack),
update the Client docs a bit.
* net/url: cleaned up URL interface (v2) (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* net: consistent log format in test (thanks Mikio Hara),
various build fixes (thanks Mikio Hara),
use NewTimer, not NewTicker, in fd_windows.go.
* old/netchan: fix data race on client hashmap.
* os/exec: trivial allocation removal in LookPath (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* os: remove old note about NewSyscallError being special (thanks Alex Brainman),
* path: added examples (thanks Sanjay Menakuru).
* pkg: Add and fix Copyright of "hand generated" files (thanks Olivier Duperray),
add missing godoc comments to windows versions (thanks Alex Brainman).
* regexp: add SubexpNames.
* runtime: implement runtime.usleep for FreeBSD/386 and amd64 (thanks Shenghou Ma),
madvise and SysUnused for Darwin (thanks Dave Cheney).
* sync/atomic: fix data race in tests.
* syscall: add Unix method to TimeSpec, TimeVal,
fix plan9 build (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test: change several tests to not print,
fix bug364 to actually run,
match gccgo error messages for bug345,
split golden.out into expected output per test.
* testing: do not recover example's panic (thanks Shenghou Ma),
document examples.
* text/template/parse: use human error prints.
* text/template: fix nil error on redefinition.
* time: add Since, which returns the time elapsed since some past time t.
<h2 id="2012-01-15">2012-01-15</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes two package changes that may require changes to
client code.
The image package's Tiled type has been renamed to Repeated.
The encoding/xml package has been changed to make more idiomatic use of struct
tags, among other things. If you use the xml package please read the change
description to see if your code is affected:
Function inlining is now enabled by default in the gc compiler.
Other changes:
* bytes: Buffer read of 0 bytes at EOF shouldn't be an EOF.
* cgo: if value for constant did not parse, get it from DWARF info,
write _cgo_export.h to object directory, not source dir.
* cmd/go: add -p flag for parallelism (like make -j),
add -v flag to build and install,
add ... patterns in import path arguments,
fix data race during build,
fix import directory list for compilation,
fix linker arguments,
handle cgo pkg-config pragmas,
handle path to cmd directory,
include test files in fmt, vet, and fix (thanks Sanjay Menakuru),
kill test processes after 10 minutes,
pass arguments to command for run (thanks Eric Eisner),
rely on exit code to tell if test passed,
use relative paths in go fix, go fmt, go vet output.
* cmd/gofmt: fix simplify.go by running gofmt on cmd/gofmt (thanks Olivier Duperray).
* crypto/openpgp: assorted cleanups,
truncate hashes before checking DSA signatures.
* crypto/tls: improve TLS Client Authentication (thanks Jeff R. Allen),
update generate_cert.go for new time package.
* dashboard: better caching, bug fixes.
* doc: update "How to Write Go Code" to use the go tool.
fix broken function codewalk examples.
* encoding/asn1: document support for *big.Int (thanks Florian Weimer).
* encoding/gob: fix panic when decoding []byte to incompatible slice types (thanks Alexey Borzenkov).
* encoding/json: don't marshal special float values (thanks Evan Shaw).
* encoding/xml: major Go 1 fixup (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* exp/proxy: new package.
* exp/sql: add time.Time support,
close Rows on EOF,
fix potential corruption in QueryRow.Scan into a *[]byte.
* exp/ssh: various small fixes (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/terminal: add SetPrompt and handle large pastes,
add to level Makefile for the (non-Linux?) systems that need it.
* flag: add Duration flag type,
change Set method Value interface to return error instead of bool.
* gc: better errors messages,
avoid false positives when using scalar struct fields (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
closure code gen improvements,
disallow declaration of variables outside package,
fix switch on interface values (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
inlining bug fixes,
improve unsafe.Pointer type-check error messages (thanks Ryan Hitchman),
put limit on size of exported recursive interface (thanks Lorenzo Stoakes),
* go-mode.el: fix syntax highlighting of backticks (thanks Florian Weimer).
* go/ast: remove unnecessary result value from ast.Fprint/Print.
* go/build: allow colon in #cgo flags,
pass CgoLDFLAGS at end of link command.
* go/doc: new API, don't ignore anonymous non-exported fields, initial testing support.
* go/parser: remove unused Parse* functions. Simplified ParseExpr signature.
* go/printer: don't crash if AST contains BadXXX nodes.
* go/scanner: 17% faster scanning, remove InsertSemis mode.
* goinstall: use correct checkout URL for Google Code svn repos.
* gotest: make _testmain.go conform to gofmt rules (thanks Benny Siegert).
* goyacc: fix units.y build breakage (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* html/template: reenable testcases and fix mis-escaped sequences (thanks Mike Samuel).
* html: "in select in table" insertion mode (thanks Andrew Balholm),
adjust foreign attributes,
foreign element HTML integration points, tag name adjustment,
parse <frameset> inside body (thanks Andrew Balholm),
propagate foreign namespaces only when adding foreign content.
* json: better error messages when the ,string option is misused.
* ld: parse but do not implement -X flag.
* log/syslog: add Alert method (thanks Vadim Vygonets).
* make.bash: remove old dregs (thanks Alex Brainman).
* math/big: simplify fast string conversion.
* math: fix typo in all_test.go (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* misc/windows: add src/pkg/runtime/z* files to installation script (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net/http: don't ignore Request.Write's Flush error,
allow cookies with negative Max-Age attribute as these are (thanks Volker Dobler).
* net/textproto: avoid corruption when reading a single header.
* net: add IP-level socket option helpers for Unix variants (thanks Mikio Hara),
fix incorrect mode on ListenIP, ListenUDP (thanks Mikio Hara),
make use of the kernel state to listen on TCP, Unix (thanks Mikio Hara),
platform-dependent default socket options (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: add ModeCharDevice.
* runtime: add NumCPU,
delete duplicate implementation of pcln walker,
distinct panic message for call of nil func value,
enable runtime.ncpu on FreeBSD (thanks Devon H. O'Dell),
make garbage collector faster by deleting code,
regenerate defs_darwin_{386,amd64}.h (thanks Dave Cheney),
runtime.usleep() bugfix on darwin/amd64 and linux/arm (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* spec: pointer comparison for pointers to 0-sized variables,
change the wording regarding select statement choice.
* strconv: fix round up corner case,
faster FormatFloat(x, *, -1, 64) using Grisu3 algorithm (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
implement fast path for rounding already short numbers (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
return ErrSyntax when unquoting illegal octal sequences.
* syscall: linux-only support for parent death signal (thanks Albert Strasheim),
make Environ return original order.
* testing: fix defer race,
use flag.Duration for -timeout flag.
* text/template: handle panic values that are not errors (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
for range on a map, sort the keys if feasible.
* time: add ParseDuration,
fix docs for After and NewTicker.
* windows: use ArbitraryUserPointer as TLS slot (thanks Wei Guangjing).
<h2 id="2011-12-22">2011-12-22</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the images/ycbcr and testing packages, and
changes to the build system.
The types for managing Y'CbCr images in the image/ycbcr have been moved to the
image and image/color packages. A gofix module will rewrite affected code.
The testing package's B type (used when running benchmarks) now has the same
methods as T (used in tests), such as Print, Error, and Fatal.
This weekly adds a new command named 'go' for building and testing go programs.
For Go 1, the go command will replace the makefile-based approach that we have
been using. It is not yet ready for general use, but all.bash does use it to
build the tree. If you have problems building the weekly, you can 'export
USE_GO_TOOL=false' before running all.bash to fall back to the makefiles.
Other changes:
* archive/zip: add SetModTime method to FileHeader.
* build: make use of env (thanks Mikio Hara),
fixes to make "go install" work on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* bytes: add two Buffer examples.
* cgo: support export for built-in types (thanks Maxim Pimenov).
* cmd/go: avoid infinite loop with package specific flags (thanks Mikio Hara),
fixes to build standard library,
implement test command,
make sure use of pthread for gcc-4.5 and beyond (thanks Mikio Hara),
respect $GCFLAGS,
use spaces consistently in help message (thanks Roger Peppe),
many other improvements.
* codereview: initialize "found" in (thanks Miki Tebeka).
* crypto/mime/net/time: add netbsd to +build tags (thanks Joel Sing).
* crypto/tls: don't assume an RSA private key in the API.
* crypto/x509: don't crash with nil receiver in accessor method.
* doc/effective_go: discuss redeclaration.
* doc: delete go course notes,
refer to where applicable (thanks Robert Hencke),
suggest instead of
* encoding/binary: add Write and Read examples,
add more benchmarks (thanks Roger Peppe).
* encoding/gob: arrays are zero only if their elements are zero.
* encoding/json: cleanup leftover variables in array decoding (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
examples for Marshal and Unmarshal.
* exp/ssh: rename ClientAuthPublicKey helper ClientAuthKeyring (thanks Dave Cheney),
simplify Stdin/out/errPipe methods (thanks Dave Cheney).
* fmt: speed up floating point print, clean up some code,
make the malloc test check its counts.
* gc: allow use of unsafe.Pointer in generated code,
avoid unsafe in defn of package runtime,
better linenumbers for inlined functions,
better loopdepth analysis for labels,
implement and test \r in raw strings,
inlining, allow empty bodies, fix _ arguments,
omit argument names from function types in error messages.
* go/ast, parser: remember short variable decls. w/ correspoding ident objects.
* go/build: add new +build tags 'cgo' and 'nocgo'.
* go/doc, godoc: move export filtering into go/doc
* go/printer, gofmt: fine tuning of line spacing.
* go/scanner: strip CRs from raw literals.
* gob: isZero for struct values.
* godoc: allow examples for methods (thanks Volker Dobler),
show methods of anonymous fields.
* goinstall: only suggest -fix for bad imports when appropriate.
* govet: add checking for printf verbs,
divide the program into one file per vetting suite.
* html: more parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* json: some tests to demonstrate bad error messages,
use strconv.Append variants to avoid allocations in encoding.
* ld: add support for netbsd signature note section (thanks Joel Sing),
allow for IMAGE_REL_AMD64_ADDR32NB relocation type (thanks Alex Brainman).
* math/big: Rand shouldn't hang if argument is also receiver.
* misc/builder: set default builder host to
* misc/dashboard: delete old build dashboard code ,
improvements and fixes for the go implementation.
* misc/vim: fix go filetype detection (thanks Paul Sbarra).
* net, syscall, os: set CLOEXEC flag on epoll/kqueue descriptor.
* net, syscall: interface address and mask (thanks Mikio Hara).
* net/http: added interface for a cookie jar (thanks Volker Dobler),
test fixes (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net: add DialTimeout,
sort Makefile entries (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os, syscall: beginnings of NetBSD support (thanks Christopher Nielsen).
* os/exec: add test to verify net package's epoll fd doesn't go to child,
disable the ExtraFiles test on darwin.
* os: don't trust O_CLOEXEC on OS X,
make sure Remove returns correct error on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path, path/filepath: add Dir to complement Base.
* path/filepath.Rel: document that the returned path is always relative.
* runtime: don't panic on SIGILL, just crash.
* spec: be precise about newlines.
* sql: add Rows.Columns.
* strconv: fix bug in extended-float based conversion,
implement faster parsing of decimal numbers, and
reduce buffer size for multi-precision decimals (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* syscall: regenerate z-files for linux/arm (thanks Mikio Hara),
sort Makefile, and entries (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test/bench/go1: first draft of Go 1 benchmark suite.
* testing: compare Log to Println (thanks Robert Hencke),
make signalling safer for parallel tests.
* text/template: better error message for empty templates,
fix handing of nil arguments to functions (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* time: add JSON marshaler for Time (thanks Robert Hencke),
new AddDate method (thanks Roger Peppe).
* various: use $GCFLAGS and $GCIMPORTS like Make does (thanks Maxim Pimenov).
<h2 id="2011-12-14">2011-12-14</h2>
This snapshot includes language changes and changes to goinstall and gofmt.
Equality and inequality (== and !=) are now defined for struct and array
values, respectively, provided the elements of the data structures can
themselves be compared. See the Go 1 release notes for the details:
The rune type is now an alias for int32 and character literals have the default
type of rune. Code that uses int where it should use rune will break.
See the Go 1 release notes for the details:
Goinstall now expects Google Code import paths to be of the form:
It will reject imports in the old style "".
There is a gofix module to rename such imports.
Use goinstall -fix to update broken packages.
Gofmt's flags have been modified slightly.
The -tabintent flag has been renamed -tabs.
The -spaces flag has been removed.
Other changes:
* 5c, 6c, 8c: support 64-bit switch value (thanks Anthony Martin).
* 8c: handle 64-bit switch value.
* archive/tar: use struct comparison not DeepEqual (thanks Christopher Wedgwood).
* archive/zip: make zip understand os.FileMode (thanks Roger Peppe).
* bufio: make the minimum read buffer size 16 bytes.
* build: disable cgo on Windows/amd64,
regularize packages so they may be built without Makefiles.
* bytes: faster Count, Index, Equal.
* cgo: add basic gccgo support (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* codereview: fix path slash issue (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* compress/flate: fix out of bounds error.
* contribute.html: do not fill in the reviewer field (thanks Florian Weimer).
* crypto/aes: made faster by eliminating some indirection (thanks Taru Karttunen).
* crypto/dsa: don't truncate input hashes.
* doc/go_tutorial: make clear the file example is Unix-specific.
* doc: add Defer, Panic, and Recover article,
add Error Handling article,
add Go 1 release notes document.
* encoding/gob: better error messages when types mismatch.
* env.bash: export CGO_ENABLED so cgo tests run (thanks Alex Brainman).
* exp/sql: simplify some string conversions.
* exp/ssh: Wait returns an *ExitError (thanks Gustav Paul).
* exp/ssh: improve client channel close behavior (thanks Dave Cheney).
* fmt: don't recur if String method (etc.) misbehaves.
* gc: better error messages,
inlining (disabled without -l),
many bug fixes (thanks Lucio De Re and Rémy Oudompheng).
* go/printer, godoc: print comments in example code.
* go: implement doc, fmt, fix, list, vet, build, and install.
* gobuilder: goinstall packages after building go tree.
* godoc: &lt;pre&gt; must not occur inside &lt;p&gt; (thanks Olivier Duperray),
added an opensearch description document (thanks Christoph Hack),
text wrapping.
* gofix: add httputil fix (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* gotest: use go/build more (thanks Robert Hencke).
* gzip: convert between Latin-1 and Unicode (thanks Vadim Vygonets).
* html/template: define the FuncMap type locally.
* html: a first step at parsing foreign content (MathML, SVG),
more parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* http: close connection after printing panic stack trace (thanks Roger Peppe),
fix failing Transport HEAD request with gzip-looking response.
* json: treat renamed byte slices the same as []byte.
* ld: first pass at linker support for NetBSD binaries (thanks Christopher Nielsen),
fix memory leaks (thanks Scott Lawrence),
increase default stack size on Windows for cgo.
* math: delete non-Sqrt-based Hypot,
implement, document, and fix special cases (thanks Charles L. Dorian),
* misc/benchcmp: don't require "Benchmark" at beginning of line.
* misc/osx: rename profile.go to profile_go (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* net/http: fix trivial example server (thanks Olivier Duperray),
net/http: make test remove temporary file and directory.
* net/smtp: add CRAM-MD5 authentication (thanks Vadim Vygonets).
* reflect: fix Slice cap (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* regexp: performance improvements; avoid allocation of input interface.
* runtime: bump gc 'extra bytes' check (thanks Christopher Wedgwood),
madvise and SysUnused for Linux (thanks Sébastien Paolacci),
make gc_test test extra allocated space, not total space,
support for NetBSD (thanks Christopher Nielsen).
* spec: adjust complex constant example (thanks Robert Hencke),
values of underlying type uintptr can be converted to unsafe.Pointer,
var x = 'a' defaults to type rune.
* strconv: include package and function name in error strings,
make QuoteRune etc. take a rune argument,
some performance improvements.
* syscall: add constants for flock() system call under Linux,
regenerate z-files for darwin, freebsd (thanks Mikio Hara),
regenerate z-files for openbsd,
return error, not uintptr, when function returns error (thanks Alex Brainman).
* test/bench: move to test/bench/shootout.
* test/garbage: move to test/bench/garbage.
* test: make array smaller in nilptr test.
* time: allow sleep tests to run for 200% too long,
fix Time.Add (thanks Hector Chu),
fix daysIn for December (thanks Peter Mundy),
gob marshaler for Time (thanks Robert Hencke),
use Duration for AfterFunc.
* various: a grab-bag of time.Duration cleanups.
<h2 id="2011-12-06">2011-12-06</h2>
This snapshot includes a language change and changes to the strconv and go/doc
packages. The package changes require changes to client code.
The language change is backwards-compatible.
Type elision in arrays, slices, or maps of composite literals has been
extended to include pointers to composite literals. Code like this
var t = []*T{&amp;T{}, &amp;T{}}
may now be written as
var t = []*T{{}, {}}
You can use gofmt -s to simplify such code.
The strconv package has been given a more idiomatic and efficient interface.
Client code can be updated with gofix. See the docs for the details:
The go/doc package's ToHTML function now takes a []byte argument instead of a
Other changes:
* crypto/aes: eliminate some bounds checking and truncation (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* crypto/x509: if a parent cert has a raw subject, use it.
* encoding/gob: don't send type info for unexported fields.
* exp/ssh: allow for msgUserAuthBanner during authentication (thanks Gustav Paul).
* fmt: benchmark floating point,
only use Stringer or Error for strings.
* gc: changes in export format in preparation of inlining,
disallow map/func equality via interface comparison,
use gofmt spacing when printing map type.
* go/doc: exclude lines ending in ':' from possible headings.
* gobuilder: -commit mode for packages,
cripple -package mode temporarily,
use new dashboard protocol.
* godoc: improved output of examples in html (thanks Volker Dobler).
* gofmt: handle &T in composite literal simplify.
* goinstall: honour -install=false flag when -make=true.
* hash: rewrite comment on Hash.Sum method.
* html: more parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* image: avoid func comparison during ColorModel comparison.
* math: add special-cases comments to Sinh and Tanh (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* misc/dashboard: further implementation work.
* net, syscall: remove BindToDevice from UDPConn, IPConn (thanks Mikio Hara).
* net/mail: correctly compare parsed times in the test.
* os/exec: make LookPath always search CWD under Windows (thanks Benny Siegert).
* runtime: prep for type-specific algorithms.
* strconv: 34% to 63% faster conversions.
<h2 id="2011-12-02">2011-12-02</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the hash package and a gofix for the
time and os.FileInfo changes in the last snapshot.
The hash.Hash's Sum method has been given a []byte argument,
permitting the user to append the hash to an existing byte slice.
Existing code that uses Sum can pass nil as the argument.
Gofix will make this change automatically.
Other changes:
* crypto/tls: cleanup certificate load on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* exp/ssh: add Std{in,out,err}Pipe methods to Session (thanks Dave Cheney).
* dashboard: don't choke on weird builder names.
* exp/ssh: export type signal, now Signal (thanks Gustav Paul).
* os: add ModeType constant to mask file type bits (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* text/template: replace Add with AddParseTree.
* go/doc: detect headings and format them in html (thanks Volker Dobler).
<h2 id="2011-12-01">2011-12-01</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the time, os, and text/template
packages. The changes to the time and os packages are significant and related.
Code that uses package time, package text/template, or package os's FileInfo
type will require changes.
In package time, there is now one type - time.Time - to represent times.
Note that time.Time should be used as a value, in contrast to old code
which typically used a *time.Time, a pointer to a large struct. (Drop the *.)
Any function that previously accepted a *time.Time, an int64
number of seconds since 1970, or an int64 number of nanoseconds
since 1970 should now accept a time.Time. Especially as a replacement
for the int64s, the type is good documentation about the meaning of
its value.
Whether you were previously calling time.Seconds, time.Nanoseconds,
time.LocalTime, or time.UTC, the replacement is the new function
If you previously wrote code like:
t0 := time.Nanoseconds()
t1 := time.Nanoseconds()
delta := t1 - t0
fmt.Printf("That took %.2f seconds\n", float64(t1-t0)/1e9)
you can now write:
t0 := time.Now()
t1 := time.Now()
delta := t1.Sub(t0)
fmt.Printf("That took %s\n", delta)
In this snippet, the variable delta is of the new type time.Duration, the
replacement for the many int64 parameters that were nanosecond
counts (but not since 1970).
Gofix can do the above conversions and some others, but it does not
rewrite explicit int64 types as time.Time. It is very likely that you will
need to edit your program to change these types after running gofix.
As always, be sure to read the changes that gofix makes using your
version control system's diff feature.
See for details.
In package os, the FileInfo struct is replaced by a FileInfo interface,
admitting implementations by code beyond the operating system.
Code that refers to *os.FileInfo (a pointer to the old struct) should
instead refer to os.FileInfo (the new interface).
The interface has just a few methods:
type FileInfo interface {
Name() string // base name of the file
Size() int64 // length in bytes
Mode() FileMode // file mode bits
ModTime() time.Time // modification time
IsDir() bool // abbreviation for Mode().IsDir()
If you need access to the underlying stat_t provided by the operating
system kernel, you can access it by assuming that the FileInfo you are
holding is actually an *os.FileStat, and that it's Sys field is actually a
*syscall.Stat_t, as in:
dev := fi.(*os.FileStat).Sys.(*syscall.Stat_t).Dev
Of course, this is not necessarily portable across different operating
Gofix will take care of rewriting *os.FileInfo to os.FileInfo for you,
and it will also rewrite expressions like fi.Name into calls like fi.Name().
See for details.
The template package has been changed to export a new, simpler API.
The Set type is gone. Instead, templates are automatically associated by
being parsed together; nested definitions implicitly create associations.
Only associated templates can invoke one another.
This approach dramatically reduces the breadth of the construction API.
The html/template package has been updated also.
There's a gofix for the simplest and most common uses of the old API.
Code that doesn't mention the Set type is likely to work after running gofix;
code that uses Set will need to be updated by hand.
The template definition language itself is unchanged.
See for details.
Other changes:
* cgo: add support for callbacks from dynamic libraries.
* codereview: gofmt check for non-src/ files (thanks David Crawshaw).
* crypto/openpgp/packet: fix private key checksum.
* crypto/tls: add openbsd root certificate location,
don't rely on map iteration order.
* crypto/x509, crypto/tls: support PKCS#8 private keys.
* dashboard: start of reimplementation in Go for App Engine.
* encoding/xml: fix copy bug.
* exp/gui: move exp/gui and exp/gui/x11 to
* exp/ssh: various improvements (thanks Dave Cheney and Gustav Paul).
* filepath/path: fix Rel buffer sizing (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* gc: fix Nconv bug (thanks Rémy Oudompheng) and other fixes.
* go/printer, gofmt: performance improvements.
* gofix: test and fix missorted renames.
* goinstall: add -fix flag to run gofix on packages on build failure,
better error reporting,
don't hit network unless a checkout or update is required,
support Google Code sub-repositories.
* html: parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* http: fix sniffing bug causing short writes.
* json: speed up encoding, caching reflect calls.
* ld: align ELF data sections.
* math/big: fix destination leak into result value (thanks Roger Peppe),
use recursive subdivision for significant speedup.
* math: faster Cbrt and Sincos (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* misc/osx: scripts to make OS X package and disk image (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* os: fail if Open("") is called on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime: make sure stack is 16-byte aligned on syscall (thanks Alex Brainman).
* spec, gc: allow direct conversion between string and named []byte, []rune.
* sql: add Tx.Stmt to use an existing prepared stmt in a transaction,
more driver docs & tests; no functional changes.
* strings: add ContainsAny and ContainsRune (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* syscall: add SUSv3 RLIMIT/RUSAGE constants (thanks Sébastien Paolacci),
fix openbsd sysctl hostname/domainname workaround,
implement Syscall15 (thanks Alex Brainman).
* time: fix Timer stop.
<h2 id="2011-11-18">2011-11-18</h2>
This snapshot includes some language changes.
Map and function value comparisons are now disallowed (except for comparison
with nil) as per the Go 1 plan. Function equality was problematic in some
contexts and map equality compares pointers, not the maps' content.
As an experiment, structs are now allowed to be copied even if they contain
unexported fields. This gives packages the ability to return opaque values in
their APIs.
Other changes:
* 6a, 8a: allow $(-1) for consistency with $1, $(1), $-1.
* 6l: code generation fixes (thanks Michał Derkacz).
* build: fix check for selinux allow_execstack on Fedora (thanks Bobby Powers).
* builtin: document delete.
* cgo: don't panic on undeclared enums/structs (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
fix g0 stack guard.
* crypto/tls: fix handshake message test.
* crypto: update incorrect references to Cipher interface; should be Block.
* doc: clean ups, additions, and fixes to several documents.
* doc/install: add openbsd (thanks Joel Sing!).
* doc: link to Chinese translation of A Tour of Go.
* encoding/json: add marshal/unmarshal benchmark,
decode [] as empty slice, not nil slice,
make BenchmarkSkipValue more consistent.
* env.bash: check for presence of make/gmake (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* exp/sql: NumInput() allow -1 to ignore checking (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
add DB.Close, fix bugs, remove Execer on Driver (only Conn),
document that for drivers, io.EOF means no more rows,
add client side support for publickey auth (thanks Dave Cheney),
add direct-tcpip client support (thanks Dave Cheney),
change test listen address, also exit test if fails,
other fixes and improvements (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/terminal: rename shell to terminal and add SetSize.
* fcgi: fix server capability discovery.
* fmt: distinguish empty vs nil slice/map in %#v.
* gc: better error, type checks, and many fixes,
remove m[k] = x, false syntax (use delete(m, k) instead),
support for building with Plan 9 yacc (thanks Anthony Martin).
* go/printer: make //line formatting idempotent.
* godefs: delete, replaced by cgo -godefs.
* godoc: document -templates flag, fix remote search,
provide mode for flat (non-indented) directory listings.
* gofmt: leave nil nodes of the AST unchanged (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* html/template: indirect top-level values before printing.
* html: more parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* http: fix serving from CWD with http.ServeFile,
make Dir("") equivalent to Dir(".").
* ld: fix .bss for ldpe (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* math/big: replace nat{} -&gt; nat(nil).
* math: faster Lgamma (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* mime: implement TypeByExtension for windows.
* misc/bbedit: error and rune support (thanks Anthony Starks).
* misc/benchcmp: benchmark comparison script.
* misc/emacs: add delete builtin (thanks Bobby Powers).
* misc/kate: add error and rune (thanks Evan Shaw).
* misc/notepadplus: error and rune support (thanks Anthony Starks).
* misc/windows: Windows installer in MSI format (thanks Joe Poirier).
* net, io/ioutil: remove use of os.Time (thanks Anthony Martin).
* net/http: fix EOF handling on response body (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix sniffing when using ReadFrom,
use t.Errorf from alternate goroutine in test.
* os: remove undocumented Envs (use os.Environ instead).
* reflect: empty slice/map is not DeepEqual to nil,
make Value an opaque struct.
* runtime, syscall: convert from godefs to cgo.
* runtime: add nanotime for Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin),
add timer support, use for package time,
avoid allocation for make([]T, 0).
* strconv: add Ftoa benchmarks, make Ftoa faster.
* syscall: delete syscall.Sleep, take over env implementation, use error.
* testing: add file:line stamps to messages, print results to standard output.
* text/template: refactor set parsing.
* time: add ISOWeek method to Time (thanks Volker Dobler).
* various: avoid func compare, reduce overuse of os.EINVAL + others.
<h2 id="2011-11-09">2011-11-09</h2>
This weekly snapshot renames various Go packages as described in the Go 1 plan.
Import statements in client code can be updated automatically with gofix.
The changes are:
asn1 -&gt; encoding/asn1
big -&gt; math/big
cmath -&gt; math/cmplx
csv -&gt; encoding/csv
exec -&gt; os/exec
exp/template/html -&gt; html/template
gob -&gt; encoding/gob
http -&gt; net/http
http/cgi -&gt; net/http/cgi
http/fcgi -&gt; net/http/fcgi
http/httptest -&gt; net/http/httptest
http/pprof -&gt; net/http/pprof
json -&gt; encoding/json
mail -&gt; net/mail
rpc -&gt; net/rpc
rpc/jsonrpc -&gt; net/rpc/jsonrpc
scanner -&gt; text/scanner
smtp -&gt; net/smtp
syslog -&gt; log/syslog
tabwriter -&gt; text/tabwriter
template -&gt; text/template
template/parse -&gt; text/template/parse
rand -&gt; math/rand
url -&gt; net/url
utf16 -&gt; unicode/utf16
utf8 -&gt; unicode/utf8
xml -&gt; encoding/xml
<h2 id="2011-11-08">2011-11-08</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes some package changes.
In preparation for the Go 1 package reorganziation the sources for various
packages have been moved, but the import paths remain unchanged. This
inconsistency breaks goinstall at this snapshot. If you use goinstall, please
stay synced to the previous weekly snapshot until the next one is tagged.
The Error methods in the html, bzip2, and sql packages that return error values
have been renamed to Err.
Some non-core parts of the http package have been moved to net/http/httputil.
The Dump* and NewChunked* functions and ClientConn, ServerConn, and
ReverseProxy types have been moved from http to httputil.
The API for html/template is now a direct copy of the template API, instead of
exposing a single Escape function. For HTML templates, use the
html/template package as you would the template package.
Other changes:
* all: rename os.EOF to io.EOF in non-code contexts (thanks Vincent Vanackere),
sort imports with gofix.
* archive/zip: close file opened with OpenReader (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh).
* bufio: return nil line from ReadLine on error, as documented.
* builtin: document basic types and the built-in error type.
* bytes: add Contains function.
* exp/sql: finish implementation of transactions, flesh out types, docs.
* exp/ssh: improved client authentication support (thanks Dave Cheney).
* gc: better error message for range over non-receive channel,
bug fixes and clean-ups,
detect type switch variable not used cases,
fix escaping of package paths in symbol names,
helpful error message on method call on pointer to pointer,
portably read archive headers (thanks Ron Minnich).
* gob: fix bug when registering the same type multiple times.
* gofix: avoid panic on body-less functions in netudpgroup,
make fix order implicit by date.
* gofmt, gofix: sort imports.
* goinstall: support branches (thanks Jani Monoses).
* gopack: do not look for Go metadata in non-Go objects.
* gotest: don't run examples that have no expected output.
* html: the parser bug fixing campaign continues (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* http: fix whitespace handling in sniffer,
only recognize application/x-www-form-urlencoded in ParseForm,
support Trailers in ReadRequest.
* lib9: add ctime.
* math: faster Gamma (thanks Charles L. Dorian),
improved accuracy for Tan (thanks Charles L. Dorian),
improved high-angle test for Cos, Sin and Tan (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* net: implement LookupTXT for windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* os,text,unicode: renamings.
* runtime/cgo: fix data declaration to be extern.
* runtime: add timespec definition for freebsd,
add windows callback tests (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix prototype for openbsd thrsleep,
fix set and not used,
unify mutex code across OSes,
windows_386 sighandler to use correct g (thanks Alex Brainman).
* template: format error with pointer receiver,
make redefinition of a template in a set more consistent.
* test: clear execute bit from source file (thanks Mikio Hara),
make closedchan.go exit with failure if something fails.
* time: faster Nanoseconds call.
* websocket: return an error HTTP response for bad websocket request.
* xml: allow parsing of &lt;_&gt; &lt;/_&gt;. (thanks David Crawshaw).
<h2 id="2011-11-02">2011-11-02 (new error type)</h2>
This snapshot introduces the built-in error type, defined as
type error interface {
Error() string
The error type replaces os.Error. Notice that the method name has changed from
String to Error. Package fmt's Print formats both Stringers and errors:
in general there is no need to implement both String and Error methods.
Gofix can update most code. If you have split your package across many files,
it may help to use the -force=error command-line option, which forces gofix to
apply the error fix even if it is not obvious that a particular file needs it.
As always, it is a good idea to read and test the changes that gofix made
before committing them to your version control system.
<h2 id="2011-11-01">2011-11-01</h2>
* 6l: remove mention of -e flag - it does nothing.
* cc: change cas to newcase (thanks Ron Minnich).
* crypto/openpgp/error: use Error in names of error impl types.
* crypto/rsa: change public exponent from 3 to 65537.
* crypto/tls: add Error method to alert.
* doc: add link to A Tour of Go in Japanese,
add 'all' make rule to build all docs,
refer to instead of
* exp/norm: fixed bug that crept in with moving to the new regexp.
* exp/ssh: fix length header leaking into channel data (thanks Dave Cheney).
* fmt: handle os.Error values explicity (as distinct from Stringer).
* gc: clean up printing,
fix [568]g -V crash (thanks Mikio Hara),
test + fix escape analysis bug.
* go/build: avoid os.Error in tests.
* go/doc: remove os.NewError anti-heuristic.
* go/parser: test and fix := scoping bug.
* gob: split uses of gobError, remove unnecessary embedding.
* gofix: test import insertion, deletion.
* goinstall: intelligent vcs selection for common sites (thanks Julian Phillips).
* gopack: change archive file name length back to 16.
* html: fix print argument in test,
more parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* json: properly handle nil slices (thanks Alexander Reece).
* math: improved accuracy for Sin and Cos (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
* misc/emacs: fix restoration of windows after gofmt (thanks Jan Newmarch).
* misc/vim: add rune keyword (thanks Jongmin Kim).
* misc/windows: can be used for amd64 (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net: document why we do not use SO_REUSEADDR on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* os: do not interpret 0-length read as EOF.
* pkg: remove .String() from some print arguments.
* rpc: avoid infinite loop on input error.
* runtime/pprof: document OS X being broken.
* runtime: lock the main goroutine to the main OS thread during init.
* spec: define that initialization is sequential.
* strconv: use better errors than os.EINVAL, os.ERANGE.
* syscall: fix Await msg on Plan 9 (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski).
* template: do not use error as stringer,
fix error checking on execute without parse (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* test/alias.go: additional tests.
* test: error-related fixes.
* textproto: prevent long lines in HTTP headers from causing HTTP 400 responses.
* time: add RFC1123 with numeric timezone format (thanks Scott Lawrence).
<h2 id="2011-10-26">2011-10-26 (new rune type)</h2>
This snapshot introduces the rune type, an alias for int that
should be used for Unicode code points.
A future release of Go (after Go 1) will change rune to be an
alias for int32 instead of int. Using rune consistently is the way
to make your code build both before and after this change.
To test your code for rune safety, you can rebuild the Go tree with
GOEXPERIMENT=rune32 ./all.bash
which builds a compiler in which rune is an alias for int32 instead of int.
Also, run govet on your code to identify methods that might need to have their
signatures updated.
<h2 id="2011-10-25">2011-10-25</h2>
* big: make SetString return nil if an error occurs,
new Rat.Inv method,
usable zero Rat values without need for explicit initialization.
* codereview: show LGTMs in hg p.
* crypto/x509: fix names in certificate generation.
* exp/ssh: add experimental ssh client,
introduce Session to replace Cmd for interactive commands,
server cleanups (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/types: fix crash in parseBasicType on unknown type.
* fmt: don't panic formatting nil interfaces (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* go/ast, go/token: actually run tests; fix go/ast test.
* gotest: explicit -help flag, use $GCFLAGS like make does.
* govet: check canonical dynamic method signatures.
* html: improved parsing (thanks Andrew Balholm),
parse &lt;select&gt; tags, parse and render comment nodes,
remove the Tokenizer.ReturnComments option.
* http: Transport: with TLS InsecureSkipVerify, skip hostname check.
* misc/vim: add highlighting for delete (thanks Dave Cheney).
* net: do not set SO_REUSEADDR for windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* os/inotify: move to exp/inotify (thanks Mikio Hara).
* runtime: include bootstrap m in mcpu accounting (thanks Hector Chu).
* syscall: use uintptr for Mount flags.
<h2 id="2011-10-18">2011-10-18</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes some language and package changes that may
require code changes. Please read these notes carefully, as there are many
changes and your code will likely be affected.
The syntax for map deletion has been changed. Code that looks like:
m[x] = 0, false
should be written as:
delete(m, x)
The compiler still accepts m[x] = 0, false for now; even so, you can use gofix
to rewrite such assignments into delete(m, x).
The Go compiler will reject a return statement without arguments when any of
the result variables has been shadowed. Code rejected as a result of this
change is likely to be buggy.
Receive-only channels (&lt;-chan T) cannot be closed.
The compiler will diagnose such attempts.
The first element of a map iteration is chosen at random. Code that depends on
iteration order will need to be updated.
Goroutines may be run during program initialization.
A string may be appended to a byte slice. This code is now legal:
var b []byte
var s string
b = append(b, s...)
The gotry command and its associated try package have been deleted.
It was a fun experiment that - in the end - didn't carry its weight.
The gotype tool has been moved to exp/gotype and its associated go/types
package has been moved to exp/types. The deprecated go/typechecker package has
been deleted.
The enbflint tool has been moved to pkg/exp/ebnflint and its associated ebnf
package has been moved to pkg/exp/ebnf.
The netchan package has been moved to old/netchan.
The http/spdy package has been moved to exp/spdy.
The exp/datafmt package has been deleted.
The container/vector package has been deleted. Slices are better:
Other changes:
* 5l/6l/8l: correct ELFRESERVE diagnostic (thanks Anthony Martin).
* 6l/8l: support OS X code signing (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* asn1: accept UTF8 strings as ASN.1 ANY values.
* big: handle aliasing correctly for Rat.SetFrac.
* build: add missing nuke target (thanks Anthony Martin),
catch future accidental dependencies to exp or old packages,
more robustly detect gold 2.20 (thanks Christopher Wedgwood),
pass $GCFLAGS to compiler,
stop on failed deps.bash.
* crypto/tls: add 3DES ciphersuites,
add server side SNI support,
fetch root CA from Windows store (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
fetch root certificates using Mac OS API (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
fix broken looping code in windows root CA fetcher (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
more Unix root certificate locations.
* crypto/x509: add code for dealing with PKIX public keys,
keep the raw Subject and Issuer.
* csv: fix overly aggressive TrimLeadingSpace.
* exp/ssh: general cleanups for client support (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/template/html: fix bug in cssEscaper.
* exp/terminal: split terminal handling from exp/ssh.
* exp/winfsnotify: filesystem watcher for Windows (thanks Hector Chu).
* fmt: fix test relying on map iteration order.
* gc: changes to export format in preparation for inlining,
pass FlagNoPointers to,
preserve uint8 and byte distinction in errors and import data,
stricter multiple assignment + test,
treat uintptr as potentially containing a pointer.
* go/scanner: remove AllowIllegalChars mode.
* go/token: document deserialization property.
* gob: avoid one copy for every message written.
* godefs: add enum/const testdata (thanks Dave Cheney).
* godoc: generate package toc in template, not in JavaScript,
show "unexported" declarations when executing "godoc builtin",
show correct source name with -path.
* gofix: make fix order explicit, add mapdelete.
* gofmt: fix //line handling,
disallow rewrites for incomplete programs.
* gotest: avoid conflicts with the name of the tested package (thanks Esko Luontola),
test example code.
* goyacc: clean up after units (thanks Anthony Martin),
make more gofmt-compliant.
* html: add a Render function, various bug fixes and improvements,
parser improvements (thanks Andrew Balholm).
* http: DoS protection: cap non-Handler Request.Body reads,
RoundTrippers shouldn't mutate Request,
avoid panic caused by nil URL (thanks Anthony Martin),
fix read timeouts and closing,
remove Request.RawURL.
* image/tiff: implement PackBits decoding (thanks Benny Siegert).
* ld: fix "cannot create 8.out.exe" (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko).
* misc/emacs: add a "godoc" command, like M-x man (thanks Evan Martin).
* misc/swig: delete binaries (thanks Anthony Martin).
* misc/windows: automated toolchain packager (thanks Joe Poirier).
* net/windows: implement ip protocol name to number resolver (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net: add File method to IPConn (thanks Mikio Hara),
allow LookupSRV on non-standard DNS names,
fix "unexpected socket family" error from WriteToUDP (thanks Albert Strasheim),
fix socket leak in case of Dial failure (thanks Chris Farmiloe),
remove duplicate error information in Dial (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski),
return error from CloseRead and CloseWrite (thanks Albert Strasheim),
skip ICMP test on Windows too unless uid 0.
* reflect: disallow Interface method on Value obtained via unexported name,
make unsafe use of SliceHeader gc-friendly.
* rpc: don't panic on write error.
* runtime: faster strings,
fix crash if user sets MemProfileRate=0,
fix crash when returning from syscall during gc (thanks Hector Chu),
fix memory leak in parallel garbage collector.
* scanner: invalidate scanner.Position when no token is present.
* spec: define order of multiple assignment.
* syscall/windows: dll function load and calling changes (thanks Alex Brainman).
* syscall: add #ifdefs to fix the manual corrections in ztypes_linux_arm.go (thanks Dave Cheney),
adjust Mount to accommodate stricter FS implementations.
* testing: fix time reported for failing tests.
* utf8: add Valid and ValidString.
* websocket: tweak hybi ReadHandshake to support Firefox (thanks Luca Greco).
* xml: match Marshal's XMLName behavior in Unmarshal (thanks Chris Farmiloe).
<h2 id="2011-10-06">2011-10-06</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the io, image, and math packages that
may require changes to client code.
The io package's Copyn function has been renamed to CopyN.
The math package's Fabs, Fdim, Fmax, Fmin and Fmod functions
have been renamed to Abs, Dim, Max, Min, and Mod.
Parts of the image package have been moved to the new image/color package.
The spin-off renames some types. The new names are simply better:
image.Color -&gt; color.Color
image.ColorModel -&gt; color.Model
image.ColorModelFunc -&gt; color.ModelFunc
image.PalettedColorModel -&gt; color.Palette
image.RGBAColor -&gt; color.RGBA
image.RGBAColorModel -&gt; color.RGBAModel
image.RGBA64Color -&gt; color.RGBA64
image.RGBA64ColorModel -&gt; color.RGBA64Model
(similarly for NRGBAColor, GrayColorModel, etc)
The image.ColorImage type stays in the image package, but is renamed:
image.ColorImage -&gt; image.Uniform
The image.Image implementations (image.RGBA, image.RGBA64, image.NRGBA,
image.Alpha, etc) do not change their name, and gain a nice symmetry:
an image.RGBA is an image of color.RGBA, etc.
The image.Black, image.Opaque uniform images remain unchanged (although their
type is renamed from image.ColorImage to image.Uniform).
The corresponding color types (color.Black, color.Opaque, etc) are new.
Nothing in the image/ycbcr is renamed yet. The ycbcr.YCbCrColor and
ycbcr.YCbCrImage types will eventually migrate to color.YCbCr and image.YCbCr,
at a later date.
* 5g/6g/8g: fix loop finding bug, fix -f(), registerize variables again.
* 5l/6l/8l: add a DT_DEBUG dynamic tag to a dynamic ELF binary.
* archive/zip: read and write unix file modes (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* build: clear execute bit from source files (thanks Mikio Hara).
* bytes: add EqualFold.
* cgo: allow Windows path characters in flag directives (thanks Joe Poirier),
support for mingw-w64 4.5.1 and newer (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* codereview: extra repo sanity check,
fix for Mercurial 1.9.2,
fix hg change in Windows console (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* crypto/elliptic: use %x consistently in error print.
* doc/spec: remove notes about gccgo limitations, now fixed.
* doc: add 'Debugging Go code with GDB' tutorial,
fix memory model read visibility bug.
* encoding/binary: PutX functions require buffer of sufficient size,
added benchmarks, support for varint encoding.
* exec: add Command.ExtraFiles.
* exp/sql{,/driver}: new database packages.
* exp/ssh: move common code to common.go (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/template/html: work continues.
* fmt: replace channel cache with slice.
* gc: limit helper threads based on ncpu.
* go/doc, godoc, gotest: support for reading example documentation.
* go: documentation and skeleton implementation of new command.
* gob: protect against invalid message length,
allow sequential decoders on the same input stream.
* hgpatch: do not use hg exit status (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* http: add Location method to Response,
don't send a 400 Bad Request after a client shutdown.
* index/suffixarray: 4.5x faster index serialization (to memory).
* io/ioutil: add a comment on why devNull is a ReaderFrom.
* json: use strings.EqualFold instead of strings.ToLower.
* misc/emacs: fix indent bug.
* net: add shutdown: TCPConn.CloseWrite and CloseRead.
* net: use AF_UNSPEC instead of individual address family (thanks Mikio Hara).
* path/filepath: added Rel as the complement of Abs (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* pkg/syscall: add Mkfifo for linux platforms.
* regexp: move to old/regexp, replace with exp/regexp, speedups.
* runtime/gdb: fix pretty printing of channels,
gracefully handle not being able to find types.
* runtime: check for nil value pointer in select syncsend case,
faster finalizers,
fix malloc sampling bug,
fix map memory leak,
fix spurious deadlock reporting,
fix usleep on linux/386 and re-enable parallel gc (thanks Hector Chu),
parallelize garbage collector mark + sweep.
* strconv: faster Unquote in common case.
* strings: add EqualFold, Replacer, NewReplacer.
* suffixarray: add benchmarks for construction (thanks Eric Eisner).
* syscall: add GetsockoptByte, SetsockoptByte for openbsd (thanks Mikio Hara),
add IPv4 ancillary data for linux (thanks Mikio Hara),
mark stdin, stdout, stderr non-inheritable by child processes (thanks Alex Brainman), creates non-syscall packages (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko),
update multicast socket options (thanks Mikio Hara).
* testing: support for running tests in parallel (thanks Miki Tebeka).
* time: make month/day name comparisons case insenstive.
* unicode: fix make tables.
* vim: Send GoFmt errors to a location list (thanks Paul Sbarra).
* websocket: add hybi-13 support, add mutex to make websocket full-duplex.
<h2 id="2011-09-21">2011-09-21</h2>
This weekly contains several improvements, bug fixes, and new packages.
* archive/tar: document Header fields and Type flags (thanks Mike Rosset).
* bytes: fix Replace so it actually copies (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cgo: use GOARCH from the environment (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko).
* codereview: save CL messages in $(hg root)/last-change.
* crypto/bcrypt: new package (thanks Jeff Hodges).
* crypto/blowfish: exposing the blowfish key schedule (thanks Jeff Hodges).
* doc: link to golang-france.
* doc: when configuring gold for gccgo, use --enable-gold=default.
* exp/norm: changed trie to produce smaller tables.
* exp/ssh: new package,
refactor halfConnection to transport (thanks Dave Cheney).
* exp/template/html: more fixes and improvements.
* filepath: fix Glob to return no error on nonmatching patterns.
* gc: disallow invalid map keys,
handle complex CONVNOP.
* gob: allocation fixes.
* godoc: simplify internal FileSystem interface.
* http/cgi: clean up environment (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* http: always include Content-Length header, even for 0 (thanks Dave Grijalva),
check explicit wrong Request.ContentLength values,
fix TLS handshake blocking server accept loop,
prevent DumpRequest from adding implicit headers.
* httptest: add NewUnstartedServer.
* json: clearer Unmarshal doc,
skip nil in UnmarshalJSON and (for symmetry) MarshalJSON.
* net: use /etc/hosts first when looking up IP addresses (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski).
* reflect: add comment about the doubled semantics of Value.String.
* runtime: implement pprof support for windows (thanks Hector Chu),
increase stack system space on windows/amd64 (thanks Hector Chu).
* suffixarray: generate less garbage during construction (thanks Eric Eisner),
improved serialization code using gob instead of encoding/binary.
* sync/atomic: replace MFENCE with LOCK XADD.
<h2 id="2011-09-16">2011-09-16</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the image, path/filepath, and time
packages. Code that uses these packages may need to be updated.
The image package's NewX functions (NewRGBA, NewNRGBA, etc) have been changed
to take a Rectangle argument instead of a width and height.
Gofix can make these changes automatically.
The path/filepath package's Walk function has been changed to take a WalkFunc
function value instead of a Visitor interface value. WalkFunc is like the
Visitor's VisitDir and VisitFile methods except it handles both files and
func(path string, info *os.FileInfo, err os.Error) os.Error
To skip walking a directory (like returning false from VisitDir) the WalkFunc
must return SkipDir.
The time package's Time struct's Weekday field has been changed to a method.
The value is calculated on demand, avoiding the need to re-parse
programmatically-constructed Time values to find the correct weekday.
There are no gofixes for the filepath or time API changes, but instances of the
old APIs will be caught by the compiler. The Weekday one is easy to update by
hand. The Walk one may take more consideration, but will have fewer instances
to fix.
* build: add build comments to core packages.
* codereview: Mercurial 1.9 fix for hg diff @nnn.
* crypto/tls: handle non-TLS more robustly,
support SSLv3.
* debug/elf: permit another case of SHT_NOBITS section overlap in test.
* exm/template/html: more work on this auto-escaping HTML template package.
* exp/norm: added regression test tool for the standard Unicode test set.
* exp/regexp/syntax: fix invalid input parser crash,
import all RE2 parse tests + fix bugs.
* exp/regexp: add MustCompilePOSIX, CompilePOSIX, leftmost-longest matching.
* flag: make zero FlagSet useful.
* gc: clean up if grammar.
* go/build: handle cgo, // +build comments.
* go/printer: use panic/defer instead of goroutine for handling errors.
* go/token: support to serialize file sets.
* godoc, suffixarray: switch to exp/regexp.
* godoc: show packages matching a query at the top,
support for complete index serialization,
use go/build to find files in a package.
* gofmt: accept program fragments on standard input, add else test.
* http/cgi: add openbsd environment configuration.
* http: document that Response.Body is non-nil.
* image/png: don't use a goroutine to decode, to permit decode during init.
* json: if a field's tag is "-", ignore the field for encoding and decoding.
* ld: grow dwarf includestack on demand.
* net, syscall: implement SetsockoptIPMReq(), and
move to winsock v2.2 for multicast support (thanks Paul Lalonde).
* net: add a LookupTXT function.
* os: os.RemoveAll to check for wboth error codes on Windows (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko).
* path/filepath: fix Visitor doc (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
make UNC file names work (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* runtime: optimizations to channels on Windows (thanks Hector Chu),
syscall to return both AX and DX for windows/386 (thanks Alex Brainman).
* sync/atomic: add 64-bit Load and Store.
* syscall: add route flags for linux (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test: add test for inheriting private method from anonymous field.
* websocket: fix infinite recursion in Addr.String() (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt),
rename websocket.WebSocketAddr to *websocket.Addr.
<h2 id="2011-09-07">2011-09-07</h2>
This weekly snapshot consists of improvements and bug fixes, including fixes
for issues introduced by escape analysis changes in the gc compiler.
* build: clear execute bit from Go files (thanks Mike Rosset),
error out if problem with sudo.bash /usr/local/bin (thanks Mike Rosset).
* exp/norm: add Reader and Writer,
performance improvements of quickSpan.
* exp/regexp: bug fixes and RE2 tests.
* exp/template/html: string replacement refactoring,
tweaks to js{,_test}.go.
* gc: add -p flag to catch import cycles earlier,
fix label recursion bugs,
fix zero-length struct eval,
zero stack-allocated slice backing arrays,
* gc, ld: fix Windows file paths (thanks Hector Chu).
* go/parser: accept corner cases of signature syntax.
* gobuilder: ignore _test.go files when looking for docs, more logging.
* godoc: minor tweaks for App Engine use.
* gofix: do not convert url in field names (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* gofmt: indent multi-line signatures.
* gopprof: regexp fixes (thanks Hector Chu).
* image/png: check zlib checksum during Decode.
* libmach: fix incorrect use of memset (thanks Dave Cheney).
* misc/goplay: fix template output.
* net: ParseCIDR returns IPNet instead of IPMask (thanks Mikio Hara),
sync CIDRMask code, doc.
* os: use GetFileAttributesEx to implement Stat on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime: fix openbsd 386 raisesigpipe,
implement exception handling on windows/amd64 (thanks Hector Chu),
test for concurrent channel consumers (thanks Christopher Wedgwood).
* sort: use heapsort to bail out quicksort (thanks Ziad Hatahet).
* sync/atomic: add LoadUintptr, add Store functions.
* syscall: update routing message attributes handling (thanks Mikio Hara).
* template: fix deadlock,
indirect or dereference function arguments if necessary,
slightly simplify the test for assignability of arguments.
* url: handle ; in ParseQuery.
* websocket: fix incorrect prints found by govet (thanks Robert Hencke).
<h2 id="2011-09-01">2011-09-01</h2>
This weekly contains performance improvements and bug fixes.
The gc compiler now does escape analysis, which improves program performance
by placing variables on the call stack instead of the heap when it is safe to
do so.
The container/vector package is deprecated and will be removed at some point
in the future.
Other changes:
* archive/tar: support symlinks. (thanks Mike Rosset)
* big: fix nat.scan bug. (thanks Evan Shaw)
* bufio: handle a "\r\n" that straddles the buffer.
add openbsd.
avoid redundant bss declarations.
fix unused parameters.
fix windows/amd64 build with newest mingw-w64. (thanks Hector Chu)
* bytes: clarify that NewBuffer is not for beginners.
* cgo: explain how to free something.
fix GoBytes. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
fixes callback for windows amd64. (thanks Wei Guangjing)
note that CString result must be freed. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
* cov: remove tautological #defines. (thanks Lucio De Re)
* dashboard: yet another utf-8 fix.
* doc/codelab/wiki: fix Makefile.
* doc/progs: fix windows/amd64. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
* doc/tmpltohtml: update to new template package.
* doc: emphasize that environment variables are optional.
* effective_go: convert to use tmpltohtml.
* exp/norm: reduced the size of the byte buffer used by reorderBuffer by half by reusing space when combining.
a few minor fixes to support the implementation of norm.
added implementation for []byte versions of methods.
* exp/template/html: add some tests for ">" attributes.
added handling for URL attributes.
differentiate URL-valued attributes (such as href).
reworked escapeText to recognize attr boundaries.
* exp/wingui: made compatible with windows/amd64. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
* flag: add Parsed, restore Usage.
* gc: add openbsd.
escape analysis.
fix build on Plan 9. (thanks Lucio De Re)
fix div bug.
fix pc/line table. (thanks Julian Phillips)
fix some spurious leaks.
make static initialization more static.
remove JCXZ; add JCXZW, JCXZL, and JCXZQ instructions. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
shuffle #includes.
simplify escape analysis recursion.
tweak and enable escape analysis.
* go/ast cleanup: base File/PackageExports on FilterFile/FilterPackage code.
adjustments to filter function.
fix ast.MergePackageFiles to collect infos about imports. (thanks Sebastien Binet)
generalize ast.FilterFile.
* go/build: add test support & use in gotest.
separate test imports out when scanning. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
* go/parser: fix type switch scoping.
fix type switch scoping.
* gob: explain that Debug isn't useful unless it's compiled in.
* gobuilder: increase log limit.
* godashboard: fix utf-8 in user names.
* godoc: first step towards reducing index size.
add dummy playground.js to silence godoc warning at start-up.
added systematic throttling to indexing goroutine.
fix bug in zip.go.
support for reading/writing (splitted) index files.
use virtual file system when generating package synopses.
* gofix: forgot to rename the URL type.
osopen: fixed=true when changing O_CREAT. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
* goinstall: error out with paths that end with '/'. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
report lack of $GOPATH on errors. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
select the tag that is closest to runtime.Version.
* gotry: add missing $. (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt)
* http: add MaxBytesReader to limit request body size.
add file protocol transport.
adjust test threshold for larger suse buffers.
delete error kludge.
on invalid request, send 400 response.
return 413 instead of 400 when the request body is too large. (thanks Dave Cheney)
support setting Transport's TLS client config.
* image/tiff: add a decode benchmark. (thanks Benny Siegert)
decoder optimization. (thanks Benny Siegert)
* image: add PalettedImage interface, and make image/png recognize it. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
* io: add TeeReader. (thanks Hector Chu)
* json: add struct tag option to wrap literals in strings.
calculate Offset for Indent correctly. (thanks Jeff Hodges)
fix decode bug with struct tag names with ,opts being ignored.
* ld: handle Plan 9 ar format. (thanks Lucio De Re)
remove duplicate bss definitions.
* libmach: support reading symbols from Windows .exe for nm. (thanks Mateusz Czapliński)
* math: fix Pow10 loop. (thanks Volker Dobler)
* mime: ParseMediaType returns os.Error now, not a nil map.
media type formatter. (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe)
text charset defaults. (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe)
* misc/dashboard: remove limit for json package list.
* misc/emacs: refine label detection.
* net: add ParseMAC function. (thanks Paul Borman)
change the internal form of IPMask for IPv4. (thanks Mikio Hara)
disable "tcp" test on openbsd.
fix windows build. (thanks Alex Brainman)
join and leave a IPv6 group address, on a specific interface. (thanks Mikio Hara)
make use of IPv4len, IPv6len. (thanks Mikio Hara)
move internal string manipulation routines to parse.go. (thanks Mikio Hara)
* os: disable Hostname test on OpenBSD.
fix WNOHANG Waitmsg. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
* reflect: add Value.Bytes, Value.SetBytes methods.
* rpc: add benchmark for async rpc calls.
* runtime: add openbsd 386 defs.h.
add runtime support for openbsd 386.
add runtime· prefix to showframe.
ctrlhandler for windows amd64. (thanks Wei Guangjing)
fix stack cleanup on windows/amd64. (thanks Hector Chu)
fix void warnings.
go interface to cdecl calbacks. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
handle string + char literals in goc2c.
make arm work on Ubuntu Natty qemu.
openbsd thread tweaks.
simplify stack traces.
speed up cgo calls. (thanks Alex Brainman)
use cgo runtime functions to call windows syscalls. (thanks Alex Brainman)
windows/amd64 callbacks fixed and syscall fixed to allow using it in callbacks. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
* strconv: put decimal on stack.
* spec: update section on Implementation Differences.
* syscall: SOMAXCONN should be 0x7fffffff at winsock2. (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
add openbsd 386.
handle RTM_NEWROUTE in ParseNetlinkRouteAttr on Linux. (thanks Albert Strasheim)
handle routing entry in ParseRoutingSockaddr on BSD variants. (thanks Mikio Hara)
openbsd amd64 syscall support.
use the vdso page on linux x86 for faster syscalls instead of int $0x80. (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover)
* template/parse: give if, range, and with a common representation.
* template: grammar fix for template documentation. (thanks Bill Neubauer)
range over channel.
remove else and end nodes from public view.
* test: put GOROOT/bin before all others in run.
* time: fix Plan 9 build. (thanks Fazlul Shahriar)
fix zone during windows test.
* type switches: test for pathological case.
* version.bash: update VERSION on -save if already present. (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer)
* websocket: implements new version of WebSocket protocol. (thanks Fumitoshi Ukai)
* windows/386: clean stack after syscall. (thanks Jaroslavas Počepko)
* xml: marshal "parent>child" tags correctly. (thanks Ross Light)
<h2 id="2011-08-17">2011-08-17 (<a href="release.html#r60">base for r60</a>)</h2>
This weekly contains some package re-shuffling. Users of the http and
template packages may be affected.
This weekly replaces the template package with exp/template.
The original template package is still available as old/template.
The old/template package is deprecated and will be removed at some point
in the future. The Go tree has been updated to use the new template package.
We encourage users of the old template package to switch to the new one.
Code that uses template or exp/template will need to change
its import lines to "old/template" or "template", respectively.
The http package's URL parsing and query escaping code (such as ParseURL and
URLEscape) has been moved to the new url package, with several simplifications
to the names. Client code can be updated automatically with gofix.
* asn1: support unmarshaling structs with int32 members (thanks Dave Cheney).
* build: allow builds without cgo or hg,
support versioning without hg (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* builtin: add documentation for builtins.
* cgo: omit duplicate symbols in writeDefs (thanks Julian Phillips).
* misc: add support for OpenBSD.
* doc/codewalk: new Markov chain codewalk.
* exp/norm: added trie lookup code and associated tests,
generate trie struct in triegen.go for better encapsulation,
implementation of decomposition and composing functionality.
* exp/template/html: new experimental package for auto-escaping HTML templates.
* exp/template: don't panic on range of nil interface,
rename Parse*File and Parse*Files for clarity,
support field syntax on maps (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer), and
many other fixes and changes.
* gc: implement nil chan and nil map support.
* go/parser: range clause and type literal fixes.
* godoc: show all top-level decls for (fake) package builtin.
* goinstall: really report all newly-installed public packages.
* html: parse more malformed tags.
* http: fix ParseMultipartForm after MultipartReader error,
fix side effects in DefaultTransport's RoundTrip method (thanks Dave Grijalva).
* json: fix []unmarshaler case.
* ld: make addaddrplus4 static (thanks Lucio De Re).
* syscall: move multicast address handling to the net package.
* net: Plan 9 support (thanks Fazlul Shahriar),
add SetTimeout to Listener interface (thanks Aleksandar Dezelin),
add multicast stubs for OpenBSD,
return correct local address for an accepted TCP connection (thanks Mikio Hara).
* reflect: panic on Invalid Interface call (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* rpc: implement ServeRequest to synchronously serve a single request,
make Server.Mutex unexported.
* runtime: better checks for syscall.NewCallback parameter (thanks Alex Brainman),
correct SEH installation during callbacks (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix GC bitmap corruption,
fix pseudo-randomness on some selects (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* syscall: make LazyDLL/LazyProc.Mutex unexported.
* test: allow multiple patterns in errchk,
new nil semantics.
* time: take fractional seconds even if not in the format string.
* url: new package.
* utf8: rename some internal constants to remove leading underscores.
* xml: escape string chardata in xml.Marshal.
<h2 id="2011-08-10">2011-08-10</h2>
This weekly contains performance improvements and bug fixes.
There are no outward-facing changes, but imports of the old-style
container/vector package have also been removed from the core library (thanks
John Asmuth, Kyle Consalus).
Other changes:
* 5g: fix set but not used error (thanks Dave Cheney).
* cmd/ld: Corrected mismatched print formats and variables (thanks Lucio De Re).
* errchk: add -0 flag.
* exp/norm: fix build by adding a test placeholder,
maketables tool for generating tables for normalization.
* exp/template: bug fixes,
ensure that a valid Set is returned even on error (thanks Roger Peppe),
make index on maps return zero when key not present (thanks Roger Peppe),
split the parse tree into a separate package exp/template/parse,
add url query formatting filter.
* faq: lots of small tweaks plus a couple of new discussions,
variant types, unions.
* fmt: call UpdateMemStats in malloc counter.
* go/build: use GOBIN as binary path for GOROOT.
* gob: add UpdateMemStats calls to malloc counter,
avoid a couple of init-time allocations,
don't invoke GobEncoder on zero values.
* gofmt: update test script so 'make test' succeeds.
* html: parse doctype tokens; merge adjacent text nodes.
* http: add more MPEG-4 MIME types to sniffer, and disable MP4 sniffing,
add test to serve content in index.html (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
configurable and default request header size limit,
correct format flags when printing errors in tests (thanks Alex Brainman),
correct path to serve index.html (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
* ld: add one empty symbol into pe to make dumpbin works (thanks Wei Guangjing),
fail linking if the top-level package is not main.
* misc/vim: godoc command (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* net: add support for openbsd (thanks Joel Sing),
fix /proc/net/igmp,igmp6 reading bug on linux (thanks Mikio Hara),
implement windows LookupMX and LookupAddr (thanks Mikio Hara),
sort SRV records before returning from LookupSRV (thanks Alex Brainman),
* os: add support for openbsd (thanks Joel Sing).
* runtime: add more specialized type algorithms,
correct Note documentation,
faster chan creation on Linux/FreeBSD/Plan9,
openbsd amd64 runtime support (thanks Joel Sing),
remove unnecessary locking (thanks Hector Chu).
* scanner: correct error position for illegal UTF-8 encodings.
* syscall: delay load of dll functions on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
move BSD mmap syscall (thanks Joel Sing),
update routing message support for BSD variants (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test/bench: note changes after recent improvements to locking and runtime.
* time: add nanoseconds to the Time structure,
parse and format fractional seconds.
<h2 id="2011-07-29">2011-07-29</h2>
This weekly contains performance improvements and many bug fixes.
* 6l: OpenBSD support.
* archive/zip: handle zip files with more than 65535 files,
more efficient reader and bug fix.
* big: refine printf formatting and optimize string conversion.
* build: fixes for mingw-w64 (thanks Wei Guangjing),
miscellaneous fixes.
* cgo: add GoBytes, fix gmp example.
* exp/norm: API for normalization library.
* exp/regexp: implement regexp API using exp/regexp/syntax.
* exp/template: more tweaks and fixes, convert the tree to use exp/template.
* fmt: handle precision 0 format strings in standard way.
* gc: a raft of bug fixes.
* go/parser: report illegal label declarations at ':'.
* gob: send empty but non-nil maps.
* godoc: allow form feed in text files,
app engine configuration and updated documentation.
* goinstall: abort and warn when using any url scheme, not just 'http://',
write to goinstall.log in respective GOPATH.
* html: handle character entities without semicolons (thanks Andrew Balholm),
parse misnested formatting tags according to the HTML5 spec,
sync html/testdata/webkit with upstream WebKit.
* http: content-type sniffing,
make serveFile redirects relative (thanks Andrew Balholm),
other fixes.
* image/tiff: Do not panic when RowsPerStrip is missing (thanks Benny Siegert).
* io/ioutil: improve performance of ioutil.Discard (thanks Mike Solomon).
* ld: detect all import cycles,
ldpe fixes (thanks Wei Guangjing),
remove cseekend and redo pe writing (thanks Alex Brainman),
remove overlap of ELF sections on dynamic binaries (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* net/textproto: avoid 1 copy in ReadLine, ReadContinuedLine.
* net: fix memory corruption in windows *netFD.ReadFrom (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime: faster entersyscall/exitsyscall,
fix scheduler races (thanks Hector Chu),
higher goroutine arg limit, clearer error,
parallelism-related performance optimizations and fixes,
replace byte-at-a-time zeroing loop with memclr (thanks Quan Yong Zhai).
* sort: fix Float64Slice sort; NaN smallest value (thanks Florian Uekermann).
* src: removed some uses of container/vector (thanks John Asmuth).
* sync: improve Once fast path.
* unicode: fix case-mapping for roman numerals.
<h2 id="2011-07-19">2011-07-19</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes a language change and a change to the image
package that may require changes to client code.
The language change is that an "else" block is now required to have braces
except if the body of the "else" is another "if". Since gofmt always puts those
braces in anyway, programs will not be affected unless they contain "else for",
"else switch", or "else select". Run gofmt to fix any such programs.
The image package has had significant changes made to the Pix field of struct
types such as image.RGBA and image.NRGBA. The image.Image interface type has
not changed, though, and you should not need to change your code if you don't
explicitly refer to Pix fields. For example, if you decode a number of images
using the image/jpeg package, compose them using image/draw, and then encode
the result using image/png, then your code should still work as before.
If you do explicitly refer to Pix fields, there are two changes. First, Pix[0]
now refers to the pixel at Bounds().Min instead of the pixel at (0, 0). Second,
the element type of the Pix slice is now uint8 instead of image.FooColor. For
example, for an image.RGBA, the channel values will be packed R, G, B, A, R, G,
B, A, etc. For 16-bits-per-channel color types, the pixel data will be stored
as big-endian uint8s.
Most Pix field types have changed, and so if your code still compiles after
this change, then you probably don't need to make any further changes (unless
you use an image.Paletted's Pix field). If you do get compiler errors, code
that used to look like this:
// Get the R, G, B, A values for the pixel at (x, y).
var m *image.RGBA = loadAnImage()
c := m.Pix[y*m.Stride + x]
r, g, b, a := c.R, c.G, c.B, c.A
should now look like this:
// Get the R, G, B, A values for the pixel at (x, y).
var m *image.RGBA = loadAnImage()
i := (y-m.Rect.Min.Y)*m.Stride + (x-m.Rect.Min.X)*4
r := m.Pix[i+0]
g := m.Pix[i+1]
b := m.Pix[i+2]
a := m.Pix[i+3]
This image package change will not be fixed by gofix: how best to translate
code into something efficient and idiomatic depends on the surrounding context,
and is not easily automatable. Examples of what to do can be found in the
changes to image/draw/draw.go in
Other changes:
* 6l: change default output name to 6.out.exe on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* archive/zip: add Writer,
add Mtime_ns function to get modified time in sensible format.
* cc, ld, gc: fixes for Plan 9 build (thanks Lucio De Re).
* cgi: close stdout reader pipe when finished.
* cgo: add missing semicolon in generated struct,
windows amd64 port (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* codereview: fix for Mercurial 1.9.
* dashboard: list "most installed this week" with rolling count.
* debug/elf: read ELF Program headers (thanks Matthew Horsnell).
* debug/pe: fixes ImportedSymbols for Win64 (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* debug/proc: remove unused package.
* doc/talks/io2010: update with gofix and handle the errors.
* exp/eval, exp/ogle: remove packages eval and ogle.
* exp/regexp/syntax: add Prog.NumCap.
* exp/template: API changes, bug fixes, and tweaks.
* flag: make -help nicer.
* fmt: Scan(&amp;int) was mishandling a lone digit.
* gc: fix closure bug,
fix to build with clang (thanks Dave Cheney),
make size of struct{} and [0]byte 0 bytes (thanks Robert Hencke),
some enhancements to printing debug info.
* gif: fix local color map and coordinates.
* go/build: fixes for windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
include processing of .c files for cgo packages (thanks Alex Brainman),
less aggressive failure when GOROOT not found.
* go/printer: changed max. number of newlines from 3 to 2.
* gob: register more slice types (thanks Bobby Powers).
* godoc: support for file systems stored in .zip files.
* goinstall, dashboard: Google Code now supports git (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt).
* hash/crc32: add SSE4.2 support.
* html: update section references in comments to the latest HTML5 spec.
* http: drain the pipe output in TestHandlerPanic to avoid logging deadlock,
fix Content-Type of file extension (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
implement http.FileSystem for zip files,
let FileServer work when path doesn't begin with a slash,
support for periodic flushing in ReverseProxy.
* image/draw: add benchmarks.
* json: add omitempty struct tag option,
allow using '$' and '-' as the struct field's tag (thanks Mikio Hara),
encode \r and \n in strings as e.g. "\n", not "\u000A" (thanks Evan Martin),
escape < and > in any JSON string for XSS prevention.
* ld: allow seek within write buffer<
add a PT_LOAD PHDR entry for the PHDR (thanks David Anderson).
* net: windows/amd64 port (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* os: plan9: add Process.Signal as a way to send notes (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover).
* os: don't permit Process.Signal after a successful Wait.
* path/filepath: fixes for windows paths (thanks Alex Brainman).
* reflect: add Value.NumMethod,
panic if Method index is out of range for a type.
* runtime: faster entersyscall, exitsyscall,
fix panic for make(chan [0]byte),
fix subtle select bug (thanks Hector Chu),
make goc2c build on Plan 9 (thanks Lucio De Re),
make TestSideEffectOrder work twice,
several parallelism-related optimizations and fixes,
stdcall_raw stack 16byte align for Win64 (thanks Wei Guangjing),
string-related optimizations (thanks Quan Yong Zhai),
track running goroutine count.
* strconv: handle [-+]Infinity in atof.
* sync: add fast paths to WaitGroup,
improve RWMutex performance.
* syscall: add Flock on Linux,
parse and encode SCM_RIGHTS and SCM_CREDENTIALS (thanks Albert Strasheim).
<h2 id="2011-07-07">2011-07-07 (<a href="release.html#r59">base for r59</a>)</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes changes to the strings, http, reflect, json, and
xml packages. Code that uses these packages will need changes. Most of these
changes can be made automatically with gofix.
The strings package's Split function has itself been split into Split and
SplitN. SplitN is the same as the old Split. The new Split is equivalent to
SplitN with a final argument of -1.
The http package has a new FileSystem interface that provides access to files.
The FileServer helper now takes a FileSystem argument instead of an explicit
file system root. By implementing your own FileSystem you can use the
FileServer to serve arbitrary data.
The reflect package supports a new struct tag scheme that enables sharing of
struct tags between multiple packages.
In this scheme, the tags must be of the form:
key:"value" key2:"value2"
reflect.StructField's Tag field now has type StructTag (a string type), which
has method Get(key string) string that returns the associated value.
Clients of json and xml will need to be updated. Code that says
type T struct {
X int "name"
should become
type T struct {
X int `json:"name"` // or `xml:"name"`
Use govet to identify struct tags that need to be changed to use the new syntax.
Other changes:
* 5l, 6l, 8l: drop use of ed during build.
* asn1: support T61 and UTF8 string.
* bufio: do not cache Read errors (thanks Graham Miller).
* build: make version.bash aware of branches.
* cgi: don't depend on for tests.
* codereview: make --ignore_hgpatch_failure work again,
restrict sync to default branch.
* crypto/openpgp: add ability to reserialize keys,
bug fix (thanks Gideon Jan-Wessel Redelinghuys).
* crypto/tls: fix generate_cert.go.
* crypto/x509: prevent chain cycles in Verify.
* csv: new package.
* doc: remove ed from apt-get package list.
* docs: fold the scripting from makehtml into htmlgen itself.
* ebnflint: better handling of stdin.
* exp/regexp/syntax: new experimental RE2-based regexp implementation.
* exp/template: a new experimental templating package.
* fmt: add SkipSpace to fmt's ScanState interface.
* fmt: rename errno and error to err for doc consistency.
* gc: avoid package name ambiguity in error messages,
fix package quoting logic,
fixes for Plan 9 (thanks Lucio De Re).
* go/build: evaluate symlinks before comparing path to GOPATH.
* gob: use exported fields in structs in the package documentation.
* godoc: ignore directories that begin with '.',
search GOPATH for documentation.
* gofix: os/signal, path/filepath, and sort fixes (thanks Robert Hencke),
* goinstall: add support for generic hosts (thanks Julian Phillips),
only report successfully-installed packages to the dashboard,
try to access via https (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* gotest: add -test.benchtime and -test.cpu flags.
* html: fixes and improvements (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* http/cgi: add Handler.Dir to specify working directory (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* http: add StripPrefix handler wrapper,
assume ContentLength 0 on GET requests,
better handling of 0-length Request.Body,
do TLS handshake explicitly before copying TLS state,
document that ServerConn and ClientConn are low-level,
make NewChunkedReader public (thanks Andrew Balholm),
respect Handlers setting Connection: close in their response.
* image: more tests, Paletted.Opaque optimization.
* io.WriteString: if the object has a WriteString method, use it (thanks Evan Shaw).
* ld: elide the Go symbol table when using -s (thanks Anthony Martin).
* ld: fix ELF strip by removing overlap of sections (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* mime/multipart: parse LF-delimited messages, not just CRLF.
* mime: permit lower-case media type parameters (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe).
* misc/dashboard: new features and improvements (not yet deployed).
* misc/emacs: update list of builtins (thanks Quan Yong Zhai).
* misc/vim: allow only utf-8 for file encoding (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* os: fix documentation for FileInfo.Name,
simplify WriteString,
use a different symbol from syscall in
* path/filepath: enable TestWalk to run on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* reflect: add MethodByName,
allow Len on String values.
* regexp: document that Regexp is thread-safe.
* runtime/cgo: check for errors from pthread_create (thanks Albert Strasheim).
* runtime: add Semacquire/Semrelease benchmarks,
improved Semacquire/Semrelease implementation,
windows/amd64 port (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* sync: add fast path to Once,
improve Mutex to allow successive acquisitions,
new and improved benchmarks.
* syscall: regenerate zerrors for darwin/linux/freebsd,
support for tty options in StartProcess (thanks Ken Rockot).
* testing: make ResetTimer not start/stop the timer,
scale benchmark precision to 0.01ns if needed.
* time: zero-pad two-digit years.
* unicode/maketables: update debugging data.
* windows: define and use syscall.Handle (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* xml: add Marshal and MarshalIndent.
<h2 id="2011-06-23">2011-06-23</h2>
This snapshot includes a language change that restricts the use of goto.
In essence, a "goto" statement outside a block cannot jump to a label inside
that block. Your code may require changes if it uses goto.
This changeset shows how the new rule affected the Go tree:
The os.ErrorString type has been hidden. If your code uses os.ErrorString it
must be changed. Most uses of os.ErrorString can be replaced with os.NewError.
Other changes:
* 5c: do not use R9 and R10.
* 8l: more fixes for Plan 9 (thanks Lucio De Re).
* build: Make.ccmd: link with mach lib (thanks Joe Poirier).
* build: exclude packages that fail on Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin).
* cc: nit: silence comment warnings (thanks Dave Cheney).
* note that hg change -d abandons a change list (thanks Robert Hencke).
* crypto/openpgp: add ElGamal support.
* doc/faq: add question about converting from []T to []interface{}.
* doc: Effective Go: fix variadic function example (thanks Ben Lynn).
* exec: LookPath should not search %PATH% for files like c:cmd.exe (thanks Alex Brainman),
add support for Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin),
better error message for windows LookPath (thanks Alex Brainman).
* fmt: catch panics from calls to String etc.
* gc: descriptive panic for nil pointer -&gt; value method call,
implement goto restriction,
unsafe.Alignof, unsafe.Offsetof, unsafe.Sizeof now return uintptr.
* go/build: include Import objects in Script Inputs.
* godefs: rudimentary tests (thanks Robert Hencke).
* goinstall: refactor and generalize repo handling code (thanks Julian Phillips),
temporarily use Makefiles by default (override with -make=false).
* gopprof: update list of memory allocators.
* http: add Server.ListenAndServeTLS,
buffer request.Write,
fix req.Cookie(name) with cookies in one header,
permit handlers to explicitly remove the Date header,
write Header keys with empty values.
* image: basic test for the 16-bits-per-color-channel types.
* io: clarify Read, ReadAt, Copy, Copyn EOF behavior.
* ld: don't attempt to build dynamic sections unnecessarily (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* libmach: fix disassembly of FCMOVcc and FCOMI (thanks Anthony Martin),
fix tracing on linux (for cov) (thanks Anthony Martin).
* mime: fix RFC references (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe).
* misc/gobuilder: run make single-threaded on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* misc/godashboard: Accept sub-directories for goinstall's report (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* nacl, tiny: remove vestiges (thanks Robert Hencke).
* net, syscall: interface for windows (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* os: change Waitmsg String method to use pointer receiver (thanks Graham Miller).
* runtime: don't use twice the memory with grsec-like kernels (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
* spec: disallow goto into blocks.
* sync: restore GOMAXPROCS during benchmarks.
* syscall: add LSF support for linux (thanks Mikio Hara),
add socket control message support for darwin, freebsd, linux (thanks Mikio Hara),
add tty support to StartProcess (thanks Ken Rockot),
fix build for Sizeof change.
* test: test of goto restrictions.
* time: add support for Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin).
<h2 id="2011-06-16">2011-06-16</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the sort and image/draw packages that will
require changes to client code.
The sort.IntArray type has been renamed to IntSlice, and similarly for
StringArray and Float64Array.
The image/draw package's Draw function now takes an additional argument,
a compositing operator. If in doubt, use draw.Over.
Other changes:
* build: fix header files for Plan 9 (thanks Lucio De Re).
* cgo: handle new Apple LLVM-based gcc from Xcode 4.2.
* crypto/openpgp: add ability to encrypt and sign messages.
* doc/gopher: add goggled gopher logo for App Engine.
* doc: Update notes for 3-day Go course.
* exec: make LookPath work when PATHEXT var not set on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* exp/regexp/syntax: syntax data structures, parser, escapes, character classes.
* exp/template: lexical scanner for new template package.
* fmt: debugging formats for characters: %+q %#U.
* gc: frame compaction for arm,
handle go print() and go println(),
work around goto bug.
* go/build: fixes, self-contained tests.
* go/printer, gofmt: print "select {}" on one line.
* godoc: replace OS file system accesses in favor of a FileSystem interface.
* gofix: fix inconsistent indentation in help output (thanks Scott Lawrence).
* goinstall: use go/build package to scan and build packages.
* http/spdy: improve error handling (thanks William Chan).
* http: use runtime/debug.Stack() to dump stack trace on panic.
* ld: dwarf emit filenames in debug_line header instead of as extended opcodes,
fix link Windows PE __declspec(dllimport) symbol (thanks Wei Guangjing),
make .rodata section read-only (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* mail: decode RFC 2047 "B" encoding.
* mime/multipart: remove temp files after tests on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* net: export all fields in Interface (thanks Mikio Hara),
rearrange source to run more tests on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
sendfile for win32 (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* os: Plan 9, fix OpenFile &amp; Chmod, add Process.Kill (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover).
* runtime: fix Plan 9 "lingering goroutines bug" (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover).
* spec: clarify rules for append, scope rules for :=,
specify constant conversions,
unsafe.Alignof/Offsetof/Sizeof return uintptr.
* syscall, os, exec: add *syscall.SysProcAttr field to os.ProcAttr and exec.Cmd.
* syscall: add ptrace on darwin (thanks Jeff Hodges), should output unix newline (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
update BPF support for BSD variants (thanks Mikio Hara),
use strict in perl scripts (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* xml: handle non-string attribute fields (thanks Maxim Ushakov).
<h2 id="2011-06-09">2011-06-09 (<a href="release.html#r58">base for r58</a>)</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the strconv, http, and exp/draw packages.
Client code that uses the http or exp/draw packages will need to be changed,
and code that uses strconv or fmt's "%q" formatting directive merits checking.
The strconv package's Quote function now escapes only those Unicode code points
not classified as printable by unicode.IsPrint. Previously Quote would escape
all non-ASCII characters. This also affects the fmt package's "%q" formatting
directive. The previous quoting behavior is still available via strconv's new
QuoteToASCII function.
Most instances of the type map[string][]string in the http package have been
replaced with the new Values type. The http.Values type has the Get, Set, Add,
and Del helper methods to make working with query parameters and form values
more convenient.
The exp/draw package has been split into the image/draw and exp/gui packages.
Other changes:
* 8l, ld: initial adjustments for Plan 9 native compilation of 8l (thanks Lucio De Re).
* arm: floating point improvements (thanks Fan Hongjian).
* big: Improved speed of nat-to-string conversion (thanks Michael T. Jones),
Rat outputs the requested precision from FloatString (thanks Graham Miller),
gobs for big.Rats.
* cgo: support non intel gcc machine flags (thanks Dave Cheney).
* compress/lzw: do not use background goroutines,
reduce decoder buffer size from 3*4096 to 2*4096.
* crypto/twofish: fix Reset index overflow bug.
* crypto: reorg, cleanup and add function for generating CRLs.
* exec: export the underlying *os.Process in Cmd.
* gc: enable building under clang/2.9 (thanks Dave Cheney),
preparatory work toward escape analysis, compact stack frames.
* go/build: new incomplete package for building go programs.
* godefs: do not assume forward type references are enums (thanks Robert Hencke).
* gofix, gofmt: fix diff regression from exec change.
* html: improve attribute parsing, note package status.
* http: don't fail on accept hitting EMFILE,
fix handling of 0-length HTTP requests.
* image/draw: fix clipping bug where sp/mp were not shifted when r.Min was.
* image/gif: fix buglet in graphics extension.
* image/tiff: support for bit depths other than 8 (thanks Benny Siegert).
* ld: fix and simplify ELF symbol generation (thanks Anthony Martin)
* libmach: use the standardized format for designated initializers (thanks Jeff Hodges)
* mail: address list parsing.
* net: add network interface identification API (thanks Mikio Hara),
fix bug in net.Interfaces: handle elastic sdl_data size correctly (thanks Mikio Hara).
* netchan: added drain method to importer (thanks David Jakob Fritz).
* os: add Process.Kill and Process.Signal (thanks Evan Shaw),
fix Getenv for Plan 9 (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover).
* runtime: improve memmove by checking memory overlap (thanks Quan Yong Zhai),
support for Linux grsecurity systems (thanks Jonathan Mark).
* spec: handle a corner case for shifts.
* testing: check that tests and benchmarks do not affect GOMAXPROCS (thanks Dmitriy Vyukov).
* unicode: add IsPrint and related properties, general categories.
<h2 id="2011-06-02">2011-06-02</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the exec package that will require changes
to client code.
The exec package has been re-designed with a more convenient and succinct API.
This code:
args := []string{"diff", "-u", "file1.txt", "file2.txt"}
p, err := exec.Run("/usr/bin/diff", args, os.Environ(), "",
exec.DevNull, exec.Pipe, exec.DevNull)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
var buf bytes.Buffer
io.Copy(&amp;buf, p.Stdout)
w, err := p.Wait(0)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return buf.Bytes(), err
can be rewritten as:
return exec.Command("diff", "-u", "file1.txt", "file2.txt").Output()
See the exec package documentation for the details ("godoc exec").
By setting the GOPATH environment variable you can use goinstall to build and
install your own code and external libraries outside of the Go tree (and avoid
writing Makefiles).
See the goinstall command documentation for the details ("godoc goinstall").
Other changes:
* 5g: alignment fixes.
* 6l, 8l: fix Mach-O binaries with many dynamic libraries.
* 8l: emit resources (.rsrc) in Windows PE. (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* asn1: fix marshaling of empty optional RawValues (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* big: make Int and Rat implement fmt.Scanner (thanks Evan Shaw),
~8x faster number scanning,
remove some unnecessary conversions.
* cgo: restrict #cgo directives to prevent shell expansion (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
support pkg-config for flags and libs (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* compress/flate: fix Huffman tree bug,
do not use background goroutines.
* crypto/openpgp: add support for symmetrically encrypting files.
* crypto/tls/generate_cert.go: fix misspelling of O_CREATE.
* dashboard: send notification emails when the build breaks.
* doc: mention go/printer instead of container/vector in effective go,
put Release History link on 'Documentation' page,
put Weekly Snapshot History link on 'Contributing' page.
* encoding/base64: add DecodeString and EncodeToString.
* encoding/binary: add a non-reflect fast path for Read,
add a non-reflect fast path for Write.
* encoding/hex: add hex dumping.
* encoding/line: delete package. Its functionality is now in bufio.
* filepath: Abs must always return a clean path (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* fmt: fix bug in UnreadRune,
make %q work for integers, printing a quoted character literal,
return EOF when out of input in Scan*.
* gc: check parameter declarations in interface fields (thanks Anthony Martin),
disallow ... in type conversions (thanks Anthony Martin),
do not force heap allocation on referencing outer variable in a closure,
fix m[x], _ = y.(T),
implement new shift rules,
patch to fix build when using Bison 2.5,
relax assignability of method receivers (thanks Anthony Martin),
typecheck the whole tree before walking.
* go/scanner: don't allow "0x" and "0X" as integers (thanks Evan Shaw).
* gobuilder: fixes for windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* godoc: basic setup for running godoc on local app engine emulator,
display advert for the package dashboard on package list page.
* goinstall: fixes for windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
more verbose logging with -v.
* gotest, pkg/exec: use bash to run shell scripts on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* http/spdy: redo interfaces, flesh out implementation &amp; frame types (thanks William Chan).
* http: Transport hook to register non-http(s) protocols,
add client+server benchmark,
catch Handler goroutine panics,
fix Set-Cookie date parsing,
have client set Content-Length when possible,
let Transport use a custom net.Dial function,
propagate Set-Cookie in reverse proxy,
ServeFile shouldn't send Content-Length when Content-Encoding is set.
* image: add a SubImage method.
* image/gif: simplify blockReader.Read.
* image/png: fix encoding of images that don't start at (0, 0).
* io, net, http: sendfile support.
* io: add ByteScanner, RuneScanner interfaces.
* ld: add -w to disable dwarf, make errors obviously from dwarf.
* mail: new package.
* mime/multipart: misc code/doc fixes.
* misc/cgo: remove reference to 'destroy' function.
* misc/emacs: don't select the mark after gofmt (thanks Eric Eisner).
* misc/gophertool: Chrome extension to aid in Go development
* misc/vim: limit Fmt command to Go buffers (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* net: if we stop polling, remove any pending events for the socket,
update IP multicast socket options (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: Fix test to work on Solaris,
fix Readdir(0) on EOF,
fix Readdir, Readdirnames (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover),
fix os.MkdirAll with backslash path separator (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
handle OpenFile flag parameter properly on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path/filepath: remove string constants.
* pkg: spelling tweaks, I-Z (thanks Robert Hencke).
* quietgcc: fix typo, respect $TMPDIR.
* runtime: do not garbage collect windows callbacks (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix mmap error return on linux (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh),
reset GOMAXPROCS during tests,
save cdecl registers in Windows SEH handler (thanks Alexey Borzenkov).
* spec: be precise with the use of the informal ellipsis and the Go token,
clarify rules for shifts.
* strconv: add QuoteRune; analogous to Quote but for runes rather than strings.
* strings: implement UnreadByte, UnreadRune.
* sync: always wake up sleeping goroutines on Cond.Signal (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* sync/atomic: fix check64.
* syscall: add ProcAttr field to pass an unescaped command line on windows (thanks Vincent Vanackere),
add routing messages support for Linux and BSD (thanks Mikio Hara).
* template: fixes and clean-ups (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* time: fix Format bug: midnight/noon are 12AM/PM not 0AM/PM.
* unicode: make the tables smaller.
<h2 id="2011-05-22">2011-05-22</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the http package that will require changes to
client code.
The finalURL return value of the Client.Get method has been removed.
This value is now accessible via the new Request field on http.Response.
For example, this code:
res, finalURL, err := http.Get(...)
should be rewritten as:
res, err := http.Get(...)
if err != nil {
// ...
finalURL := res.Request.URL.String()
Uses of http.Get that assign the finalURL value to _ can be rewritten
automatically with gofix.
This snapshot also includes an optimization to the append function that makes it
between 2 and 5 times faster in typical use cases.
Other changes:
* 5a, 6a, 8a, cc: remove old environment variables.
* 5c, 5g: fix build with too-smart gcc.
* 5l, 8l: add ELF symbol table to binary.
* 5l: delete pre-ARMv4 instruction implementations, other fixes.
* 6l, 8l: emit windows dwarf sections like other platforms (thanks Alex Brainman).
* 6l: fix emit windows dwarf sections (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* 8g: fix conversion from float to uint64 (thanks Anthony Martin).
* Make.cmd: create TARGDIR if necessary (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* asn1: add big support.
* big: add Int methods to act on numbered bits (thanks Roger Peppe),
better support for string conversions,
support %v and # modifier, better handling of unknown formats.
* cgi: export RequestFromMap (thanks Evan Shaw),
set Request.TLS and Request.RemoteAddr for children.
* cgo: use packed struct to fix Windows behavior.
* codereview: add release branch support,
fetch metadata using JSON API, not XML scraping,
handle 'null as missing field' in rietveld json.
* compress/lzw: silently drop implied codes that are too large.
* compress/zlib: actually use provided dictionary in NewWriterDict
* crypto/openpgp: add key generation support,
change PublicKey.Serialize to include the header.
* crypto/rand: add utility functions for number generation (thanks Anthony Martin).
* crypto/tls: export the verified chains.
* crypto/x509/crl: add package.
* crypto/x509: export raw SubjectPublicKeyInfo,
support DSA public keys in X.509 certs,
support parsing and verifying DSA signatures (thanks Jonathan Allie).
* doc/roadmap: put "App Engine support" under "Done".
* doc: add I/O 2011 talks to talks/, docs.html, and front page.
* effective go: explain about values/pointers in String() example,
update to new Open signature.
* exp/draw: fast paths for drawing a YCbCr or an NRGBA onto an RGBA.
* filepath: make EvalSymlinks work on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* flag: allow distinct sets of flags.
* gc: fix type switch error message for invalid cases (thanks Lorenzo Stoakes),
fix unsafe.Sizeof,
preserve original expression for errors.
* go/ast, go/doc, godoc: consider struct fields and interface methods when filtering ASTs.
* go/ast: consider anonymous fields and set Incomplete bit when filtering ASTs,
properly maintain map of package global imports.
* go/doc, godoc: when filtering for godoc, don't remove elements of a declaration.
* go/parser: accept parenthesized receive operations in select statements,
always introduce an ast.Object when declaring an identifier.
* go/printer, gofmt: fix alignment of "=" in const/var declarations,
fix formatting of expression lists (missing blank).
* go/printer: added simple performance benchmark,
make tests follow syntactic restrictions,
more accurate comment for incomplete structs/interfaces,
* go/token: faster FileSet.Position implementation.
* go/types: type checker API + testing infrastructure.
* godoc: added -index flag to enable/disable search index,
if there is no search box, don't run the respective JS code.
* gofmt: update (exclude a file w/ incorrect syntax).
* html: parse empty, unquoted, and single-quoted attribute values.
* http/cgi: correctly set request Content-Type (thanks Evan Shaw),
pass down environment variables for IRIX and Solaris.
* http/pprof: fix POST reading bug.
* http/spdy: new incomplete package (thanks Ross Light).
* http: Client.Do should follow redirects for GET and HEAD,
add Header.Write method (thanks Evan Shaw),
add Request.SetBasicAuth method,
add Transport.ProxySelector,
add http.SetCookie(ResponseWriter, *Cookie),
don't Clean query string in relative redirects,
fix FormFile nil pointer dereference on missing multipart form,
fix racy test with a simpler version,
fix two Transport gzip+persist crashes,
include Host header in requests,
make HEAD client request follow redirects (thanks Eivind Uggedal).
update cookie doc to reference new RFC 6265,
write cookies according to RFC 6265 (thanks Christian Himpel).
* image/bmp: implement a BMP decoder.
* image/gif: new package provides a GIF decoder.
* image/jpeg: decode grayscale images, not just color images.
optimizations and tweaks.
* image/png: encode paletted images with alpha channel (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh),
speed up opaque RGBA encoding.
* image/tiff: implement a decoder (thanks Benny Siegert).
* image: add type-specific Set methods and use them when decoding PNG,
make AlphaColor.Set conform to usual signature (thanks Roger Peppe),
png &amp; jpeg encoding benchmarks.
* ld: do not emit reference to dynamic library named "",
fix alignment of rodata section on Plan 9 (thanks Anthony Martin),
make ELF binaries with no shared library dependencies static binaries.
* make.bash: remove old bash version of gotest on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* make: add nuke target for C commands and libs (thanks Anthony Martin).
* mime/multipart: add FileName accessor on Part,
add Writer,
return an error on Reader EOF, not (nil, nil).
* misc/cgo/test: run tests.
* misc/emacs: use UTF-8 when invoking gofmt as a subprocess (thanks Sameer Ajmani).
* misc/vim: new Vim indentation script.
* net, http: add and make use of IP address scope identification API (thanks Mikio Hara).
* net: default to, not localhost, in TestICMP,
don't crash on unexpected DNS SRV responses,
enable SO_REUSEPORT on BSD variants (thanks Mikio Hara),
protocol family adaptive address family selection (thanks Mikio Hara),
re-enable wildcard listening (thanks Mikio Hara),
sort records returned by LookupSRV (thanks Gary Burd).
* os: make Readdir &amp; Readdirnames return os.EOF at end,
make Setenv update C environment variables.
* reflect: allow unexported key in Value.MapIndex.
* runtime, sync/atomic: fix arm cas.
* runtime: add newline to "finalizer already set" error (thanks Albert Strasheim),
handle out-of-threads on Linux gracefully (thanks Albert Strasheim),
fix function args not checked warning on ARM (thanks Dave Cheney),
make StackSystem part of StackGuard (thanks Alexey Borzenkov),
maybe fix Windows build broken by cgo setenv CL.
* spec: clarify semantics of integer division,
clarify semantics of range clause,
fix error in production syntax,
narrow syntax for expression and select statements,
newlines cannot be used inside a char or "" string literal,
restricted expressions may still be parenthesized.
* strings: make Reader.Read use copy instead of an explicit loop.
* syscall: add Windows file mapping functions and constants (thanks Evan Shaw),
add IPv6 scope zone ID support (thanks Mikio Hara),
add netlink support for linux/386, linux/amd64, linux/arm (thanks Mikio Hara),
add Sendfile,
adjust freebsd syscalls.master URL properly (thanks Mikio Hara),
change Overlapped.HEvent type, it is a handle (thanks Alex Brainman).
* syslog: fix skipping of net tests (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* template: support string, int and float literals (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* xml: fix reflect error.
<h2 id="2011-04-27">2011-04-27 (<a href="release.html#r57">base for r57</a>)</h2>
This snapshot includes revisions to the reflect package to make it more
efficient, after the last weekly's major API update. If your code uses reflect
it may require further changes, not all of which can be made automatically by
gofix. For the full details of the change, see
Also, the Typeof and NewValue functions have been renamed to TypeOf and ValueOf.
Other changes:
* 5c: make alignment rules match 5g, just like 6c matches 6g.
* 8g, 8l: fix "set but not used" gcc error (thanks Fazlul Shahriar).
* all-qemu.bash: remove DISABLE_NET_TESTS.
* build: remove DISABLE_NET_TESTS.
* builder: build multiple targets in parallel.
* cgo: avoid "incompatible pointer type" warning (thanks Albert Strasheim).
* codereview: add 'hg undo' command, various other fixes.
* compress/flate: dictionary support.
* compress/zlib: add FDICT flag in Reader/Writer (thanks Ross Light).
* container/heap: fix circular dependency in test.
* crypto/openpgp: better handling of keyrings.
* crypto/rsa: support > 3 primes.
* crypto/tls: add server-side OCSP stapling support.
* crypto/x509: memorize chain building.
* crypto: move certificate verification into x509.
* dashboard: build most recent revision first.
* doc: mention make version in install.html.
* expvar: add Func for functions that return values that are JSON marshalable.
* fmt: decrease recursion depth in tests to permit them to run under gccgo,
tweak the doc for %U.
* gc: allow complex types to be receiver types (thanks Robert Hencke),
correct handling of unexported method names in embedded interfaces,
explain why invalid receiver types are invalid,
fix copy([]int, string) error message (thanks Quan Yong Zhai),
fix 'invalid recursive type' error (thanks Lorenzo Stoakes),
many bug fixes.
* go spec: attempt at clarifying language for "append",
for map types, mention indexing operations.
* go/types: update for export data format change.
* gob: fix handling of indirect receivers for GobDecoders,
fix trivial bug in map marshaling,
have errorf always prefix the message with "gob: ",
test case for indirection to large field,
use new Implements and AssignableTo methods in reflect,
when decoding a string, allocate a string, not a []byte.
* gobuilder: permit builders of the form goos-goarch-foo,
respect MAKEFLAGS if provided (thanks Dave Cheney).
* godoc: use "search" input type for search box (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh).
* gofix: add support for reflect rename.
* gofmt: add -d (diff) (thanks David Crawshaw),
don't crash when rewriting nil interfaces in AST,
exclude test case that doesn't compile w/o errors,
gofmt test harness bug fix.
* goinstall: support GOPATH; building and installing outside the Go tree,
support building executable commands.
* gopack: fix prefix bug,
preserve safe flag when not adding unsafe objects to archive.
* gotest: add timing, respect $GOARCH,
generate gofmt-compliant code.
* http/cgi: copy some PATH environment variables to child,
improve Location response handling,
pass some default environment variables.
* http/fcgi: new package (thanks Evan Shaw).
* http: add NewRequest helper,
add MultipartForm, ParseMultipartForm, and FormFile to Request,
be clear when failing to connect to a proxy,
bug fixes and new tests,
consume request bodies before replying,
don't quote Set-Cookie Domain and Path (thanks Petar Maymounkov),
fix IP confusion in TestServerTimeouts,
handler timeout support,
ServerConn, ClientConn: add real Close (thanks Petar Maymounkov),
make Client redirect policy configurable,
put a limit on POST size,
reverse proxy handler.
* image/jpeg: add an encoder,
decode to a YCbCr image instead of an RGBA image.
* ioutil: add Discard.
* json: keep track of error offset in SyntaxError.
* ld: defend against some broken object files,
do not emit empty dwarf pe sections (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix 6l -d on Mac, diagnose invalid use of -d,
fix Plan 9 symbol table (thanks Anthony Martin),
remove MachoLoad limit.
* make: prevent rm provoking 'text file busy' errors (thanks Lorenzo Stoakes).
* mime/multipart: add ReadForm for parsing multipart forms,
limit line length to prevent abuse.
* mime: RFC 2231 continuation / non-ASCII support,
bunch more tests, few minor parsing fixes.
* misc/goplay: fix Tab and Shift+Enter in Firefox (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh).
* net: disable one more external network test,
fix EAI_BADFLAGS error on freebsd (thanks Mikio Hara),
fix ParseIP (thanks Quan Yong Zhai),
fix dialgoogle_test.go (thanks Quan Yong Zhai),
try /etc/hosts before loading DNS config (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh),
use C library resolver on FreeBSD, Linux, OS X / amd64, 386.
* os/user: new package to look up users.
* os: Open with O_APPEND|O_CREATE to append on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix race in ReadAt/WriteAt on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
turn EPIPE exit into panic.
* rc/env.bash: fix to build on windows under msys (thanks Joe Poirier).
* reflect: allow Slice of arrays,
fix Copy of arrays (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
require package qualifiers to match during interface check,
add Type.Implements, Type.AssignableTo, Value.CallSlice,
make Set match Go.
* rpc: allow the first argument of a method to be a value rather than a pointer,
run benchmarks over HTTP as well as direct network connections.
* run.bash: remove redundant rebuilds.
* runtime/plan9: warning remediation for Plan 9 (thanks Lucio De Re),
* runtime: many bug fixes,
fix GOMAXPROCS vs garbage collection bug (thanks Dmitriy Vyukov),
fix mkversion to output valid path separators (thanks Peter Mundy),
more graceful out-of-memory crash,
require package qualifiers to match during interface check,
skip functions with no lines when building src line table,
turn "too many EPIPE" into real SIGPIPE.
* src/pkg: make package doc comments consistently start with "Package foo".
* syscall: Madvise and Mprotect for Linux (thanks Albert Strasheim),
Mlock, Munlock, Mlockall, Munlockall on Linux (thanks Albert Strasheim),
add BPF support for darwin/386, darwin/amd64 (thanks Mikio Hara),
correct Windows CreateProcess input parameters (thanks Alex Brainman),
fix Ftruncate under linux/arm5 (thanks Dave Cheney),
permit StartProcess to hide the executed program on windows (thanks Vincent Vanackere).
* test/bench: update timings; moving to new machine.
* time: support Irix 6 location for zoneinfo files.
* tutorial: modernize the definition and use of Open,
replace the forever loops with finite counts in sieve programs.
* websocket: include *http.Request in websocket.Conn.
* xml: Parser hook for non-UTF-8 charset converters.
<h2 id="2011-04-13">2011-04-13</h2>
This weekly snapshot includes major changes to the reflect package and the
os.Open function. Code that uses reflect or os.Open will require updating,
which can be done mechanically using the gofix tool.
The reflect package's Type and Value types have changed. Type is now an
interface that implements all the possible type methods. Instead of a type
switch on a reflect.Type t, switch on t.Kind(). Value is now a struct value
that implements all the possible value methods. Instead of a type switch on a
reflect.Value v, switch on v.Kind(). See the change for the full details:
The os package's Open function has been replaced by three functions:
OpenFile(name, flag, perm) // same as old Open
Open(name) // same as old Open(name, O_RDONLY, 0)
Create(name) // same as old Open(name, O_RDWR|O_TRUNC|O_CREAT, 0666)
To update your code to use the new APIs, run "gofix path/to/code". Gofix can't
handle all situations perfectly, so read and test the changes it makes before
committing them.
Other changes:
* archive/zip: add func OpenReader, type ReadCloser (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh).
* asn1: Implement correct marshaling of length octets (thanks Luit van Drongelen).
* big: don't crash when printing nil ints.
* bufio: add ReadLine, to replace encoding/line.
* build: make the build faster, quieter.
* codereview: automatically port old diffs forward,
drop Author: line on self-clpatch,
recognize code URL without trailing slash.
* crypto/block: remove deprecated package.
* crypto/des: new package implementating DES and TDEA (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* crypto/ecdsa, crypto/rsa: use io.ReadFull to read from random source (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh).
* crypto/rsa: add 3-prime support,
add support for precomputing CRT values,
flip the CRT code over so that it matches PKCS#1.
* crypto/x509: expose complete DER data (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* doc: new "Functions" codewalk (thanks John DeNero).
* doc/roadmap: add sections on tools, packages.
* fmt: allow %U for unsigned integers.
* gc: fixes and optimizations.
* go/printer, gofmt: use blank to separate import rename from import path.
* go/scanner: better TokenString output.
* go/types: new Go type hierarchy implementation for AST.
* godashboard: show packages at (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* gofix: add -diff, various fixes and helpers.
* gotest: fix a bug in error handling,
fixes for [^.]_test file pattern (thanks Peter Mundy),
handle \r\n returned by gomake on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* gotype: use go/types GcImporter.
* govet: make name-matching for printf etc. case-insensitive.
* http: allow override of Content-Type for ServeFile,
client gzip support,
do not listen on during test,
flesh out server Expect handling + tests.
* image/ycbcr: new package.
* image: allow "?" wildcards when registering image formats.
* io: fixes for Read with n > 0, os.EOF (thanks Robert Hencke).
* ld: correct Plan 9 compiler warnings (thanks Lucio De Re),
ELF header function declarations (thanks Lucio De Re),
fix Mach-O X86_64_RELOC_SIGNED relocations (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
fix Mach-O bss bug (thanks Mikkel Krautz),
fix dwarf decoding of strings for struct's fieldnames (thanks Luuk van Dijk),
fixes and optimizations (25% faster).
* log: generalize getting and setting flags and prefix.
* misc/cgo/life: enable build and test on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* misc/vim: add plugin with Fmt command (thanks Dmitry Chestnykh),
update type highlighting for new reflect package.
* net: disable multicast tests by default (thanks Dave Cheney),
sort records returned by LookupMX (thanks Corey Thomasson).
* openpgp: Fix improper := shadowing (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* os: rename Open to OpenFile, add new Open, Create,
fix Readdir in Plan 9 (thanks Fazlul Shahriar).
* os/inotify: use _test for test files, not _obj.
* pkg/path: enable tests on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* reflect: new Type and Value API.
* src/pkg/Makefile: trim per-directory make output except on failure.
* syscall: Add DT_* and MADV_* constants on Linux (thanks Albert Strasheim),
add Mmap, Munmap on Linux, FreeBSD, OS X,
fix StartProcess in Plan 9 (thanks Fazlul Shahriar),
fix Windows Signaled (thanks Alex Brainman).
* test/bench: enable build and test on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
<h2 id="2011-04-04">2011-04-04</h2>
This snapshot includes changes to the net package. Your code will require
changes if it uses the Dial or LookupHost functions.
The laddr argument has been removed from net.Dial, and the cname return value
has been removed from net.LookupHost. The new net.LookupCNAME function can be
used to find the canonical host for a given name. You can update your
networking code with gofix.
The gotest shell script has been replaced by a Go program, making testing
significantly faster.
Other changes:
* asn1: extensions needed for parsing Kerberos.
* bufio: Write and WriteString cleanup (thanks Evan Shaw).
* bytes, strings: simplify Join (thanks Evan Shaw).
* crypto/cipher: bad CTR IV length now triggers panic.
* crypto/tls: extend NPN support to the client,
added X509KeyPair function to parse a Certificate from memory.
* crypto/x509: parse Extended Key Usage extension (thanks Mikkel Krautz).
* debug/gosym: remove need for gotest to run preparatory commands.
* fmt: implement precision (length of input) values for %q: %.20q.
* go/parser: fix scoping for local type declarations (thanks Roger Peppe),
package name must not be the blank identifier.
* go/printer, gofmt: remove special case for multi-line raw strings.
* gopack: add P flag to remove prefix from filename information.
* gotest: add -test.timeout option,
replace the shell script with the compiled program written in go,
execute gomake properly on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* gotry: move into its own directory, separate from gotest.
* gotype: support for more tests, added one new test.
* http: add Transport.MaxIdleConnsPerHost,
use upper case hex in URL escaping (thanks Matt Jones).
* httptest: add NewTLSServer.
* misc/kate: reorganize, remove closed() (thanks Evan Shaw).
* misc/notepadplus: support for notepad++ (thanks Anthony Starks).
* net: implement non-blocking connect (thanks Alexey Borzenkov).
* os: fix MkdirAll("/thisdoesnotexist") (thanks Albert Strasheim),
Plan 9 support (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover),
add a few missing Plan 9 errors (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski),
fix FileInfo.Name returned by Stat (thanks David Forsythe).
* path/filepath.Glob: add an error return,
don't drop known matches on error.
* path/filepath: add support for Plan 9 (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski).
* scanner: treat line comments like in Go.
* syscall: Plan 9 support (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover),
StartProcess Chroot and Credential (thanks Albert Strasheim),
add BPF support for freebsd/386, freebsd/amd64 (thanks Mikio Hara),
make [Raw]Syscall6 pass 6th arg on linux/386 (thanks Evan Shaw).
<h2 id="2011-03-28">2011-03-28</h2>
This weekly release includes improved support for testing.
Memory and CPU profiling is now available via the gotest tool. Gotest will
produce memory and CPU profiling data when invoked with the -test.memprofile
and -test.cpuprofile flags. Run "godoc gotest" for details.
We have also introduced a way for tests to run quickly when an exhaustive test
is unnecessary. Gotest's new -test.short flag in combination with the testing
package's new Short function allows you to write tests that can be run in
normal or "short" mode; short mode is now used by all.bash to reduce
installation time.
The Makefiles know about the flag - you can just run "make testshort".
Other changes:
* .hgignore: Ignore all goinstalled packages (thanks Evan Shaw).
* build: add all-qemu.bash, handful of arm fixes,
add support for SWIG, and add two SWIG examples,
diagnose Ubuntu's buggy copy of gold,
handle broken awk in version.bash (thanks Dave Cheney),
reenable clean.bash without gomake (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* cgo: fix index-out-of-bounds bug.
* codereview: permit CLs of the form weekly.DATE
* crypto/ecdsa: truncate hash values.
* crypto/openpgp: add DSA signature support.
* dashboard: remove old python/bash builder, update README.
* doc: explain release and weekly tags in install.html.
* exec: document dir option for Run (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* flag: document Nflag function (thanks Fazlul Shahriar).
* gc: remove interim ... error which rejects valid code.
* go/ast: implemented NewPackage,
merge CaseClause and TypeCaseClause.
* go/parser: fix memory leak by making a copy of token literals,
resolve identifiers properly.
* go/printer, gofmt: avoid exponential layout algorithm,
gofmt: simplify struct formatting and respect line breaks.
* go/scanner: to interpret line comments with Windows filenames (thanks Alex Brainman).
* go/token: use array instead of map for token-&gt;string table.
* gob: optimizations to reduce allocations,
use pointers in bootstrapType so interfaces behave properly.
* gobuilder: recognize CLs of the form weekly.DATE.
* godefs: handle volatile.
* godoc: add -template flag to specify custom templates,
fix path problem for windows (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* gofix: httpserver - rewrite rw.SetHeader to rw.Header.Set.
* gofmt: add profiling flag.
* gopprof: fix bug: do not rotate 180 degrees for large scrolls,
update list of memory allocation functions.
* gotest: fix gofmt issue in generated _testmain.go.
* http: add NewProxyClientConn,
avoid crash when asked for multiple file ranges,
don't chunk 304 responses,
export Transport, add keep-alive support.
* ld: return > 0 exit code on unsafe import.
* misc/bbedit: remove closed keyword (thanks Anthony Starks).
* misc/emacs: gofmt: don't clobber the current buffer on failure.
* misc/vim: remove 'closed' as a builtin function.
* net: add FileConn, FilePacketConn, FileListener (thanks Albert Strasheim),
don't force epoll/kqueue to wake up in order to add new events,
let OS-specific AddFD routine wake up polling thread,
use preallocated buffer for epoll and kqueue/kevent.
* path/filepath: add EvalSymlinks function,
fix TestEvalSymlinks when run under symlinked GOROOT.
* path: work for windows (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* rpc: increase server_test timeout (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
optimizations to reduce allocations.
* runtime: fix darwin/amd64 thread VM footprint (thanks Alexey Borzenkov),
fix gdb support for goroutines,
more stack split fixes,
os-specific types and code for setitimer,
update defs.h for freebsd-386 (thanks Devon H. O'Dell).
* strings: Map: avoid allocation when string is unchanged.
* syscall: GetsockoptInt (thanks Albert Strasheim),
StartProcess fixes for windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
permit non-blocking syscalls,
rename from .sh to .pl, because these files are in Perl.
* test: enable tests using v, ok := &lt;-ch syntax (thanks Robert Hencke).
* time: give a helpful message when we can't set the time zone for testing.
isolate syscall reference in sys.go.
<h2 id="2011-03-15">2011-03-15</h2>
This week's release introduces a new release tagging scheme. We intend to
continue with our weekly releases, but have renamed the existing tags from
"release" to "weekly". The "release" tag will now be applied to one hand-picked
stable release each month or two.
The revision formerly tagged "release.2011-03-07.1" (now "weekly.2011-03-07.1")
has been nominated our first stable release, and has been given the tag
"release.r56". As we tag each stable release we will post an announcement to
the new golang-announce mailing list:
You can continue to keep your Go installation updated using "hg update
release", but now you should only need to update once we tag a new stable
release, which we will announce here. If you wish to stay at the leading edge,
you should switch to the weekly tag with "hg update weekly".
This weekly release includes significant changes to the language spec and the
http, os, and syscall packages. Your code may need to be changed. It also
introduces the new gofix tool.
The closed function has been removed from the language. The syntax for channel
receives has been changed to return an optional second value, a boolean value
indicating whether the channel is closed. This code:
v := &lt;-ch
if closed(ch) {
// channel is closed
should now be written as:
v, ok := &lt;-ch
if !ok {
// channel is closed
It is now illegal to declare unused labels, just as it is illegal to declare
unused local variables.
The new gofix tool finds Go programs that use old APIs and rewrites them to use
newer ones. After you update to a new Go release, gofix helps make the
necessary changes to your programs. Gofix will handle the http, os, and syscall
package changes described below, and we will update the program to keep up with
future changes to the libraries.
The Hijack and Flush methods have been removed from the http.ResponseWriter
interface and are accessible via the new http.Hijacker and http.Flusher
interfaces. The RemoteAddr and UsingTLS methods have been moved from
http.ResponseWriter to http.Request.
The http.ResponseWriter interface's SetHeader method has been replaced by a
Header() method that returns the response's http.Header. Caller code needs to
change. This code:
rw.SetHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain")
should now be written as:
rw.Header().Set("Content-Type", "text/plain")
The os and syscall packages' StartProcess functions now take their final three
arguments as an *os.ProcAttr and *syscall.ProcAttr values, respectively. This
os.StartProcess(bin, args, env, dir, fds)
should now be written as:
os.StartProcess(bin, args, &amp;os.ProcAttr{Files: fds, Dir: dir, Env: env})
The gob package will now encode and decode values of types that implement the
gob.GobEncoder and gob.GobDecoder interfaces. This allows types with unexported
fields to transmit self-consistent descriptions; one instance is big.Int and
Other changes:
* 5l, 6l, 8l: reduce binary size about 40% by omitting symbols for type, string, go.string.
* 5l, 8l: output missing section symbols (thanks Anthony Martin).
* 6l, 8l: fix gdb crash.
* Make.cmd: also clean _test* (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* big: implemented custom Gob(En/De)coder for Int type.
* build: remove duplicate dependency in Make.cmd (thanks Robert Hencke),
run gotest in misc/cgo/test.
* don't suggest change -d if user is not CL author (thanks Robert Hencke).
* compress/lzw: benchmark a range of input sizes.
* crypto/ecdsa: add package.
* crypto/elliptic: add the N value of each curve.
* crypto/openpgp: bug fixes and fix misnamed function.
* crypto/tls: fix compile error (thanks Dave Cheney).
* doc: Effective Go: some small cleanups,
update FAQ. hello, world is now 1.1MB, down from 1.8MB,
update codelab wiki to fix template.Execute argument order.
* flag: visit the flags in sorted order, for nicer messages.
* fmt: do not export EOF = -1.
* fmt: make ScanState.Token more general (thanks Roger Peppe).
* gc: diagnose unused labels,
fix handling of return values named _,
include all dependencies in export metadata,
make unsafe.Pointer its own kind of type, instead of an equivalent to *any.
* go/ast, go/parser: populate identifier scopes at parse time.
* go/ast: add FileSet parameter to ast.Print and ast.Fprint.
* go/parser: first constant in a constant declaration must have a value.
* gob: efficiency and reliability fixes.
* gofmt: remove -trace and -ast flags.
* goinstall: handle $(GOOS) and $(GOARCH) in filenames,
handle .c files with gc when cgo isn't used, and
handle .s files with gc (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* gopack: omit time stamps, makes output deterministic.
* gotype: commandline tool to typecheck go programs.
* govet: handle '*' in print format strings.
* hash: new FNV-1a implementation (thanks Pascal S. de Kloe).
* http/cgi: child support (e.g. Go CGI under Apache).
* http: adapt Cookie code to follow IETF draft (thanks Petar Maymounkov),
add test for fixed HTTP/1.0 keep-alive issue,
don't hit external network in client_test.go,
fix transport crash when request URL is nil,
rename interface Transport to RoundTripper,
run tests even with DISABLE_NET_TESTS=1.
* httptest: default the Recorder status code to 200 on a Write.
* io/ioutil: clean-up of ReadAll and ReadFile.
* ioutil: add NopCloser.
* ld: preserve symbol sizes during data layout.
* lib9, libmach: Change GOOS references to GOHOSTOS (thanks Evan Shaw).
* libmach: correct string comparison to revive 6cov on darwin (thanks Dave Cheney).
* misc/vim: Add indent script for Vim (thanks Ross Light).
* net, os, syslog: fixes for Solaris support.
* net: don't loop to drain wakeup pipe.
* nm: document -S flag.
* openpgp: add PublicKey KeyId string accessors.
* rpc: optimizations, add benchmarks and memory profiling,
use httptest.Server for tests (thanks Robert Hencke).
* runtime: reduce lock contention via wakeup on scheduler unlock,
scheduler, cgo reorganization,
split non-debugging malloc interface out of debug.go into mem.go.
* spec: clarify return statement rules.
* strings: add IndexRune tests, ASCII fast path,
better benchmark names; add BenchmarkIndex.
* syscall: implement Mount and Unmount for linux,
implement Reboot for linux.
* time: fix Time.ZoneOffset documentation (thanks Peter Mundy).
* tls: move PeerCertificates to ConnectionState.
<h2 id="2011-03-07">2011-03-07 (<a href="release.html#r56">base for r56</a>)</h2>
This release includes changes to the reflect and path packages.
Code that uses reflect or path may need to be updated.
The reflect package's Value.Addr method has been renamed to Value.UnsafeAddr.
Code that uses the Addr method will have to call UnsafeAddr instead.
The path package has been split into two packages: path and path/filepath.
Package path manipulates slash-separated paths, regardless of operating system.
Package filepath implements the local operating system's native file paths.
OS-specific functioanlity in pacakge path, such as Walk, moved to filepath.
Other changes:
* build: fixes and simplifications (thanks Dave Cheney),
move $GOBIN ahead of /bin, /usr/bin in build $PATH.
* bzip2: speed up decompression.
* cgo: fix dwarf type parsing (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
put temporary source files in _obj (thanks Roger Peppe),
fix bug involving 0-argument callbacks.
* compress/lzw: optimizations.
* doc: add FAQ about "implements",
add FAQ about large binaries ,
add FAQ about stack vs heap allocation,
add internationalization to roadmap,
describe platform-specific conventions in code.html.
* fmt: allow recursive calls to Fscan etc (thanks Roger Peppe),
make %#p suppress leading 0x.
* gc, gopack: add some missing flags to the docs.
* gc: fix init of packages named main (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
* gob: make recursive map and slice types work, and other fixes.
tentative support for GobEncoder/GobDecoder interfaces.
* gobuilder: add -package flag to build external packages and -v for verbose.
* gofmt: exclude test file that is not legal Go.
* goinstall: protect against malicious filenames (thanks Roger Peppe).
* goyacc: provide -p flag to set prefix for names, documentation update.
* http: add cookie support (thanks Petar Maymounkov),
allow handlers to send non-chunked responses,
export ParseHTTPVersion,
expose Client's Transport,
use WriteProxy,
rename ClientTransport to Transport.
* http/cgi: new package.
* http/httptest: new package.
* image: add a decoding test for common file formats.
* io/ioutil: add TempDir.
* mime/multipart: Header changed from map to MIMEHeader
* path/filepath: new OS-specific path support (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* reflect: add PtrTo, add Value.Addr (old Addr is now UnsafeAddr).
* runtime: use kernel-supplied compare-and-swap on linux/arm.
* spec: minor clarification of scope rule for functions.
* sync/atomic: new package to expose atomic operations.
* syscall: regenerate zerrors_freebsd_amd64.go (thanks Mikio Hara),
work around FreeBSD execve kernel bug (thanks Devon H. O'Dell).
* template: document the delimiters.
* testing: run GC before each benchmark run (thanks Roger Peppe).
* unsafe: fix the documentation.
* websocket: use httptest.Server for tests (thanks Robert Hencke).
* xml: permit nested directives (thanks Chris Dollin).
<h2 id="2011-02-24">2011-02-24</h2>
This release includes changes to the http package and a small language change.
Your code will require changes if it manipulates http Headers or omits the
condition in if statements.
The new http.Header type replaces map[string]string in the Header and Trailer
fields of http.Request and http.Response.
A Header value can be manipulated via its Get, Set, Add, and Del methods.
The condition is now mandatory in if statements.
Previously it would default to true, as in switch and for statements.
This code is now illegal:
if x := foo(); {
// code that is always executed
The same effect can be achieved like this:
if x := foo(); true {
// code
Or, in a simpler form:
x := foo()
// code
Other changes:
* 6l: new -Hwindowsgui flag allows to build windows gui pe (thanks Alex Brainman),
pe fixes (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* 8l, 6l: allow for more os threads to be created on Windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
* build: reduce the use of subshells in recursive make, and
remove unused NaCl conditional from make.bash (thanks Dave Cheney).
* codereview: fix clpatch with empty diffs (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* compress/bzip2: add package.
* compress/lzw: implement a decoder.
* crypto/openpgp: add package.
* crypto/rand: add read buffer to speed up small requests (thanks Albert Strasheim).
* crypto/rsa: left-pad OAEP results when needed.
* crypto/tls: make protocol negotiation failure fatal.
* fmt: stop giving characters to the Scan method of Scanner when we hit a newline in Scanln.
* gc: interface error message fixes,
make string const comparison unsigned (thanks Jeff R. Allen).
* go spec: minor clarification on channel types.
* go/ast, parser: condition in if statement is mandatory.
* gob: compute information about a user's type once.
protect against pure recursive types.
* godoc: accept symbolic links as path names provided to -path,
add robots.txt, log errors when reading filter files.
* html: tokenize HTML comments.
* http: add proxy support (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
implement with net/textproto (thanks Petar Maymounkov),
send full URL in proxy requests,
introduce start of Client and ClientTransport.
* image/png: support for more formats (thanks Mikael Tillenius).
* json: only use alphanumeric tags,
use base64 to encode []byte (thanks Roger Peppe).
* ld: detect stack overflow due to NOSPLIT, drop rpath, support weak symbols.
* misc/dashboard/builder: talk to hg with utf-8 encoding.
* misc/dashboard: notify golang-dev on build failure.
* net: *netFD.Read to return os.EOF on eof under windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
add IPv4 multicast to UDPConn (thanks Dave Cheney),
more accurate IPv4-in-IPv6 API test (thanks Mikio Hara),
reject invalid net:proto network names (thanks Olivier Antoine).
* netchan: allow use of arbitrary connections (thanks Roger Peppe).
* os: add ENODATA and ENOTCONN (thanks Albert Strasheim).
* reflect: add a couple of sentences explaining how Methods operate,
add a secret method to ArrayOrSliceType to ensure it's only implemented by arrays and slices,
add pointer word to CommonType (placeholder for future work).
* gdb pretty printer for go strings properly handles length.
* runtime: various bug fixes, more complete stack traces,
record $GOROOT_FINAL for runtime.GOROOT.
* spec: delete incorrect mention of selector working on pointer to interface type.
* sync: add Cond (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* syscall: add MCL_* flags for mlockall (thanks Albert Strasheim),
implement chmod() for win32 (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* test/bench: update timings for new GC.
* testing: rename cmdline flags to avoid conflicts (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer).
* textproto: introduce Header type (thanks Petar Maymounkov).
* websocket: use new interface to access Header.
<h2 id="2011-02-15">2011-02-15</h2>
This release includes changes to the io, os, and template packages.
You may need to update your code.
The io.ReadByter and io.ReadRuner interface types have been renamed to
io.ByteReader and io.RuneReader respectively.
The os package's ForkExec function has been superseded by the new StartProcess
function and an API built around the Process type:
The order of arguments to template.Execute has been reversed to be consistent
the notion of "destination first", as with io.Copy, fmt.Fprint, and others.
Gotest now works for package main in directories using Make.cmd-based makefiles.
The memory allocation runtime problems from the last release are not completely
fixed. The virtual memory exhaustion problems encountered by people using
ulimit -v have been fixed, but there remain known garbage collector problems
when using GOMAXPROCS > 1.
Other changes:
* 5l: stopped generating 64-bit eor.
* 8l: more work on plan9 support (thanks Yuval Pavel Zholkover).
* archive/zip: handle files with data descriptors.
* arm: working peep-hole optimizer.
* asn1: marshal true as 255, not 1.
* buffer.go: minor optimization, expanded comment.
* build: drop syslog on DISABLE_NET_TESTS=1 (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
allow clean.bash to work on fresh checkout,
change "all tests pass" message to be more obvious,
fix spaces in GOROOT (thanks Christopher Nielsen).
* bytes: fix bug in buffer.ReadBytes (thanks Evan Shaw).
* 5g: better int64 code,
don't use MVN instruction.
* cgo: don't run cgo when not compiling (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix _cgo_run timestamp file order (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
fix handling of signed enumerations (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
os/arch dependent #cgo directives (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
rename internal f to avoid conflict with possible C global named f.
* codereview: fix hgpatch on windows (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto),
record repository, base revision,
use cmd.communicate (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* container/ring: replace Iter() with Do().
* crypto/cipher: add resync open to OCFB mode.
* crypto/openpgp/armor: bug fixes.
* crypto/openpgp/packet: new subpackage.
* crypto/tls: load a chain of certificates from a file,
select best cipher suite, not worst.
* crypto/x509: add support for name constraints.
* debug/pe: ImportedSymbols fixes (thanks Wei Guangjing).
* doc/code: update to reflect that package names need not be unique.
* doc/codelab/wiki: a bunch of fixes (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski).
* doc/install: update for new versions of Mercurial.
* encoding/line: fix line returned after EOF.
* flag: allow hexadecimal (0xFF) and octal (0377) input for integer flags.
* fmt.Scan: scan binary-exponent floating format, 2.4p-3,
hexadecimal (0xFF) and octal (0377) integers.
* fmt: document %%; also %b for floating point.
* gc, ld: detect stale or incompatible object files,
package name main no longer reserved.