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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# When run as (for example)
# GOOS=linux GOARCH=ppc64 bootstrap.bash
# this script cross-compiles a toolchain for that GOOS/GOARCH
# combination, leaving the resulting tree in ../../go-${GOOS}-${GOARCH}-bootstrap.
# That tree can be copied to a machine of the given target type
# and used as $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to bootstrap a local build.
# Only changes that have been committed to Git (at least locally,
# not necessary reviewed and submitted to master) are included in the tree.
# As a special case for Go's internal use only, if the
# BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT environment variable is set to "mintgz", the
# resulting archive is intended for use by the Go build system and
# differs in that the mintgz file:
# * is a tar.gz file instead of bz2
# * has many unnecessary files deleted to reduce its size
# * does not have a shared directory component for each tar entry
# Do not depend on the mintgz format.
set -e
if [ "$GOOS" = "" -o "$GOARCH" = "" ]; then
echo "usage: GOOS=os GOARCH=arch ./bootstrap.bash" >&2
exit 2
if [ -e $targ ]; then
echo "$targ already exists; remove before continuing"
exit 2
if [ "$BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT" != "mintgz" -a "$BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT" != "" ]; then
echo "unknown BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT format"
exit 2
unset GOROOT
src=$(cd .. && pwd)
echo "#### Copying to $targ"
cp -R "$src" "$targ"
cd "$targ"
echo "#### Cleaning $targ"
rm -f .gitignore
if [ -e .git ]; then
git clean -f -d
echo "#### Building $targ"
cd src
./make.bash --no-banner
gohostos="$(../bin/go env GOHOSTOS)"
gohostarch="$(../bin/go env GOHOSTARCH)"
goos="$(../bin/go env GOOS)"
goarch="$(../bin/go env GOARCH)"
# NOTE: Cannot invoke go command after this point.
# We're about to delete all but the cross-compiled binaries.
cd ..
if [ "$goos" = "$gohostos" -a "$goarch" = "$gohostarch" ]; then
# cross-compile for local system. nothing to copy.
# useful if you've bootstrapped yourself but want to
# prepare a clean toolchain for others.
mv bin/*_*/* bin
rmdir bin/*_*
rm -rf "pkg/${gohostos}_${gohostarch}" "pkg/tool/${gohostos}_${gohostarch}"
if [ "$BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT" = "mintgz" ]; then
# Fetch git revision before rm -rf .git.
GITREV=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)
rm -rf pkg/bootstrap pkg/obj .git
# Support for building minimal tar.gz for the builders.
# The build system doesn't support bzip2, and by deleting more stuff,
# they start faster, especially on machines without fast filesystems
# and things like tmpfs configures.
# Do not depend on this format. It's for internal use only.
if [ "$BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT" = "mintgz" ]; then
echo "Preparing to generate build system's ${OUTGZ}; cleaning ..."
rm -rf bin/gofmt
rm -rf src/runtime/race/race_*.syso
rm -rf api test doc misc/cgo/test misc/trace
rm -rf pkg/tool/*_*/{addr2line,api,cgo,cover,doc,fix,nm,objdump,pack,pprof,test2json,trace,vet}
rm -rf pkg/*_*/{image,database,cmd}
rm -rf $(find . -type d -name testdata)
find . -type f -name '*_test.go' -exec rm {} \;
# git clean doesn't clean symlinks apparently, and the buildlet
# rejects them, so:
find . -type l -exec rm {} \;
echo "Writing ${OUTGZ} ..."
tar cf - . | gzip -9 > ../$OUTGZ
cd ..
ls -l "$(pwd)/$OUTGZ"
exit 0
echo ----
echo Bootstrap toolchain for "$GOOS/$GOARCH" installed in "$(pwd)".
echo Building tbz.
cd ..
tar cf - "go-${GOOS}-${GOARCH}-bootstrap" | bzip2 -9 >"go-${GOOS}-${GOARCH}-bootstrap.tbz"
ls -l "$(pwd)/go-${GOOS}-${GOARCH}-bootstrap.tbz"
exit 0