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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package runtime
import _ "unsafe" // for go:linkname
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_chdir chdir ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_chroot chroot ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_close close ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_execve execve ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_fcntl fcntl ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_forkx forkx ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_gethostname gethostname ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_getpid getpid ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_ioctl ioctl ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setgid setgid ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setgroups setgroups ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setrlimit setrlimit ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setsid setsid ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setuid setuid ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_setpgid setpgid ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_syscall syscall ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_wait4 wait4 ""
//go:cgo_import_dynamic libc_issetugid issetugid ""
//go:linkname libc_chdir libc_chdir
//go:linkname libc_chroot libc_chroot
//go:linkname libc_close libc_close
//go:linkname libc_execve libc_execve
//go:linkname libc_fcntl libc_fcntl
//go:linkname libc_forkx libc_forkx
//go:linkname libc_gethostname libc_gethostname
//go:linkname libc_getpid libc_getpid
//go:linkname libc_ioctl libc_ioctl
//go:linkname libc_setgid libc_setgid
//go:linkname libc_setgroups libc_setgroups
//go:linkname libc_setrlimit libc_setrlimit
//go:linkname libc_setsid libc_setsid
//go:linkname libc_setuid libc_setuid
//go:linkname libc_setpgid libc_setpgid
//go:linkname libc_syscall libc_syscall
//go:linkname libc_wait4 libc_wait4
//go:linkname libc_issetugid libc_issetugid